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This is a Jedi Knight CTF level that isn't just a deathmatch with flags. This is good for 4-6 players.

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Level Info:

Download: Reactor CTF
File Size: 758k
Date: 01/01/03
Author: MadMan/NDS~PuRiTy
Downloads: 685


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 5
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ReAcToRPosted: 01/01/03 03:32   Report Abuse
I've had the pleasure of beta-testing this level and have been looking forward to its release for what seems like an eternity. The authors capatalized on all of the things that made CTF in JK so unique (high elevation, keys/keydoors, catwalks, roofs, pipes, elevators, fan-thrusts and hidden weapons). Few people who have ventured into the realm of creating CTF levels for JK have truly understood what makes it so great. I salute MaDMaN and PuRiTy for a job well done and am looking forward to seeing PuRiTy release some of those other levels that have been in the works.

I give this level a 10 and I think that I speak for all of NDS when I say that this level has the official NDS seal of approval.


RadicePosted: 01/01/03 16:56   Report Abuse
This level rocks, no one makes a better ctf level than a regular ctfer, im glad you finally released this one


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