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I have made a plentious amount of skins for JK2 but this is really my 2nd "real" skin that I have released at Massassi. My previous skin was Raikin (a reskin of Kyle with armor). This one is yet another skin with armor, although this time using the Jedi model. Its a combination of existing jpegs in the assets.

Constructive comments would be very much appreciated. I believe that skinning is old editing but can still live on.


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Download: Armored Saberist
File Size: 769k
Date: 01/02/03
Author: Nate Dailo A.K.A. Blade76
Downloads: 2236


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 7
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ShadowXPosted: 01/02/03 20:27   Report Abuse
Looks good :] Was it too much trouble putting other textures on the model? Or are they all the same format? I haven't really looked.

You know, I think it would be cool if someone did a jedi2 version of this too (you know, the guy with white hair). I have a general idea on how to do that; AFAIK, the same model contains both jedi meshes only with certain surfaces turned off and different textures (via skin files) for each.


Blade76Posted: 01/03/03 01:17   Report Abuse
Thanx for a good feedback from you shadow. Hopefully more will come :)


Conehead2187Posted: 01/03/03 02:37   Report Abuse
Now this is a great re-skin. Not only is it cool, but it's a definite improvement from the prison-like uniform the Jedi skin had before. The armor's a definite plus. I'd like to see more re-skins like this (maybe some sp or weapon skins too?).


Blade76Posted: 01/03/03 03:01   Report Abuse
Well I'll see how good this skin comes along with people and their comments. If i get positive feedback, I might just release this skin again for SP along new weapon reskins... and maybe new projectile skins?


Blade76Posted: 01/03/03 03:02   Report Abuse
Also if anyone out there knows a thing aobut coding programming? Could you help me in which i need to know what program to use to edit the qvms without having to have Microsoft Visual C++ or whatever it was?


ShadowXPosted: 01/03/03 04:01   Report Abuse
If you're going to replace Kyle with a non-Kyle model, here's a tip: be sure to study the (1st person lightsaber skin) to see how it works. It's mainly clearing out most of the body textures and changing the torso texture to one with an alpha channel of gradual transluscence. Anyway, for my SP skin mod, I took that model's skin file and just cleared out all the same stuff as in the normal I didn't bother with an alpha channel since I don't really know how heh, but it works... it has my model's arms and hands correctly in 1st person. One other thing: I notice that many sabers appear all white in 1st person, and now I know why. ALSO includes the saber texture, so if the custom saber doesn't have a texture called "models/weapons2/saber/saber.tga" (it can be a JPG too), that will need to be changed accordingly in model_fpls2 to make it work in 1st person.


LJ_WraithleaderPosted: 01/03/03 23:41   Report Abuse
nice skin i like it lots its good to see good skinners ;) makin outcast skins


GeobrassPosted: 01/22/03 00:59   Report Abuse
Very nice skin. You have the right idea for this skin, and for what you wanted the changes you made were okay. Good use of the Blue/Red team colors. The next time you make a skin try to raise the par a little: add more original facial expressions, possibly add more detail to the body textures, maybe even add something like a long hair or a ponytail or horns or something like that. I hope you stay interested in skinning, JK2 needs good skinners like you, and I see a great masterpiece in your future... :)



AbsoluteZeroPosted: 02/14/03 23:17   Report Abuse


FIKLYPosted: 03/15/03 17:43   Report Abuse
good job but u could have put more time and effort good job 8


Captain-AnniPosted: 07/18/05 16:33   Report Abuse
Looks very cool, Perfect Skin for Cap. Annifak (a character i thought up)i gave it a 9 (Hey! no skin is perfect!) Good job



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