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This level is based on the classic Bunker multiplayer level from GoldenEye 64. It is made by the creators of the GoldenEye Mod, KWP, EWP, and more. This level is an underground bunker located in Severnaya, Siberia. GoldenEye Bunker has extremely accurate and detailed architecture, textures, and objects. Just like in the N64 version, the level has a helipad outside, a main control room, all the hallways and little rooms, the prison area, and more. However, we have included some very fun secrets and other little features. This high quality level provides excellent gameplay and looks amazing at the same time.

Please note that this level uses high quality 16-bit textures. If you do not have a 3D card that supports 16-bit textures, go here to download a small 8-bit patch.

Although this level works great with all mods, it is recommended for use with the GoldenEye Mod.


3D Preview

Full Size 3D Preview for GoldenEye Bunker

Level Info:

Download: GoldenEye Bunker
File Size: 1.1Mb
Date: 01/06/03
Author: ID_Junkguy and ID_Matt
Downloads: 1991


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 29
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User Comments:

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RadicePosted: 01/06/03 01:53   Report Abuse
This is a near flawless representation of the N64 Bunker level, and gameplay is great! 10!!!


JetaPosted: 01/06/03 01:54   Report Abuse
Excellent level, judging by the screens, nice work. Going to go play with the GE mod right now ^_^


TheRockPosted: 01/06/03 01:55   Report Abuse
Good job, i know you spent a lot of time on this, and guess what junkguy...i'm back to JK so i might be able to finish Complex for you...


Corran2015Posted: 01/06/03 02:14   Report Abuse
*spots a person saying "what a terrible level" and initiates dental surgery with his foot*

This is a wicked level man. I've never liked playing Goldeneye mod, (even though its got good guns and are accurate to goldeney) as opposed to something like PWP2 or base JK but its fun with this.


THU_BloodinatorPosted: 01/06/03 03:37   Report Abuse
This level is so good. It looks so much like the bunker on the N64! Im downloading it right now! I GIVE IT A 10!!!


myn_skyhopperPosted: 01/06/03 03:40   Report Abuse
there are secrets of cource see if you find any. it was great when i beta tested it it should even better now.


SM_Sith_LordPosted: 01/06/03 04:58   Report Abuse
*hugs JunkGuy*
Thank you so much for finally releasing this. :) Total pwnage, perfect 10.


Lord_GrismathPosted: 01/06/03 04:59   Report Abuse
And said secrets are QUITE interesting/occupying.


OberfeldwebelPosted: 01/06/03 07:37   Report Abuse
Kickass to the max, To show you its good, I got lost in the original on the N64, And I get lost in this :P


PseudoPosted: 01/06/03 10:59   Report Abuse
Wow this level is great. Its perfect for the mod. 9/10


land_sea_airPosted: 01/06/03 16:33   Report Abuse
this level is great but one of the secrets dont really make sence


Jake DarkPosted: 01/06/03 19:20   Report Abuse
nerr the same texturing but i notice a few diferences mostly small ones i wish there were more people makeing levels based on the present day.


SiThLoRd719Posted: 01/06/03 20:47   Report Abuse
Cool level, but some things like the computers in the control room are missing.


The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 01/06/03 21:06   Report Abuse
My Rating: 10/10
NOTE: Rating is of beta version, and of course the final version is always ] the beta. ^_^

This level r0][0rs all s0][0rs... or something.

The secrets in this level are hard to find. Therefore, I have e-mailed ID_Junkguy with a list of hints I wish to post in a future level comment (hopefully soon). After he approves them, I will post 'em!


Bounty Hunter 4 hirePosted: 01/06/03 23:13   Report Abuse
great level.


SITH__r2D2MattPosted: 01/07/03 01:02   Report Abuse
good job a 10


Corran2015Posted: 01/07/03 01:42   Report Abuse
Don't post teh secrets, even hints, let them find out by dying plenty of times :p

BTW Jake Dark: I'm making a skyscraper level thats based on a modern day urban setting.


DBIN_SS3MysticPosted: 01/07/03 02:14   Report Abuse
OMG *jaw drops tounge rolls out* HOLY COW!! THIS IS A MUST DOWNLOAD. one glance at this and your breath will be taken away!! *gasp gasp * cough cough* i really like the lighting effects in one room (with switch) and everything is just soo good. i rate this 10/10 TY ID_JUNKGUY this is great work keep it up!!!


Conehead2187Posted: 01/07/03 04:13   Report Abuse
Great job! Obviously a lot of work went into the detailing of this level. It's impressive how well the level was translated from GolednEye to JK.


-[Cowboy]-[Bebop]-Posted: 01/07/03 15:48   Report Abuse
This level is amazing, the screens make me wanna download it soo bad, but im at school so ill download it when i get home. Great job mang, j00 aer teh 1337!!!! *drools on teh keybaord* Now where's that 40 rating?


James_SaibotPosted: 01/07/03 21:26   Report Abuse
Great level, really captures the essence of the original. Don't think I'm dumb or wanna cause trouble by saying a few CONSTRUCTIVE comments. If you took the time to add a light switch in that one room why out of curiosity did you not add the appropriate tables to the level or gotten yourself or someone else to make a 3do of a safe for that other room? Other than that I think it's a pretty good level! Keep up the good work.


ID_JunkguyPosted: 01/08/03 04:23   Report Abuse
In GoldenEye 64, the tables and safe were only in the single player version of Bunker. Just like in the game, we did not include those objects in the multiplayer version because they aren't necessary and only blocks the way.


DormousePosted: 01/08/03 20:03   Report Abuse
looks utterly smashing. hasn't this been released like 5times previously over the last several years though or am i thinking of other ge64 maps ?


BeefCaikePosted: 01/08/03 22:18   Report Abuse
This licks pure ass...

Actually, wut I meant to say was this level is phuckin sweet! A perfect re-make! Nice lighting, and I like wut you did with the doors going outside... nice technique!

9/10! :)


THU_BloodinatorPosted: 01/10/03 00:40   Report Abuse
I was wondering why did you not put the TVs hanging from the roof in the main room Junkguy??? Any way I gave it a 10.


noggol112Posted: 01/30/03 01:15   Report Abuse
Noggol112's Review

Brilliant! There is no room or hallway that is not perfectly made.

Again, all areas have a sufficient amount of light to make it look exactly like teh N64 game.

I have yet to encounter a mod that is not fun with this level. The many rooms, doors and halls make it very exciting and suspenseful.

To me, this level is 100% accurate with the N64 version. And the secrets are just outstanding! Obviously lots of work went into every part of this level.



YAPC_YodaPosted: 09/07/03 03:38   Report Abuse
Great Mod... it looks the same thing as the multi level on 64... great... if i was able to rate a 20 it would be one!!! but i can only give 10.


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