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This is an enhanced lightsaber. The blade and trail are cool, nothing much is changed, but the effects are the really special part. I used lightning effects to have a cool lightning effect for my saber, so enjoy!


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Download: Enhanced Lightningsaber
File Size: 302k
Date: 01/07/03
Author: Wanderer
Downloads: 2431


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 7
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Daft_VaderPosted: 01/07/03 23:19   Report Abuse
Hasn't someone already done this? Hey, is this stolen!


EmonPosted: 01/08/03 01:05   Report Abuse
Just because it's already been done doesn't mean he can't do it again, and I'm fairly certain it's not stolen.


Conehead2187Posted: 01/08/03 03:47   Report Abuse
Neat effects, though I [i]have[/i] seen something like this before. The only real problem I have, is that the effects seem to overexpress themselves and take your attention off what your main focus is supposed to be, and at times, even being completely distracting. I give it a 7 for detail, but ease up on the grandeur of the effects in the future.


WandererPosted: 01/08/03 04:05   Report Abuse
Well...actually I didn't steal it and didn't saw exactly that someone used lightning efx for a saber so far. I sent this file also to lucasfiles.com...that might be the place where you saw it.

I made the lightning efx that big because I wanted to have a real kawuuuuummmmm this time (lol)!
So...but in my next common project =Dragonblade= with my partner Javier there'll also a saber with .efx but they are more discreet you know....anyway....please go on with your comments and suggestions.....


Corran2015Posted: 01/08/03 06:14   Report Abuse
Vader, hes posted multiple shots on the EC plus I've talked with him about it personally, don't make stupid accusations JUST BECAUSE its a saber that looks like one you might've seen, BACK IT UP WITH A LINK.

Very Very nice Wanderer, I'll look forward to more work like this.


WandererPosted: 01/08/03 18:40   Report Abuse
Thanks for the support Emon + Corran :-)

Cor, if you like this one I'm sure the upcoming Dragonblade might be something for you. Javier and I work on this with much interest and enthusiasm...

This means not that critical comments aren't welcome - to the other guys....
I'm delighted by every comment...I love to see comments on my work.

But in fact, the accusation that I should have stolen from the work of others is a very harsh and rude behavior -Daft_Vader-!
I'd like to get an apology for your comment, because it's not true what you said.

I have NEVER stolen parts of Mods or complete Mods for my own designs. I ALWAYS MADE, MAKE and WILL MAKE MY VERY OWN SABERDESIGNS.
Have a look at the Editors Corner. There'll you see posted pictures of it.

lightblade+sabertrails are completly new designed by me.
The .efx files are taken from the assets0.pk3 of the original game.


Corran2015Posted: 01/10/03 01:40   Report Abuse
Hey wanderer, whats that skin, the non-human one in your screenshots. That thing looks tight, I haven't kept up with JO files lately, too many skins to care checking. It seems the flow of reborn renta-skins has stopped thats good.

And heck yah pop online on msn and see if I'm there, the dragon blade thing sounds wicked, I like the green one in these screenshots too.


WandererPosted: 01/10/03 18:24   Report Abuse
Hey Cor!
This is the -Covenant Elite-Model- from JKII-Net by an author called David. You can get it there from the Models section.


Hard DriverPosted: 01/11/03 03:29   Report Abuse
Wow, you're getting dangerous at this stuff Wanderer! Good work, the blades look awesome even though I'm usually not a fan of funky lookin' blades. Hope you get your Dragonblades(whoosh! :D) uploaded soon.


QuigonsithPosted: 01/28/03 23:55   Report Abuse
THIS MOD RACKS! just watching the lightning fly from the saber just screams out power! I can't wait till this 'dragonblade" comes out you think you could do one with blood or red lightnings!


QuigonsithPosted: 01/29/03 00:02   Report Abuse
Sorry i mean THIS MOD ROCKS! hey when is the Dragonblade gonna come out cuz I gotta get it 10 10 10 I give it a well earned 10


WandererPosted: 02/01/03 22:02   Report Abuse
Hey, Quigonsith :-)
Thanks for the nice words...
Yes, the Dragonblade...well my part is ready for release...the blade and the effects are finished...all I'm waiting for is the hilt by my new partner...

Nice idea...red lightning and blood. But you know...since the latest acts of crime (for example littelton) in USA and here in Germany I must reject this...there'll be no blood in my mods...but red lightning...hm why not?

I'm planning to built up a homepage...there all interested people will be able to download my sabers for free...but I have to do this by opening a MSN-community. So you have to join to download files. But the membership is for free...so watch out...amd thanks again :-)


XanatharPosted: 03/19/03 08:13   Report Abuse
This is the kind of unique work that I love to see. The efx and a purple version of the blade just complement each other so incredibly well. I think you've really outdone yourself on this one, Wanderer.


XanatharPosted: 03/19/03 08:52   Report Abuse
This is the kind of unique work that I love to see. The efx and a purple version of the blade just complement each other so incredibly well. I think you've really outdone yourself on this one, Wanderer.


XanatharPosted: 03/19/03 08:53   Report Abuse
Some admin please delete this post and my double post. The back button on my browser is having issues with me today.


SpardisJXPosted: 03/23/03 02:37   Report Abuse
I must say Wanderer, that's the most impressive Anakin skin I've seen yet, could you possiblely tell me where to find it? PLEASE?

Oh btw, excellent mod too, lol


WandererPosted: 03/23/03 13:34   Report Abuse
The Anakin skin is downloadable at JKII.net...under the models category.


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