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This is my second released skin, the Egyptian god Anubis. I based the design off Stargate. The skin is 8-bit but does not work with some cmps including dflt.cmp, uicolormap.cmp and 09fuel.cmp.


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Download: Anubis
File Size: 51.1k
Date: 01/09/03
Author: Spiral
Downloads: 1070


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 7
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Mister_SinisterPosted: 01/09/03 18:05   Report Abuse
WOW! I never knew JO could be so blocky! ;)

Anyways, it looks pretty good Spiral. Now go finish your Lab levels!


GuNbOyPosted: 01/09/03 21:00   Report Abuse
Great work Spiral. For some reason this is listed as JO mod...whatever.


DSettahrPosted: 01/09/03 21:02   Report Abuse
Its because GoY is an idiot. :) :p


HalPosted: 01/09/03 21:19   Report Abuse
You know, there's an easy way to fix that colormap problem. Just load up your mats and load the uicolorm palette with nearest colour matching. Once that's done, recompile them and they should work in any colormap. It might change a few of the colours very slightly, though.

If you don't have that one as a palette file, let me know and I'll send it to you.


JK__FalconPosted: 01/09/03 21:29   Report Abuse
Nice skin.
Sorry to be a bit picky, but as an avid SG1 fan i'm gonna point this out anyway :P
Thats not one of the Goaul'd, thats just a Jaffa warrior of the highest rank


GhostOfYodaPosted: 01/09/03 22:47   Report Abuse
My bad. I've fixed it now.


HalPosted: 01/09/03 23:43   Report Abuse
Actually, Falcon he said Stargate, not SG1, and from the looks of it he based it off one of the Jaffa in the movie who wore headgear like the other Egyptian gods. NOT like the SG1 Jaffa who all wear headgear that looks like their own god's/Goa'uld's.

So, he is correct that it is of the Egyptian god Anubis, and is based off a design in the Stargate movie.

Not to be picky, or anything. =)


saberopusPosted: 01/10/03 01:54   Report Abuse
nice use of LEC textures on a custom model to produce a nice looking outcome. It looks very neat.


Conehead2187Posted: 01/10/03 04:05   Report Abuse
Great skin, looks almost like a JO skin. Good job! 9


gammastsPosted: 01/10/03 05:22   Report Abuse
ohh! Now we can play the stargate level with the corect skins instead of Kyle and Jan.


JK__FalconPosted: 01/10/03 12:41   Report Abuse
bleh, fair enough Hal you win :P


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