Dirge II: Evil From Within

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This level is the sequel to my first release, Dirge. It features more of the moody atmosphere as well as a rather extensive outside/city area.


Level Info:

Download: Dirge II: Evil From Within
File Size: 1.7Mb
Date: 01/18/03
Author: Darth Alran
Downloads: 1375


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 9
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Thrawn42689Posted: 01/18/03 17:36   Report Abuse
Very nice! I give it a 9, because it could use a little more detail.


Hekx_NoxuPosted: 01/18/03 20:53   Report Abuse
The download isn't in PK3 format. There's just 2 screenshots, a readme and a .bsp map.

By the looks of the screenshots, it seems good, but the packaging could have had a little more time spent on..


Darth AlranPosted: 01/20/03 08:14   Report Abuse
wow, how embarasing. i actually did package it all up nicely and had a level shot for when the level loaded and bot routing and everything... but i forgot to put the pk3 into the zip file...(sheeze)does anyone knoe if i can resubmit the level in the corectly packaged form?


Darth AlranPosted: 01/21/03 03:27   Report Abuse
woo hoo! got that little bugger fixed!


tabooPosted: 01/22/03 18:31   Report Abuse
I was a big fan of the original dirge and was happy to see that you made another version with the same general theme. This map is absolutely gorgeous, no doubt about it. I do have some constructive criticisms however.

First, I found that a few of the areas were too tight/cramped/small for effective gameplay. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of huge areas, but I do believe there is a medium ground somewhere.

Second, you could have made it more fps friendly by blocking vis in a number of places. I was getting around 40 fps in some areas on my own and I have a fairly decent system (athlon 1800xp/geforce2 gts).

Looking forward to your future maps! :)


Corran2015Posted: 01/23/03 01:36   Report Abuse
Huge arenas all the way man. My ideal level you would need a taxi for... heck there'd be taxis, cuz I'd literally make a city if I had enough time.

And I love the layout man, this is a wicked level, however small. Something like this on SMHQ or Purgatory 'aw crap I'm lost again' proportions is what I'd like.


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