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This is a skin of Grey Fox from Metal Gear Solid. It includes team colors.


Level Info:

Download: Grey Fox
File Size: 648k
Date: 01/22/03
Author: Graves
Downloads: 1699


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 8
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Chibi MuroPosted: 01/22/03 18:56   Report Abuse
i havent played that game, but ill give u 10/10 for the cool skin


Raziel21Posted: 01/23/03 00:35   Report Abuse
I can't get it to work! I d/l it and put it in my base folder, and the icon shows up on the characror select screen, but when I selcet it my model is kyle! Please help!


Saber_Ryan1Posted: 01/23/03 02:40   Report Abuse
Great Grey Fox skin!! I love the MGS series! 10/10


Dingo FettPosted: 01/23/03 20:52   Report Abuse
I give it a 4 for a good model, But I can't even use it! it wont show up as grey fox, but rather as kyle. Does anyone know how to fix it? please?


SithLord7Posted: 01/24/03 20:22   Report Abuse
Impressive...most impressive... I think ive used that quote before but oh get the idea. An excellent skin even though ive never played metal geal solid.


gravesPosted: 01/24/03 22:30   Report Abuse
OMG i'm so sorry people! it doesn't work because i didn't include a .glm file! If you want it to work, add the shadowtrooper.glm to the pk3. If you don't wanna mess with it (i don't blame you) i'm uploading a fixed version that includes better team skins and bot support. It should be up in a couple of days. thanks for the support tho, i really put a lot of work into it.


mzatorPosted: 01/24/03 23:53   Report Abuse
It shows up as a royal guard for me during multiplayer with the Jedi++ 3.1 mod loaded


MutfiaPosted: 01/28/03 01:35   Report Abuse
I love this skin but i can only play on single player. so please i plead someone to convert this skin to single player.


Jedi Knight_JoshuaPosted: 01/28/03 10:03   Report Abuse
cool 8! Can someone tell me how to make skins please!?


riojinPosted: 01/28/03 11:39   Report Abuse
great file 8/10

and to Jedi Knight_Joshua get jediknight2 editing tools. use them, and look at the tutorials on this site.


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