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This is an expanded and much better version of FIA Saber Training. It now has a guns area, new saber areas traps, secrets and more (including a rocket launcher). This is the offical training map of FIA but it is great for FFA and Team FFA games. It is a touch big for dueling, but it is a lot of fun anyway.


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Download: FIA Training: Special Edition
File Size: 618k
Date: 01/26/03
Downloads: 712


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 6
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Shadow89Posted: 01/26/03 02:32   Report Abuse
omq i got the first public Download and first comment w00t!

Will rate later


FIA_PIZZA1Posted: 01/26/03 05:35   Report Abuse
i welcome any critique or comment, no matter how honest lol so dont hold back, rember were just now getting into mapping (2nd map released) :) so dont think were experts here


Sapien01Posted: 01/26/03 13:55   Report Abuse
well... for one its pretty bright and the colors kind of contrast a little. you could also work on your architecture in the level. besides those it wasnt a bad map at all. good job


SidiousPosted: 01/26/03 14:53   Report Abuse
Some of the colors are a mite freaky... and you seem to be missing a few textures.


FIA_PIZZA1Posted: 01/26/03 18:06   Report Abuse
i assume your refering to the pillars in the guns arena, their supposed to be like that to kind of add an effect of something that isnt supposed to be there. like why in a normal place would there be a war zone. or a natural place having machines all over it.


saberopusPosted: 01/26/03 20:03   Report Abuse

It is okay for a beginning level. It's about what my first levels looked like. but in this case, you created your first level, then just added new areas without fixing many of the problems of the first one.

I think you should possibly take a little more time on levels, ensuring quality, tweaking lighting, and such before releasing them. Releasing levels isn't important, making good levels is.

Once again, I know you are new at editing, so I am not trying to be overly critical, just saying attention to detail is needed. ;)


gammastsPosted: 01/27/03 13:55   Report Abuse
I see one mistake in the first picture: an untextured brush. You might want to fix that and then re-submit it. I just wanted to point that out. Other than that, the level is pretty ok, but it is not something that I would play everyday.

Rating: 6/10


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