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This is the DBZ Skin from ELS (a Spanish Star Wars clan.)


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Download: DBZ Skin from ELS
File Size: 678kb
Date: 02/11/03
Author: L_E_O_JK
Downloads: 1228


Score (0-10): 3
# of Ratings: 16
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DeVi8tIoNPosted: 02/11/03 22:10   Report Abuse
No. Just, no.


Wolf DevilPosted: 02/11/03 22:24   Report Abuse
I usually try to be construtive in my criticism and try and see the good in everything... but daaaaaaaamn!!!


TreyPosted: 02/11/03 23:23   Report Abuse
At least its not a DBZ Ricky Martin...


InsipidPosted: 02/12/03 00:27   Report Abuse
It is'nt a Ricky Martin Skin...damn...


NomadžoulPosted: 02/12/03 14:35   Report Abuse
Uhhh..o....k.....well..you remember how negative some of the feedback was for most of the DBZ skins for JK? Looking at this skin and judging by people's past reactions..what made you think this would be something worthwile to submit? For starters you could at least work on the armor..that looks like you used MS Paint or something..I dunno..just do something with it..and the hair..although that may be harder..all the saiyans had black spikey hair (gold when SSJ) Hopefully you can do better than this!


VegetaPosted: 02/12/03 15:39   Report Abuse
Bob Jammit!! You hurt my eyes now, if you havnt learnt anything from the old DBZ JK skins, then what you just did was VERY bad, but ill give you 1/10 for effort, but please, if you make a dbz Character, PLEASE dont make that mistake again.


Wolf DevilPosted: 02/12/03 17:35   Report Abuse
AND REFRAIN FROM USING THE BASEJK MODELS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Learn how to make models for somthin like DBZ.


Oobi-Doo KerosbiPosted: 02/12/03 20:51   Report Abuse
Blast! My eyes! I'm blinded!
I wish i was blind... then i might use this "skin".

Oobi-Doo Kerosbi


Chibi MuroPosted: 02/12/03 22:05   Report Abuse
ladies and gentlemen, i give u DBZ haters...

now from someone who has seen and like DBZ to give accurate scorein.....

The armor and suit r exactly what DBZ has shown, ya even added the scouter which looks right too, 9/10 for ur efforts.

y not a perfect 10? i didnt think the hair went well


Wolf DevilPosted: 02/13/03 00:19   Report Abuse
Oh shut the hell up!! I like DBZ, and when I look at this skin, the only words that come to mind are "this sucks", "totally disgusting" and "I think I'm gonna throw up".

I'll admit it could be worse, but believe me, it shouldn't have even been tried!!


NomadžoulPosted: 02/13/03 21:55   Report Abuse
Without trying to raise hell or start anything with anyone...

First- no one said they hated DBZ..it's a great anime series! If they hated DBZ they shouldn't be rating it anyway cause the skin shouldn't pertain to them.

Secondly- The attempt was obviously not the best..and if it was please forgive me, if so I suggest looking into the tutorials at massassi. Given the fact that more could have certainly been done the skin model..and looking at how much room there is for improvement..I'd say some suggestions are appropriate. Also there is no such thing as an "accurate scoring" simply because all ratings are based off of opinion..for example ,everything I'm saying now, someone else could totally disagree with. It's all on how you look at it.


TreyPosted: 02/15/03 03:14   Report Abuse
I believe the hair is suppose to make him look more Mexican, and less Sayian. Since its a Mexican clan but I could be wrong.


Corran2015Posted: 02/16/03 01:04   Report Abuse
*Accidental duplication, delete this*


Corran2015Posted: 02/16/03 01:08   Report Abuse
Once again I find the need to defend an author against the mass that is an overcritical massassi, although for different reasons.

Ok, you guys say all these things like "oh it hurts my eyes", "oh its such a crappy DBZ skin" "Don't make a dbz skin unless it looks good"...

To elaborate for those that might misinterpret, I'm saying that people should NOT, I-repeat should NOT- complain about skins made based on a half-hour anime cartoon tailor-made for 10 year olds, and watched by them, as well as 15 year olds who can't let go of the damn thing because they don't like more complicated storylines of higher caliber anime.

I have no idea how fans of a monotonous cartoon can complain about skins for a Q3 Engine game. As far as anime goes, DBZ is like a bike with training wheels, as compared to REAL anime movies such as Akira(only one example, other fans that have graduated from their DBZ training wheels should know a few others), which would be more like a BMW or Audi(wicked cars btw).


NomadžoulPosted: 02/16/03 04:26   Report Abuse
not to be so off topic but I jut had to say....BMW RULES!! O btw..if you're talking about serious anime Serial Experiments Lain was great..Kenshin was awesome..and yes Akira is a classic..but yea..I'll stop poluting the lvel comments before I piss some random hothead off. Seriously people...lets not get so crazy about a 3D model in a VIDEO GAME.


FIKLYPosted: 03/15/03 04:42   Report Abuse
sry this sucks 2 for effort.


KaioShinPosted: 07/06/03 01:30   Report Abuse
well, nice try, but someone needs to make a REAL dbz skin...


JellyBellyPosted: 10/12/03 21:05   Report Abuse


Tha`Rebel`PenguinPosted: 10/20/03 21:10   Report Abuse
Mkay, 2 things.

1. DBZ is not mexican. If someone's gonna make a skin, it should be accurate. Althouhg the armor's good, the foreign ness should be eliminated for something... familiar.

2. DBZ is NOT tailor-made for 10 year olds. That would insinuate it's American made. Anime is aimed at adults, hence the graphic content. Get your facts straight.

I'm not even gonna bother rating this though.


SithPosted: 05/21/05 22:48   Report Abuse
You get a 0. I really hope this was your first one. Try putting more detail and darkening the colors.


JarkotaPosted: 07/20/05 23:22   Report Abuse
I don't think it's that bad. 4/10 for effort. If these JK games had something like the Create-A-Wrestler that the WWE games for Xbox, PS2, and GameCube have, we'd probably see a significant improvement in the quality of skins. Also (this may just be my imagination), but it seems that most Massassians are automatically biased against anything DB-based.


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