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Waste Disposal Unit 5A is a small death match for 2-8 people set in a trap-infested arena. Both FFA and Team FFA modes are supported. Bot support has been added, but is somewhat unpredictable due to the complex nature of the map. Force powers are also not recommended due to the map's complexity.


Level Info:

Download: Waste Disposal Unit 5A
File Size: 4.2Mb
Date: 02/16/03
Author: Blood Asp
Downloads: 1623


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 13
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CazorPosted: 02/16/03 22:39   Report Abuse
Very good, i beta tested it and it is a very fun level. i deem it.. 10/10!!!1


saberopusPosted: 02/16/03 23:23   Report Abuse
I beta tested it too. It is friggin' annoying, yet friggin' fun. Sooooooo... DL it now.

I give it a.........8.5 which rounds to a 9 ;)

btw blood the one i tested is the final right? So i don't need to DL this?


Blood_AspPosted: 02/16/03 23:33   Report Abuse
No, it's updated. Bot routes and archi were tweaked. Thanks again to all the testers! :)


SwedishborgiePosted: 02/17/03 02:56   Report Abuse
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I was this good. 10/10


The Lone RoguePosted: 02/17/03 04:17   Report Abuse
Complex indeed... I like it.


jesseg88Posted: 02/17/03 15:04   Report Abuse
You sure have a lot of traps! The level is quite good.


Wolf DevilPosted: 02/17/03 22:49   Report Abuse
Magnificent!! Like a more complex Blades of Death from JK and the recreation by SavageX.

Architecture bears a slight resemblance to NS Hideout, only darker. The traps are... well, after 30 deaths from the traps, I have sworn off of guns and ammo. Now I know how a dog feels when wacked by a newspaper.. *stops typing for a second to go hug his dog and say he's sorry* Items are.. more or less as well placed as the traps. All of the func_'s are used nicely, and I had plenty of fun when just getting smashed, diced, sliced and julianed. I refuse to load bots since I know it'll be suicide everywhere... but basically, I say it's great.


InsipidPosted: 02/17/03 23:29   Report Abuse
...the horror.. of the perfection!!


Heke7Posted: 02/24/03 15:11   Report Abuse
Wow! Great! Awesome! BTW, why don't you do any SP levels for outcast? With editing skill of you, you could do magnificent SP levels for JO.


SithLord7Posted: 02/24/03 21:27   Report Abuse
An excellent map!!! Good work. 10


Blood_AspPosted: 02/25/03 05:03   Report Abuse
SP? I've toyed with it, but I haven't really thought about actually doing one. I might give one a try in the near future though.


Daft_VaderPosted: 09/27/03 00:42   Report Abuse
Exceptional work Blood Asp! You truly deserve a 10 out of 10 for this sensational addition to the Massassi archives! :]


Darth RsPosted: 02/28/04 13:46   Report Abuse
One word:


Phoenix_FlowerPosted: 05/13/07 01:12   Report Abuse
I like this level a lot. I admit that I got scared when the floor opened up on me when I tried to grab the rocket ammo. The bots seem to be smart enough to avoid most of the traps so it isn't suicide city, though there are a few. You say that force powers aren't needed, which is mostly true, but using grip, push, and pull to put your opponent in a trap is quite fun.

I gave it a 9 because of one small detail. Bots tend to get stuck on jump pads and they bounce back and forth on the double jump pads on the ends of the level.


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