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This is a high action ctf level. When the flag is captured the gates in the center go up preventing any would be captures for fifteen seconds. It doesn't have that much in the way of eye candy so please don't rate it unless you have played it. Thanks.


Level Info:

Download: Survival
File Size: 785kb
Date: 02/23/03
Author: SwedishBorgie
Downloads: 701


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 2
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gammastsPosted: 02/23/03 16:37   Report Abuse
This level must have been based on a level someone made for Unreal Tournament 2003. It had bases exactly like yours, except it had a couple more speed ramps/jump pads then you do. I don't want to rate it because I can tell you that the Ut2k3 one wasn't that good.


Corran2015Posted: 02/24/03 01:25   Report Abuse
I like it, bot support?


SwedishborgiePosted: 02/24/03 02:43   Report Abuse
Sorry... I'm still fairly new. Next level will have bot support. This one doesn't unless you like bots that love commiting suicide.


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