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This skin pack contains 6 recolorings of Eric Landreneau's royal guard model complete with custom icons and team colors.


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Download: guard6pack
File Size: 8.3Mb
Date: 02/26/03
Author: merl
Downloads: 1468


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 7
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Logo By Rieekan []

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VegetaPosted: 02/27/03 01:15   Report Abuse
Im not exactly sure if that model is an older model but reskinned, but Great job! I give it a 10/10


Corran2015Posted: 02/27/03 01:19   Report Abuse
Its not very original but its great, customizing is a great part of JO, this contributes to that. Simple but good for people who don't like a red gaurd.


Jenny_KittyPosted: 02/27/03 03:23   Report Abuse
AWSOME! 10/10!!!


merlPosted: 02/27/03 04:16   Report Abuse
Just so everyone knows, guard6pack and reborn6pack are my first attempts at skinning. I didn't use any fancy modeling or skinning programs, just Macromedia Fireworks. All I did was recolor the skins (there are six different colors in each skinpack: dark red, dark blue, teal, purple, green, and gold). The guard model was originally created by Eric Landreneau, who was gracious enough to give me permission to use his model in a project (much thanks!). Anyhow, check out the diffent skins (you may like some of them better than others). I know I didn't do much to alter the skins, but it took me a while to figure out how to use fireworks and how to compile the skins. These are for everybody to enjoy, and I appreciate any feedback you might have, positive or negative (as long as it's constructive!)...


merlPosted: 02/27/03 15:45   Report Abuse
Vegeta, Corran2015, & Jenny_Kitty, thank you all for your kind comments. I know it's not original, but I was playing around with Fireworks to see what I could get it to do, and this was the end result. I found Mr. Landreneau's guard model the other day and instantly liked it, and I wanted to see what I could do with it. Gammasts, you're entitled to your opinion, but just saying that I put hardly any effort into it really isn't that fair. I spent a good number of hours figuring out how to compile skins and alter the existing images, even if it was only recoloring. If you have any suggestions on what programs I can use to further customize (not just recolor), I would be glad to hear...


VegetaPosted: 02/27/03 16:02   Report Abuse
No Problem Dude, You did a great job, and its the effort that counts. Many people say it wasnt that hard, but they dont understand that they are better at it then some people. And Your right Merl, you worked really hard learning how to do that stuff, now it should get more easier and easier. I believe you can master it :) Keep up the good skins!


merlPosted: 02/28/03 04:23   Report Abuse
Gammasts, I can appreciate that now that I know what you're talking about. I'd like to figure out how to skin (other than recolorizing), but I really don't know of any good programs out there...any suggstions?


gammastsPosted: 01/01/07 06:19   Report Abuse


gammastsPosted: 01/01/07 06:19   Report Abuse


gammastsPosted: 01/01/07 06:19   Report Abuse


gammastsPosted: 01/01/07 06:20   Report Abuse


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