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This is version 2 of my weapons upgrade mod. I saw the complaints people had on the last version and improved it, now it even includes proper muzzle flashes. I also took out the force pull/push effect to make the force ability look more like the movie.


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Download: Weapons Upgrade v. 2
File Size: 4.5Mb
Date: 03/01/03
Author: PerfectJamie
Downloads: 1919


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 6
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Snake-EyesPosted: 03/01/03 17:38   Report Abuse
Huh, nothing shown in the screenshots?


Corran2015Posted: 03/01/03 18:11   Report Abuse
Very nice job man.

Do you see your feet in this?


DentianPosted: 03/01/03 19:03   Report Abuse
Snake-Eyes, you can now see your hands on the weapons..plus a few other things of that nature.


sithlordx1000Posted: 03/02/03 00:30   Report Abuse
Pretty cool. I will try it out a few more times but as of now, you'll get a 10/10. Nice job.


PerfectJamiePosted: 03/02/03 02:41   Report Abuse
yes you can see your legs in this one, and i improved stuff so it doesnt look bad like before. this works in mp also (not the first person saber though, i cant code)


EmonPosted: 03/02/03 14:24   Report Abuse
Well actually, there's a cvar you can toggle in MP that actually gives you first person saber. It's different from the SP first person, in that you can still wall walk and the sort.

This version is much better. Apparently you took my advice and modified the MD3s instead of the GLMs. Great work!


Jedi2Posted: 03/02/03 15:54   Report Abuse
still not good. i meen the rest of the weapons where good but weapon 5 you can see where you have put hand on top of hand to get it like that. i give it a 5.


PerfectJamiePosted: 03/02/03 21:09   Report Abuse
sorry? I dont understand? explain


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