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This is an updated version of Grey Fox, a skin from Metal Gear Solid. It includes team colors, bot files and a cloaking ability.


Level Info:

Download: Grey Fox Update
File Size: 1.3Mb
Date: 03/02/03
Author: Graves
Downloads: 2682


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 7
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VegetaPosted: 03/02/03 22:32   Report Abuse
Nothing to question about, 10/10 :D


Wolf DevilPosted: 03/02/03 23:19   Report Abuse
Um, no. Firstly, Vegeta, you can't rate worth a damn.

Secondly, if you're going to make a skin of Gray Fox, use the Gray Fox model and not the stormtrooper model.

And finally, there's already a version of that that comes with the Gray Fox model, so this is pointless. The skin is good, but it's dumb doing somthing that's already been done... not to mention alot better!!


VegetaPosted: 03/02/03 23:27   Report Abuse
Pshhht, id Rate 10/10 again. GREAT JOB!


GuNbOyPosted: 03/02/03 23:32   Report Abuse
It looks like you made the basic lines for the skin and just stopped; There isn't really much detail other than that. The colors are solid and there are seams everywhere, but it looks like a very good start other than that.


Chibi MuroPosted: 03/03/03 01:40   Report Abuse
Wolf.... look at the name, you will see it has the word "update" on it, meanin that there is probably some alterations to the pk3 file. it dose look cool and it is so i give it a 9.


Wolf DevilPosted: 03/03/03 04:21   Report Abuse
Yes, there are alterations... TO THE SHADOWTROOPER MODEL!!!! This is NOT the GrayFox model, therefore it cannot be an update, and if there was an update it would be by the creator.


Conehead2187Posted: 03/03/03 14:40   Report Abuse
Where does it say that it is the actual GrayFox model? From what I can see, it fully states that it is a skin, and besides, if it were upgrading the actual model, wouldn't you think the original author would do it?

Overall, not a bad reskin. 8


OrbitalPosted: 03/03/03 19:32   Report Abuse
The original skin, that this is an update to, was released BEFORE the Grayfox Model thats out now.
Pay attention before you make such negative remarks next time.

As for the skin itself, I give it a solid 8 out of 10. Goodjob on the updates. :)


Conehead2187Posted: 03/03/03 20:45   Report Abuse
Finally, a rational explanation, for those who needed it.

(*Looks at Wolf Devil*)


Wolf DevilPosted: 03/04/03 08:37   Report Abuse
Go eat an ambilicle cord

Besides that, a model has been released, so he shouldn't be updating for a dumb shadowtrooper reskin. The stupidity in that is baffling


OrbitalPosted: 03/05/03 08:53   Report Abuse
He most likely sent in this update long before the model was released. The day a file is sent to Massassi isn't the same day it will be put up on the site. If you look at the readme's date, it says 1-25-03.

So I say once again, why don't you pay attention before making such negative remarks?

On a side note, if you don't like it don't download it. No one here is forcing you to do otherwise.


Wolf DevilPosted: 03/05/03 10:18   Report Abuse
Ha ha ha ha ha, do you have any idea how dumb that was? Telling me to look at the readme file which I can only access by downloading it, and then telling me not to download it? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

I didn't download it anyways, why bother with a skin when I got somthin good?


FIKLYPosted: 03/15/03 04:45   Report Abuse
nice job but u should not have the crystal thingy on his chest other than that good!


omega kirbyPosted: 05/11/03 07:14   Report Abuse
i cant download this skin but it looks good btw wolf devil, where can i get the grey fox
model rather than the skin????


SithMasterDPosted: 07/22/03 15:34   Report Abuse
Brill skin m8!!


JanusPosted: 08/03/03 02:22   Report Abuse
Does this work in single player? Because if so i desperately need it. Im getting sick of Katarn


NoobPosted: 01/24/04 23:47   Report Abuse
good job u should make a pack of MGS skins


HomicidePosted: 07/22/04 13:10   Report Abuse
I.. I love you.


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