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This is a small singleplayer level for Mots. It is the battle on Kamino between Obi-Wan and Jango Fett. And yes, Jango actually does fly, especially if you use force jump or get up onto the slave. I also added rain, thunder and a little bit of lightning.


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Download: Battle on Kamino
File Size: 2.5Mb
Date: 03/05/03
Author: Michael Delavante
Downloads: 954


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 4
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obi-grooPosted: 03/05/03 17:55   Report Abuse
Hey.....tell me why anyone cares that you are at school right now & havent played the level. We want to here from people who have played the level. Stop wasting space with meaningless stuff....I know I'm not commenting on the level ether but this had to be said.


DSettahrPosted: 03/05/03 18:10   Report Abuse
Doesnt look too bad, but you definately should've found new textures rather than using the MotS ones.


FirestormPosted: 03/05/03 20:36   Report Abuse
Ive seen better rain effects in JK and MOTS. My suggestion is to really do your research and getting all the little details for your level. If this means watching that scene in the movie hundreds of times so be it. IF it means finding new textures then go for it. Personally I think this would have come out bitter if alot more dedication and eye for details.


9mmPosted: 03/07/03 02:43   Report Abuse
Okay what was up with this level... that rain effect was messed up I gave it a 2 next time don't try new things with the MOTS/JK engine it just messes cool things up like that.


RomjaePosted: 03/07/03 22:35   Report Abuse
i like the idea but i have to agree some different textures would have been better, it doesn't really give you the feeling that you're at kamino. oh yeah and the rain is kinda off too. still though, i liked fighting jango :D 6/10


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3D Preview developed by Stephan Reiter

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