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After a short visit back to the moon, Nar Shaddaa in order to meet an informant, you have to go back to your ship. Find your way back in order to leave Nar Shaddaa immediately.


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Download: Nar Shaddaa Once Again!
File Size: 3.3Mb
Date: 03/05/03
Author: May Michael
Downloads: 5420


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 21
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Discman13Posted: 03/05/03 19:33   Report Abuse
nice level in my idea needs some imporvment but since you did a gd jod 7/10


SithLord7Posted: 03/05/03 19:51   Report Abuse
'gd jod'? oh well I shouldn't say anything because my typing is littered with typos as well. Anyway great level I like how you added the parked speeders and the x-wing(At least they look parked from the screens)


Wolf DevilPosted: 03/05/03 20:49   Report Abuse
Cool (will rate once played :) )

*after actually playing and cussing at Massassi for havin PMS constantly and taking 3 hours to go anywhere, begins to comment on the level* "Impressive, most impressive" to say the least. This aint no box, that's for sure. My only complaint is there are too many doors that don't open (at all), and there are some consistency errors.

For one thing, there are no ugnaughts on Nar Shaddaa. And if you fall in Nar Shaddaa, you fall into space, you don't slam into the ground. The only "ground" in Nar can be walked on, and probably is.

Overall... yeah, 7/10 is a good rating (however if it would allow me, I'd rate 6.7, but I obviously had to round it up)


VairtisPosted: 03/05/03 21:23   Report Abuse
Awesome level I'd have to say way better then the official narshaddaa level (but in the end with the three reborn someone new would have been slaughtered). A secret area "felt like a real secret area not sme place activision or raven decided to add as eye candy. The way multible situations were acsessible and not just like raven (or activision) did with you can only enter that one oh wait your not suppose to go there yet beep beep Error: blah blah blah. You have to teach me how you made it so clean there was hardly and overlaps or bad cuts. I got the imagineation like you do. Oh and were you are on that bridge with the moveing platform (it's all pinky and stuff) and you have to jump down why did you put that opening, eye candy secret area (would have been a *somethiing* to get in there??? The only thing you were missing was a like backround story. Lets say a new gangster has poped his head in the illegal biz to get money and you need to stop him.


VairtisPosted: 03/05/03 21:26   Report Abuse
I give it ten out of ten


CazorPosted: 03/05/03 21:47   Report Abuse
Wolf Devil, Nar is a moon much like Courscant. Your misconception comes from the Dark Froces Nar level, which doesn't follow Star Wars canon.

pwnage is now done, thank you for your time.


saberopusPosted: 03/05/03 22:52   Report Abuse
Dude, you seriously need to calm down.

He made a comment that helped the author, because you made an incorrect one that made the level seem wrong. He is correct, you do not fall into space, you hit the ground, and your comments were nowhere near justified or civil.

He didn't insult you, call you a geek or idiot or anything.

I'm reporting your post, just so you know.


FreelancerPosted: 03/05/03 23:33   Report Abuse
This is probably the best JOSP level available on Massassi at this time. To the author: Outstanding work! I loved this level. I gave it a 10/10 and gave it a vote for LotW. It was very polished. It had nice archi and lighting everywhere. The amount of powerups was perfect. I was always worrying when the next bunch would come up, and right when I was needing it the most, I found some.

The secret areas were done very well, I was especially impressed by the one.. behind the pipes. :) There's also some nice scripting in this level, which sets it apart from others. Elevators, doors everywhere, enemies usually run from some place to greet you.. they don't stand there. There were also a lot of switches and a few 'puzzles'. I got stuck on two of them for a while. :)

I recommend this level to everyone! It's great. I would only hope other authors would get the idea and crank out levels of this quality. :)


Cris_StarwalkerPosted: 03/05/03 23:48   Report Abuse
This is by far the best JK2 map Ive seen so far, the design is well thought out as is the implementation of the architecture and texturing. It really reminds me of the Nar Shadda maps on good ol' JK:DF2.

Please make some more I cant get enough of NS lol


Lord MuurnPosted: 03/06/03 01:02   Report Abuse
I'm aware that the problem is being taken care of, and equally aware that I'm not in any position to impose authority, but please do not direct personal attacks at people, much less curse violenty. It is completely inappropriate to this environment.

To the author: The level looks great; I'll play it and rate it soon.


moronmissionPosted: 03/06/03 02:34   Report Abuse
Great job! This is one of the top JO levels out there. The framerate on this level was actually good on my crappy Computer! I give this a 9. I look forward to your next level.


9mmPosted: 03/06/03 14:09   Report Abuse
I liked this level the lighting was cool and I liked the parked star fighters and speeders I gave it a 9.


AKPiggottPosted: 03/06/03 19:28   Report Abuse
What's the world coming to? Another SP level has been released for JO that's actually good. Could we be saying goodbye to the endless horders of Ladder levels and Reborn epics? Good God I hope so.

This is bare bones solid level design, with a great layout, great puzzles and thoughtful enemy / item placement.

My recommendation for the author, next time make a level with a story and cutscenes. We could be seeing something very special. 8/10


landfishPosted: 03/07/03 02:40   Report Abuse
this is truly one of the best JO sp levels i have seen. i hope that you continue editing


Jedi2Posted: 03/07/03 18:21   Report Abuse
this level rocks. 10 out of 10


gammastsPosted: 03/11/03 14:50   Report Abuse
/me sits and waits for Sine's Nar to pwn all other Single Player levels


GonkPosted: 03/11/03 18:50   Report Abuse
Excellent. 8/10 only for the lack of story. Design, texturing, puzzles, etc are all perfect. Fiddle around with ICARUS and do some real story-driven gameplay and you'll definitely do wonderful things! :) I recommend this level to anyone with a hunger for JO SP.


DSettahrPosted: 03/12/03 03:48   Report Abuse
I give you a 10, minus 1 because it had reborn at the end.

Great level over all, I didnt mind the lack of story. The puzzles were simple, but it was nice to see a map that actually had some. IMO, best JO SP level yet.


GeobrassPosted: 03/13/03 03:04   Report Abuse
Very nice job, I give it an 8. This level has a nice flow to it, and you have done a great job in building the actual environment. Very nice interpretation of Nar Shaddaa. Here are some tips to keep in mind...
-First off, check the entire level for any possible problems with the texturing. I did have a few problems with some textures at the beginning that weren't showing up correctly. This can be treated by testing the map on a computer other than the one you built it on.
-Second, make sure that the basics of a single player level are working. I'm talking objectives, force powers, and storyline. The force powers and story were fine, but you need to post some kind of objective inside the game. Sure you posted what you were trying to do in the readme, but if you have real objectives that show up in the game, it adds to the overall gaming experience. If you need any help, ask around in the forums, and I'm sure somebody will give you a little guidance.
-Third, make sure that the items are appropiate for the level. In my opinion, there is too much health and bacta in the level to make it hard. Added to force healing (with power level two), it makes it hard to die. I'm not saying to just leave out any health, but I think you could have cut back a little. This might just be me...
-Lastly, make sure that the enemies fit in to the environment that you built. I'm basically saying to leave out the Reborn. Yeah, I'm a big fan of them, and I think that dueling is what makes Outcast what it is, but they just don't fit in this level. They are just sitting in some room, and there is no reason for why they are there. Make up some reason, perhaps "a rogue Reborn faction" or "a group sent to assassinate Kyle." Anything would suffice in this.

Overall, I think this is a great level. A single player map at its base is graded on the overall experience and flow of the level. The things I listed are just additions that make a level top notch. I would gladly recommend that anyone who has a few minutes, take the time to download and play this level. Very nice job, I expect more great things out of you (you can only get better...)



JDKNITE188Posted: 03/14/03 00:17   Report Abuse
I thought for one of the few SP levels out there it was great. The architecture was quite good. There was nothing really linear to the level; it seemed as if there were a bunch of loops you had to go through. I liked the ICARUS scripts found thoughout. Some of the texturing was crude, but otherwise it provided good difficulty (even though there were no difficulty settings) and extremely fun (all th! It truly reminded me of JK at certain moments :) Nice work!

As others have said . . .
1. Make a plot. Many levels prior to this one were spawn-and-kill sessions. You did have a background story to this which was good, but you should have incorporated it more in the level.
2. Your grates into ventilation shafts seemed to be solid brushes as opposed to see-through grates. Was this intentional?
3. No ugnaughts. They aren't tough of enough for the city of Nar.


FIKLYPosted: 03/15/03 04:39   Report Abuse
Awesome level 10 i would like to see more from you.


Darth_Dk2Posted: 03/16/03 10:54   Report Abuse
Desent yet unformal --------8.1-------


txa1265Posted: 07/15/03 14:45   Report Abuse
Very nice SP level - good length, nice difficulty. There were some untextured elements, and the fall-to-death ended too quickly ;), but in general I enjoyed playing it through!


kaborkaPosted: 07/02/05 05:05   Report Abuse
I thoroughly enjoyed this level! Definitely a ten. I second the emotion it reminds me of the old DF Nar level.


AndrewM619Posted: 03/14/08 14:03   Report Abuse
This is a nice level, it's in definite need of some cut-scenes and music, and it's a little confusing where you need to go but other than that I really like it. The architecture and lighting are really reminiscent of how Nar Shaddaa was portrayed in Knights of The Old Republic 2. Very dark and gritty, cat walks and speeders etc. Nice job, how 'bout making some more Outcast SP maps for us JO veterans who still play the game in 08? Think on it. =D


stoofPosted: 10/19/09 07:34   Report Abuse
I love everything about this map it really gives a Nar Shaddaa feeling to it like when your alone and all you can hear is the music it really creates a cool unexplainable atmosphere!
NICE WORK! Hope to see more Nar Shaddaa Themed Maps! P.S. The .map would be a nice addition for people who want to know what the main Nar Shaddaa architecture looks like! Like myself! Think about it! Thanks anyway for an exciting map! :) There is nothing wrong with this map! I reckon it is a cool atmospheric map!


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