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This is one of my favorite levels in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2, so I thought  i would make it for JO. Keep in mind that this is my first map and I might go  back some day and redo some textures.  So, if you would, please judge this on  the structural quality and not the textures. (i would like to thank Sine_Nomen  for the ship model and Katabatic for teaching me how to edit).

I hope you all enjoy this level more than I did making... cause then you would  all hate it with passion ;)

Further acknowledgements:

    Beta testers:
  • gammasts
  • Yecti
  • Katabatic


Level Info:

Download: The Valley of The Jedi Tower
File Size: 800KB
Date: 03/07/03
Author: Tony "Cazor" Stockert
Downloads: 1102


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 12
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gammastsPosted: 03/07/03 02:35   Report Abuse



VegetaPosted: 03/07/03 02:37   Report Abuse



9mmPosted: 03/07/03 02:39   Report Abuse
OMG! Clicks the download button wildly because of happyness! Alright got to calm down... w00t!



JMPosted: 03/07/03 02:44   Report Abuse
True to the original... but that's a bad thing. Theres so much that can be improved upon.


Jubei_AMPosted: 03/07/03 14:05   Report Abuse
I dont have Jedi Outcast But i do have and still play Jedi Knight.... True to the original. Great Work.


TerraPosted: 03/07/03 17:33   Report Abuse
I wouldn't agree that it is true to the original.. After all those years of playing it with JK.. this is lacking

The areas at the end of the bridges were far to small (landing platform and the elevator) In JK it was hard to fight near the elevator.. worse now.(for non JK players, I'm refering to the box at one end of the level)

The middle part was well done except for 2 things.. No buttons to control the elevator (which means you need to fall to get to the lower area) and the higher leadge is eather to high or not angled right because you need to elevator to get to it (fall damage)


DeathseedPosted: 03/07/03 17:47   Report Abuse
Well, it does look true to the original. But it would be nice if you could expand the level a bit. In the original Jedi Knight, the tower reaches all the way down to the valley floor, where you end mission 13, just past the massive rockin-wild deathhouse with many troopers waiting to eat beefed up patched up guns. (lol sorry I loved that level) Anyway, you should put stuff on the main tower, like spiral ramps down the outside, massive and difficult jumps but with great power-ups as a reward, secret areas, and hover platforms floating all around in space and allowing you to reach ledges that sprout from the walls of the level. Expand the level to fill some of that wasted space, so there are more places to go. The small elevator on the opposite side of the tower from the ship should be functional, and there should be a base sitiuated on the bottom, with large hills, bunkers, traps, smaller towers, etc. Kind of like a small city at the base of a large tower (like mission 6 of the original, btw please do not bring any elements of its design into this level, that should be saved for its own thing). Make the base of the main tower have stuff inside, like deadly exhaust vents or something. Dont riddle the entire level with stuff however, we want the effect of still being able to drop to a horrible death from miles above because any wrong move you make could result in a fall. In other words, dont make it so every line of sight lands on a safe platform. There should be a signifigant air space between the world of the top and the world of the bottom. Besides, wouldnt it be funny to be battling on the bottom and suddenly see bodies drop like rain? lol, your firing your e-11 everywhere, when suddenly a screaming body deposits itself in a broken heap in front of you. As a note: put guns in this expanded level. You could make a modified version as well that was maybe a lil smaller so it would be suited to sabers only combat. but still include the two almost seperate worlds of top and bottom. It would be a great arena for long range weapons combat. (I miss the concussion rifle lol) Oh, and one biggy with the current level, your texturing is bland and boring. I saw the tower and its all one texture and theres no variety. But im one of those who goes for eye candy as well as gameplay. If you dont want to work on this level, PLEASE, other designers out there consider building a level with these design elements in mind. There was a similar level for the original Jedi Knight and I loved it. Id love to see it for outcast.


CazorPosted: 03/07/03 18:08   Report Abuse
Yes, i agree with both of your points, bit this map was created from the first 2 weeks that i have been editing. i think i am lucky to even get the elvetor to go up and down. and the reason that i didnt have buttons is because it would be VERY hard to tell 3 different buttons what to do with the same elevator. normally only 1 or 2 buttons work but once you get to 3 it gets messed up. And witht he size, you would not believe how much ATL+TAB i did to make this. I made the height of th tower almost perfectly because if you notice when you stand at the bottom then use force jump you just barely touch the catwalk that run through the middle,just like in Jk. And im not sure why you belive the platforms are not the right sizes. i compared the Jk kyle size comparison to the JO kly size in this map and the Jk map and i found that they weere very close to the correct size. believe me, if this wast the right size/proportion, i wouldnt have released it. the entire reason for making this is because i wanted and exact replica of it (not the one with all the stuff added to it) I hope this clears up some confusion.


A Grim ZombiePosted: 03/07/03 19:53   Report Abuse
I normaly don't try out JO Lvls, but its Tower! and I have to say its very nicely done.

I'm a bit suprised that some people had some negtive comments on this lvl

*sigh* some people you can give gold to, and they'll complain they didn't git dimonds

Btw 10/10


Gelatinous_DroolPosted: 03/07/03 20:38   Report Abuse


TerraPosted: 03/07/03 21:04   Report Abuse
I want Dimonds! And you would only need one switch really, just one at the top to bring it up then it could go back down after a delay.. And the other comment about adding stuff.. thats fine and good.. but a lot of old Jk fans would like to play the original Tower in JO!


CazorPosted: 03/07/03 23:43   Report Abuse
OK! for all who want to have a deathmatch with this level, please come to #massgames today and we can set something up!


Corran2015Posted: 03/08/03 05:48   Report Abuse
Great Great level. I wish you would have added some stuff on though.


RayslashPosted: 03/08/03 06:08   Report Abuse
Nice level, it's a good nostalgia, but a good idea is to make VOTJ the way it was seen in the cutscenes with the dock clamps, cargo boxes, etc. Anyways, great job, keep up the work!


EAH_CogmanPosted: 03/08/03 16:36   Report Abuse
Ok. It does Look very close to the origional. I would suggest makeing the cliffs around it more realistic (the old cliffs in JK where jagged) Maybe some lighting, good textures. And get the big tall elevator to work :) (the on that goes to the floor) But yah, I love this level to.


CazorPosted: 03/08/03 18:10   Report Abuse
The elevator didn't work... i haven't had anyone with that problem so far.. Hrmm... are you sure it doesnt work? might wanna reinstall JO.


ShadowXPosted: 03/10/03 02:00   Report Abuse
*Note: I haven't played this yet, so I'm assuming there's no elevator switches.

I realize there's three buttons for the elevator in JK, but you could've simply compromised and put the bottom-most switch a little higher so it can work as the switch to push when on the elevator as well as the call button for the bottom. I bet custom code could be created to do three switches too.


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