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This is a little mod that causes the Heavy Repeater to behave quite like a flamethrower. It also modifies the Rocket Launcher a bit. This mod is not intended to be outstanding, just a fun little dealie I whipped up because I was bored. Also, it's easy on 56kers. There is more info in the ReadMe.


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Download: Flammenwerfer 1.0
File Size: 62k
Date: 03/09/03
Author: Thrawn42689
Downloads: 1671


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 6
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Thrawn42689Posted: 03/09/03 16:06   Report Abuse
I guess I made a typo. The description was meant to say it behaves *somewhat* like a flamethrower. That is all.


Chibi MuroPosted: 03/09/03 19:36   Report Abuse
intriguein name for it.... still 10/10 tho, really like the rocket launcher


Darth VedderPosted: 03/09/03 21:40   Report Abuse
Was ist so...ehr, I mean, what's so intruiging about flammenwerfer? If I may ask.


Darth_Dk2Posted: 03/10/03 19:21   Report Abuse
Yes but then again no -----4----


avalanche_guitarmanPosted: 03/12/03 17:50   Report Abuse
I just d/l it and it looks cool, good job Thrawn! Why doesn't anyone ever make a mod that changes the bowcaster? That's the gun that should be changed!


Trigger Happy ChewiePosted: 03/13/03 03:39   Report Abuse
Because the bowcasters awsome. It is really fun. It is Cool to see the bullets coming at you from far away, nice job on the fire trails. The only coplaint is well... no new sounds our models, but it is only for fun as you said. But it gets really laggy from the explosion that comes from the rocket launcher. Other than that....MAKE MORE MODS!! Don't replace the bowcaster!


yam manPosted: 03/13/03 14:45   Report Abuse


saberopusPosted: 03/14/03 01:49   Report Abuse
Thrawn, you are awesome. Darth D2k........please make some sort of constructive or logical comment when you reply to level posts.........please.

I give it a ten out of ten. While it is simple, it looks very good, is innovative, and is one of very few mods for JO that don't just replace saber colors.

Nice work.


9mmPosted: 03/14/03 15:58   Report Abuse
I had too much fun with this 10/10!
This is really small for a JKO mod...


9mmPosted: 03/14/03 15:59   Report Abuse
I had too much fun with this 10/10!
This is really small for a JKO mod...


Darth_Dk2Posted: 03/16/03 10:51   Report Abuse
Its good but lacks goodness


GeobrassPosted: 03/19/03 23:45   Report Abuse
This is a pretty cool mod. I'm not usually one for mods, but this is a fun one to have. I especially like the fact that the lightsaber can still deflect the repeater "bullets". It looks funny to see a jedi deflect little trails of fire all around the map. Nice job...



JidePosted: 07/19/03 00:00   Report Abuse
Heeeheeeheee i like the name "Flamenwerfer" heeheehee its so fun to say heeheehee

put me in a straitjacket...


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