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Thisámodificationáturnsátheálightsaberáintoáaáchainsaw. Hopefullyátheánextáreleaseáwilláincludeáworkingásoundsá(haven'táfiguredáthatá outáyet),áandáperhapsáblood.ááMaybeáevenámultipleácolors,áiMacástyle.


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Download: Chainsaw 0.1 Beta
File Size: 2 MB
Date: 03/16/03
Author: Thrawn42689
Downloads: 1206


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 5
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PommyPosted: 03/16/03 04:36   Report Abuse
Whoa O_o ...


Chibi MuroPosted: 03/16/03 05:34   Report Abuse
omg, lol.... thats brillient

10/10 for the good look, original idea and..... other thingies


Chibi MuroPosted: 03/16/03 05:36   Report Abuse
and somethin i shoulda added..... make some skins to the next version too


Hekx_NoxuPosted: 03/16/03 12:39   Report Abuse
You could try replacing the Stun Batton. Might work nice. :)

Anyway, sounds good, definite download from me.


NomadžoulPosted: 03/16/03 19:39   Report Abuse
gibs gibs gibs gibs gibs gibs gibs gibs gibs gibs gibs gibs gibs gibs gibs gibs gibs!!!!!!!


9mmPosted: 03/17/03 04:07   Report Abuse

/me drools uncontrolably and falls to the floor



double_dosePosted: 03/19/03 00:48   Report Abuse
This should seriously be a part of an Evil Dead / Army of Darkness TC. Toss in an Ash skin and double barrel remington and you're set. That would freakin rock.


RazielNokPosted: 03/19/03 03:25   Report Abuse
You are officially god.

I've been waiting for this.


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