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A relatively simple CTF map, but fun nonetheless. It is based on LazerTag arenas in the 'Real World.'áá

Editor's note: The author has requested assistance regarding the enhancement of this level. Please dispatch an email if you want to help.


Level Info:

Download: Lazer War
File Size: 716KB
Date: 03/16/03
Author: Morgan Leah TJC
Downloads: 712


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 5
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Darth_Dk2Posted: 03/16/03 10:56   Report Abuse
ist comment, This is confusing but then again simple -------5.8------


Jenny_KittyPosted: 03/16/03 14:58   Report Abuse
hmmmm this level is very confusing, really weird looking. I give it a 5 for work, but yet to simple.


9mmPosted: 03/17/03 03:56   Report Abuse
My eyes my eyes I can't see oh God help me!

*Stumbles around in blindness*

Simple but got the job done 6/10


NomadžoulPosted: 03/18/03 00:23   Report Abuse
Well now....I liked this..although yes it was a bit simple. After the first few times playing it, you can easily navagate around, thus it could use improvement. I gave it an 8 cause I found the textures very unique and original and I liked the lighting. As for the level could make it a bit more maze-ish and defenitely alot more complicated..twisty and open in cetain areas for fragging enjoyment =D Pretty good..a next version would be great.. jsut work on level design and it'll be awesome.


Corran2015Posted: 03/19/03 00:57   Report Abuse

My sorta level is the type as big as SMHQ where you actually find yourself saying "hey where are ya" "main aparment" "alright headin there now".

The massive ones where it doesn't take 2 seconds to be at the other end. Good job though, I liked this although its simple.


joe of loathPosted: 04/26/05 15:11   Report Abuse
I would not recommend staring at it for more than 5 seconds... Ow, it burns... oh boy, what am i on?


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