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In the Dense Forests of Yavin IV is a temple. Built by the Massassi and [once] used for training Sith, it is now used to train Jedi. 
The one Place where the Force is balanced: Both Light... and Dark. Prepare yourselves for battle.

This is the CTF and FFA version its fun with any number of players. I hope you enjoy.


Level Info:

Download: The Massassi Temple CTF
File Size: 4.7MB
Date: 03/16/03
Author: RuSh
Downloads: 1728


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 11
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Darth_Dk2Posted: 03/16/03 10:59   Report Abuse
Good for a frag but bad for a killing spree. --------6.1--------


9mmPosted: 03/17/03 03:59   Report Abuse
Loved this level cute eyecandy very nice... 10/10 for your efforts keep it up.


Snake-EyesPosted: 03/17/03 04:24   Report Abuse
That second screenshot almost made me wet my pants. Looks great! Not a bad level too.....a 9...


GeobrassPosted: 03/18/03 05:36   Report Abuse
Dude, this level is sweet. You've done a great job of creating a near-perfect environment, filling it with just the right amount of items, and remaining true to the Star Wars story. I love your placement of plants; it makes it actually look as if the temple has been grown into. Very nice job.....

I'd just like to give a few pointers to keep in mind-

-First of all, don't overdo the explosives. This isn't really going to hurt the level, but if you're not careful, people are going to run around and place a million mines and detpacks in the middle temple.

-Second, this is a little annoyance of mine, but try to make a level in which you can access the entire map without force powers. The sniper areas (which by the way, I don't like sniping) are only accessible with force jump level three. I guess that makes the snipers harder to get to, but I prefer a straight up fight.

-Third, this might only be me, but it seems to me that the underground areas don't project the explosions correctly for the rocket launcher and the alternate fire of the repeater. Like I said, this might just be me, but the explosions worked everywhere else, so I thought I should throw that in.

In the end, hats off to RuSH for his excellent map-building skills. I look forward for your next achievement. I recommend this level to anyone who loves the Yavin jungle feel (even you 56k'ers, I'm one too...)



adrenal-medullaPosted: 03/18/03 06:33   Report Abuse
Great level. I love a level where the author has gameplay in mind as well as making it look good and interesting. Frames were a little low, but who am I to complain? Nicely done: 9.


RuShPosted: 03/19/03 00:47   Report Abuse
I am glad you like it. Ya I ment to make those ladders better and maybe in a little while I will add some new ideas I had in a Version 2.


danny85331Posted: 09/13/03 15:21   Report Abuse


Phoenix_FlowerPosted: 05/13/07 01:02   Report Abuse
I give it an 6. It's an amazing level visually but there are a few flaws in it.

As already stated, it takes a lot of effort just to get to the sniper posts. The ladders are present but I don't understand why they aren't active. I know they CAN be because I've seen it used in a Helm's Deep level that had quite a few ladders.

Aside from explosives, there is zero ammo. This is going to reduce the game play to either saber only or detonator chuck fest.

Bot support is there, but it seems to have been done without testing. Bots run into trees and get stuck or run off the sides of the stairs to the flags and get stuck. Sometimes they can get off the pyramids but once they hit a tree they're useless.

There's also a problem in CTF mode where players sometimes respawn next to their opponent's flag.

Now a note about the number of explosives: It's not bad how many their are. The level is open enough for players needing to use more explosives to make them effective


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