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This is a simple saber mod. It makes the lightsaber blade wider in both the core and its glow. The glow also has branching white lines in it to give it an electrical effect.


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Download: Overpowered Saber Mod
File Size: 344KB
Date: 03/20/03
Author: Spencer Thomas
Downloads: 600


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 3
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zizzy34Posted: 03/20/03 23:23   Report Abuse
hmm....i give it a 4 for effort


master_thomasPosted: 03/21/03 01:37   Report Abuse
I fixed these a little after those screenshots so the sabers aren't as squarish as they look.

It would have been better, but my e-mail service needs to be upgraded. I couldn't post a large enough attachment. Before I realized this, there were a lot of changes, which had to be removed:(.

It was really practice for a mod/level I'm working on, but I liked the effect. Makes the sabers look kind of fizzy. This won't be released until I upgrade my e-mail and get it tested.


Manslayer01Posted: 02/05/05 19:51   Report Abuse
Eh...not my style...3 for effort.


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