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Masters of the Force is a MOD that came from the need to make Jedi Knight 2 more than it is. We felt that even though RavenSoft had done a decent job at making the game, there were many things that could have been done even better. Our main issue was the ambience that the game generated. It appealed more to players coming from games such as CounterStrike and UT instead of players that wanted a game that recreated the Star Wars "experience".

Other issues were related to the poor handling of various aspects of the gameplay, such as saber combat. RavenSoft apparently had tried to simply build on a platform (the previous Jedi Knight-Dark Forces games) which now is dated, and attempting to make up for it by placing it in a newer engine. This lack of true innovation is what has led many to attempt to 'fix' Jedi Knight 2 to what they thought was what RavenSoft should have done from the beginning.

This was especially prevalent with the saber combat system. It has been a target for numerous discussions in the Jedi Knight 2 community. On one side, people were happy with the system that Ravensoft had devised, and on the other people argued that it was too random and not faithful to the movies.

Other mods have focused their efforts on reducing the randomness of the game. We, however, felt that the randomness was only a small part of a larger problem. Fixing the saber combat system is one step in the right direction, but not enough to make the game itself a truly rewarding experience.

As such, we are currently striving to bring the "feel" of the Star Wars to Jedi Knight 2. Since we believe that Star Wars is a direct result of George Lucas's vision, we are basing this Mod primary on what Lucas has directly influenced, the movies.


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Download: Masters of the Force (Release 2)
File Size: 787kb
Date: 03/22/03
Author: The MotF Team
Downloads: 2947


Score (0-10): 10
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9mmPosted: 03/23/03 03:35   Report Abuse
this is interesting... really small for JKO but interesting 10/10 I thought it was prety cool that you changed the saber fighting around a bit... are you thinkin of making the same type of mod for SP?


sithlordx1000Posted: 03/23/03 07:03   Report Abuse
I simply love this Mod. I'm glad that people have tried to make this game true to Star Wars. I hope to see more great things from you guys and the rest of the JK2 Editor Community. Thanks a bunch! 10/10


MrRavenXPosted: 03/23/03 16:32   Report Abuse
Um... that description is mostly a rant. What changes were made? What was done to the saber system? Explain.


Guardian of R'lyehPosted: 03/23/03 17:58   Report Abuse
mmmm...this MOD doesn´t work properly with my game...somehow i cannot make damage to my opponent when I use the saber...


monkeyonastringPosted: 03/24/03 02:21   Report Abuse
i didn't notice anything different :/


Cris_StarwalkerPosted: 03/26/03 00:14   Report Abuse
Some more info on what has been changed would be good. Oh and why not try an SP mod, MP mods are getting a little old these days, why not set a trail blazer in SP?


razorsacesPosted: 03/26/03 20:36   Report Abuse
Re: MrRavenX

Don't look at me. I'm not the one who posted the file. :)


razorsacesPosted: 03/26/03 20:38   Report Abuse
Re: Cris_Starwalker

Not going to happen.... The changes made in MotF require the source code. However, the source code for SP hasn't been released by Raven.


razorsacesPosted: 03/26/03 20:39   Report Abuse
Re: monkeyonastring

You probably didn't load the mod correctly. It's VERY obvious when you load the mod up.


razorsacesPosted: 03/26/03 20:41   Report Abuse
Re: Guardian of R'lyeh me about the problem at the provided team email address.

Razor Ace


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