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Imperial Blue is my first map. It is designed for duels.


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Download: Imperial Blue
File Size: 3.2Mb
Date: 03/23/03
Author: SpDTheadkeFor
Downloads: 1247


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 13
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GeobrassPosted: 03/23/03 20:42   Report Abuse
This map is just about perfect. I love your style. Great music, lighting, and I even love the waiting areas. If your FFA map is anything like this, I can't wait. Hope it comes soon...



SwedishborgiePosted: 03/24/03 05:29   Report Abuse
REALLY REALLY GOOD! I think the best duel level I've seen! A lot of good stuff came out today! I'm a JO editor too and I know what kind of work went into the platforms and I didn't see any texture problems. I usually see some even in the offical levels! The lighting was real good too. I wish you had made the glass platforms bigger but that's just me :-). This map also had bot support! YAY! So you have earned a ten! Keep this up!


SpDTheadkeForPosted: 03/24/03 18:33   Report Abuse
Well, thank you for the encouraging comments above. I didn't know that my description I submitted the map with would be used in its posting:

"Imperial Blue is my first map. It is designed for duels."

Exciting isnít it? LOL. I think I will expound a little bit more. Imperial Blue was based off the center platform of a much larger FFA map Iím currently working on. As stated before this is my first level, so it was created through trial and error. That being the case I didn't try to do anything major like create my own textures or any fancy architectural tricks. I tried to make it look as pleasing to the eye as possible without loosing the game play aspect of the level. I designed the map in single player and when I converted it over to multiplayer, well lets just say it didn't look like I wanted it to. But any mapper should know about that, I just wish I had known it sooner. I had to improvise with new lighting and a great many other little things, but overall I'm pleased with the results.




IxioticPosted: 04/06/03 02:07   Report Abuse
I thought this was a great level. Very well done! It's levels like this that define the Star Wars and Jedi Knight world. Superb! Mucho Gracias!


Darth RÚsPosted: 02/28/04 13:39   Report Abuse
Great music! It's from Force Commander! Great map too, i enjoy playing it with bots, that works properly!
That's good that finally someone has put the bot route in his map!

Good work!


041591Posted: 04/30/07 03:43   Report Abuse
if this is really your first map, then you're a natural. cant wait for more


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