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This is a small single player level for Mots. It is the duel between Obi-Wan and Count Dokku in Attack of the Clones. It takes place in Dokku's hideout in the mountains.


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Download: Obi-Wan vs Count Dokku
File Size: 1.4Mb
Date: 03/23/03
Author: Michael Delavante
Downloads: 1201


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 4
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EHC_Gibraltar_4Posted: 03/23/03 18:36   Report Abuse
Who's Count Dokku? Oobi-Doo Kerosbi's evil nemesis, perhaps? :-P I kid, of course.


SwedishborgiePosted: 03/24/03 05:50   Report Abuse
Looked real nice, but I hate just one room duels. Also Obi-Wan didn't beat Dooku. I would have liked a cutscene where Yoda came in and saved the day! Gotta luv the muppets! Overall real nice though. Keep it up!


Chill_Akseli88Posted: 07/30/03 12:14   Report Abuse
Well, well... That was actually really good saber-duel... Well above average saber duels... I give it 8. Keep it up!


cbPosted: 12/07/04 17:51   Report Abuse
Great level! I wish that Obi-Wan had the blue saber he used in the movie instead of this green one. It would be nice to have a v.2 with the player fighting alongside Anakin against Dooku. The level was really well done. The creator of the level did MOTS fans a service by allowing us to fight Dooku for once. A highly recommended download.


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3D Preview developed by Stephan Reiter

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