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This is simply my first map for JO.


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Download: The Odd Side
File Size: 1.3Mb
Date: 03/23/03
Author: Devmapall
Downloads: 1667


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 4
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GeobrassPosted: 03/23/03 20:36   Report Abuse
Okay, you did a nice job for your first map. A few things to fix:

-You've made a nice skybox for this level. What you need to do next is constuct some walls around the edges so that the player can't see straight down off the edge. This just adds to the realism.

-Take out the weequay, rodians, and especially Reelo. I don't think they belong in an imperial base. Come up with a story for the level (including Kyle's objectives) and use it to allow Reelo's presence. This could also but helpful with some of the "bosses", and it adds to the map's feel.

Overall, a nice job with the basic constuction. Try now to experiment with curved rooms, expanded environments, and maybe even some cutscenes. Best of luck...



9mmPosted: 03/25/03 03:38   Report Abuse
Very nice 7/10 for effort kinda boxy though try to again like the above said make some curved out rooms. But nice attempt anyways.


ChuckPosted: 04/28/03 16:50   Report Abuse
I wish I could get it. Massassi isn't letting ANYTHING be downloaded right now.


masterpc_gamerPosted: 10/04/03 19:10   Report Abuse
Good job for your first map. Certainly better then my levels (not on massassi). i'll give it a 5 for good effort.


joetoePosted: 02/22/04 23:09   Report Abuse
Where are the authors of Dead Reconning, BOAM, TOAM when you need them?

No story, just senseless boxes stuck together.


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