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This is a beta of my new level that is coming up. I may delay it for at least a couple of months. So far, I have got a lobby that needs some improvement, a lounge on the second floor, and a partial hotel on the third floor. This is just to give you an idea of what I'm doing as well as with a plan of what's coming next. There'll be more than what's planned in the picture however. I'm going to have a parkade, throw in a few vehicles courtesy of hellcat and a penthouse or two. There will probally be a helipad on the roof. I know about all the bugs in this level. This was posted just to give you a preview.


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Download: 2015 Plaza Beta 0.93849
File Size: 3.1Mb
Date: 03/23/03
Author: DOTR_Corran2015
Downloads: 830


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 4
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SwedishborgiePosted: 03/24/03 04:37   Report Abuse
Shows alot of promise. I found alot of bugs I hope will be fixed, but the texturing is great and I love the coffee machines :-D. With some work and some more floors this will be a great level! Keep at it!


DalePosted: 03/25/03 03:46   Report Abuse
sorry, you got it.. its a nice level overall.. but it only supports one person. i tried playing it with my friend and it said to him, that the maximum amount of ppl are in the game.. its also buggy


Corran2015Posted: 03/27/03 01:08   Report Abuse
1) it was only built as a beta to show a few people what I was doing
2) "buggy": redudance, this is a beta 'member, its not meant to be a final version.

But thx for the constructive criticism,not sure how much I can work on it, since I'm moving.


StellarDragonessPosted: 04/08/03 21:01   Report Abuse
Dude, I'm going to rate it a 10, because I KNOW (for a fact, really) that this will be an pwnage level. Even though rating it is a stupid idea.... oh well. Hope it gets done soon so I can have great RPGs with my friends!!!! Good Job (for a beta...on that stage...heh)


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