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"Star Wars: Galactic Civil War" is a class-based modification for "Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight".

Features include:

  • All new, character-dependant, class-based gaming system.
  • 6 distinct classes, each with their own unique attributes, inventory, and weapons.
  • Character Packs allow users to create and add their own characters to use with the official GCW Base Patch.
  • Over 120 official characters in all in 3 distinct Character Packs to choose from.
  • All new weapons, including the evil Sith's Lightstaff, and the trusty Blastech DL-44 pistol.
  • Muzzle flashes on energy weapons.
  • Completely revamped saber system, including motion trails, active damage and glowsaber technology.
  • Intricate Lightsaber and Lightstaff combat for exciting duels as well as balanced gameplay.
  • Brand new target locking feature.
  • Quick evasion techniques.
  • Removable Jedi robes, for dueling and roleplaying realism.
  • Jet packs or Grappling Hooks for Bounty Hunter characters.
  • Revamped Force Powers for true Jedi emersion.
  • SaberMaster's Chase Camera system (toggleable).

    There are over 100 new characters from all parts of the Star Wars universe, available in 3 official Character Packs, to coincide the release of GCW, and one large Character Pack containing all the official characters. Note that at least one Character Pack must be used in conjunction with the GCW Base Patch, and the Base Patch includes a blank Character Pack, so users may play GCW using the just the original Jedi Knight characters with their respective class settings. Additional Character Packs, as well as a wealth of useful information on Galactic Civil War can be found at the official website.


  • Level Info:

    Download: Galactic Civil War (Base 1.0)
    File Size: 2.6Mb
    Date: 03/23/03
    Author: Tyler "TIE" North
    Downloads: 3208


    Score (0-10): 9
    # of Ratings: 28
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    Darth JPosted: 03/23/03 18:10   Report Abuse
    Fantastic job. This really captures an atmosphere from the movies that was lacking in the original game. Second download!


    Corran2015Posted: 03/23/03 18:29   Report Abuse
    Wicked man, Ober showed me this last night. The sabers look closer to JO than to glowsabers or JK sabs, and its frickin wicked. 100 or so skins, new sabers, and a jetpack. Finally people will stop using SBX in rpgs.


    A_Big_FeTT_CoWPosted: 03/23/03 18:59   Report Abuse
    Ober showed me this mod, and I believe I can safely say this surpasses SBX in uncountable ways from a roleplaying standpoint.


    Corran2015Posted: 03/23/03 19:23   Report Abuse
    Well it isn't all jedi based, like SBX, thats the only downfall of SBX. I used to be the 'Jedi' saber dueling type but meh, I got counter-strike :p.


    OberfeldwebelPosted: 03/23/03 19:53   Report Abuse
    Really Tie, Just an Incredible job.
    I was a beta tester for this mod, It was incredible even then!

    Far surpasses SBX.


    P.S: Hes doin a SDK for the skin packs.


    A_Big_FeTT_CoWPosted: 03/23/03 21:30   Report Abuse
    Ah, and I might add a few suggestions me and Fat came up with. We came up with these because we thought some classes lacked some special abilities..

    - Sniper Rifle

    Bounty Hunter:
    - Tracking Device
    - Dual DL-44s
    - Any other gadgets

    Dark Jedi (Since there's no real difference between it and Sith, besides the fact Sith get a lightstaff):
    - Dual Sabers ;)

    Yeah, just some things for you to think about.


    FirestormPosted: 03/23/03 21:36   Report Abuse
    I applaude this mod.

    Not only is it great for Jedi but also for other classes for MP games. Finally a class base system that doesn't just cater to jedi ranks and makes it more fun to roleplay other roles in games.

    The weapons and classes seem well balanced but i still think there needs to be a bigger difference between the defensive weapon the lightstaff is and the offensive weapon the lightsaber is.

    A greater difference between the sith and dark jedi might be needed. Since the Sith have never been known for lightsaber technics very much (darth maul being an exception) i think the sith should get more of a mystical and non-combat force type abilities like teleporting or illusions where as the dark jedi should get some "Twisted" lightside abilities "similar to how drain in JO is to heal". Just my 2 cents however.

    I give it a 9 out of 10 only cuase i know the next releases will definatly improve on this and be more deserving of a perfect score.


    M_Knight_Jess1Posted: 03/23/03 22:37   Report Abuse
    Well, I give it a 9, because of a sbaer flaw I saw in the second screenshot. Other than that, its very good. If you want help in the saber trails, I can help. Contact me here:


    TIEPosted: 03/23/03 23:25   Report Abuse
    Thanks for the comments and suggestions, everyone, I'll take it all into consideration for the next release. I should also point out that the GCW forum is a good place to discuss additions and corrections for future updates.

    I've updated the base mod on the GCW site to fix that default mat grappling hook error. It only occurs when using the "No Characters" pack, and the update is completely compatible with the old file, so if you plan on using the No Characters pack, you should probably get the update, otherwise it shouldn't be a problem.


    CorrectionPosted: 03/23/03 23:39   Report Abuse
    I thought this mod was outrageously awsome. It has a whole bunch of really high tech features that make for nice gameplay, spiffy saber battles, and are just plain neat to play around with. :p
    Also, the ability to create and add your own character packs should add some variety to the mod. It will be nice when quite a few are submitted, and there's a wide choice of packs to choose from for each player's ideal game.

    If you don't download this, you're really missing out.


    StellarDragonessPosted: 03/23/03 23:40   Report Abuse
    Wow, very nice. Reminds me of MotS (Of course, because it has the classes). The sabers look great, (ALOT better than SU or SBX) except for the top of it. It's a little...whack. ((is it whack, or wack? lol))
    Other than that, I love it!

    Rating: 10 (yay!)

    PS: Ober showed it to me...also. heh.


    SiThLoRd719Posted: 03/24/03 00:06   Report Abuse
    This is truely, the greatest mod I've ever played for any game. Everything up to the saber fighting:Jedi, to the jetpack and e11 rifle. Only down side is there were no dual blasters =(.... maybe in a later version? Pfft, it doesn't matter, point is, it is way better than SBX and I think it will hold to be the most used mod for the current jk community. Two thumbs up, 10/10! great, and thank you for such a fantastic mod!


    SITH__r2D2MattPosted: 03/24/03 00:53   Report Abuse
    SWEEeeEETTTttt .......10/10 but i still go with sbx but next one will probly get me!


    ShadowXPosted: 03/24/03 10:06   Report Abuse
    Disclaimer: Of course this is going to be somewhat biased cuz I made SBX :] I only mean the best though.

    I checked out this mod real quick and did a test run ONLY as a Sith, so I can't attest to the other classes (although I'm assuming the Jedi and Dark Jedi have the same standard saber moves). Anyway, it looks like the saber animations really need to be refined—especially the lightstaff ones. I know it's grueling work, believe me... but once you've perfected them, it brings much more realism to your mod (not to mention a good feeling at having accomplished such a thing). A couple of the standard saber moves look straight out of Art of the Lightsaber (namely the spinning ones), since I recognized the stiffness and wrong-angled saber trails. The right hand really needs to be tweaked in these anims so the trails well... "trail" after the saber on the appropriate plane of blade motion. Speaking of the trails, they look somewhat odd "tacked" onto the blade. I've always liked the alpha gradient effect for the stationary blade from Sith Glow, though. In fact, I would've used it in SBX if I had the JED know-how to make similar saber trails... that would be nice, huh? One other problem is the evasion, in that it's excessively slow. I probably should've made the rolls a bit slower in SBX, but not THIS slow. I imagine that in combat, these rolls would prove semi-efficient at best since an opponent could simply run or jump at you and strike. Also, I forgot to mention that the saber moves in general are rather slow, so they're barely improved from the standard JK moves in terms of speed. To truly achieve "Intricate Lightsaber and Lightstaff combat for exciting duels as well as balanced gameplay", speed really needs to be balanced... unless your ideal of speed is like the Old Ben Kenobi vs. Darth Vader duel :] Hell, JK's standard moves are even slower than that.

    Other than that, I agree that it would be a good idea to distinguish the Dark Jedi and Sith more than merely a weapon difference. By the way, why isn't Sidious in the Sith class?! Anyway, perhaps the Sith could have more Dark force ability, while Dark Jedi are more or less "fledgling" Sith with mixed powers or something. On the topic of Force, I noticed that there's more Light side powers than Dark. The loss of Destruction is kinda disappointing, too.

    Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. I hope you work more on this mod to make it better! I imagine the soldier, scout, and bounty hunter classes are already good, even though I didn't check 'em out. By the way, that "battle view" camera function is pretty neat. I bet the target lock-on is useful too.

    P.S. I didn't give this a rating since I didn't check out everything. What can I say, I'm a Jedi freak!

    P.P.S. Do you other guys really think this is "way better" than SBX...? I guess I understand in terms of just RPGs, since there's robe-changing and classes (not to mention jet packs and grappling hooks). I mean, I say this granted that this mod is still in its early stages and needs work, as well as the fact that I'm only concerned with the Jedi fighting part of the mod :] I assume TIE will improve it a bunch in a future release. Anyhow... has anyone ever had a GOOD RPG game? I've joined several only to come across 13-year-old brats breaking every rule the host tries to set and people mouthing off and bickering over what they should do or how they should fight... not to mention countless dishonorable attacks ('physically' and verbally). Needless to say, I never got into the JK RPG scene....


    SiThLoRd719Posted: 03/24/03 12:02   Report Abuse
    Don't listen to ShadowX your mod is way more realistic then XBX, in so many ways. And yes, I find it "way" better.


    James_SaibotPosted: 03/24/03 15:24   Report Abuse
    Dude, this mod rocks. Needs alot of work though concerning the differences between classes. Dark Jedi= Fallen Jedi actually....Sith= Never were Jedi..only raised in the dark side. Just to settle that matter. Anyways, about the classes, I really liked the Fett skins on a personal note, I haven't been anything but the Jedi, Sith, and Bounty Hunter, and I was really impressed. BUT I must agree with SX in that the lightsaber attack system needs alot of work. Perhaps you should team up with some people and make it better. I dunno. I think that there should have been a better weapons and items difference between classes, such as a tracking device for the BH's and better weapons and stuff. But heck, it's a great concept for RPGing. And on a side note, Yes, I have had a good RPG game. I RPG with my friends and it's usually good, until the thirteen year old brats (lol) come in with names like "IMFATTEST" and start saying "my role is sith/assassin/serialkiller. Grrrrr. ShadowX, you should be on my talk show man. And we need to rpg together. My zone name is the same as this.


    OberfeldwebelPosted: 03/24/03 18:52   Report Abuse
    Hmm, Shadow I do have to say that unfortunatly you've never experinced a REAL RPG.

    There are two types of Role playing that are the best.

    Mostly what you've played is a Twisted version of the First kind, Infested by Little brats with names like "PIMPMASTAPORN_KING92"

    The First Type: A single RPG. Not linked to any other stories. All new and fresh characters or old ones you still have. No deep detail needed usally, Quite fun.

    The Second Type (What I mostly do):
    Practicly intire Sagas and stories, Deep detailed information and backgrounds on every main character, All these sagas Intertwining into one giant story.
    For this though, Its good to have Role playing friends your confidant they can act proporly and not do silly crap.

    If you'd like a REAL Role Playing Game you contact me, or Saibot for a first type RPG. Since I'm not as experinced in that type as I used to be. As always, GnM On AIM [ AIM SN [ Do not Email. Just for MSN
    10523642 [ ICQ.

    P.S: If you'd like more information on "Type 2" go to, Then the JKRPG directory, and Index or Main I belive. The site died but its still a wealth of information.


    GhostOfYodaPosted: 03/24/03 20:11   Report Abuse
    [pimpage]I've seen plenty of good RPG games in #massgames[/pimpage]

    I've played this mod a bit, and frankly I expected much more. Maybe I need to play it for a bit longer, and I haven't tried either the Jedi or the Dark Jedi classes yet, so I'm not going to rate it until I've played them, but so far, I'd say that there is nothing spectacular.


    SiThLoRd719Posted: 03/24/03 22:49   Report Abuse
    Hey, also, a few recommendations for your next version.

    -Saber throw

    -Maybe saber agility rolls for Jedi, not sith though.

    -I also had this idea of giving Jango a flame thrower using explosion and deadly sight graphics.

    -Also, Jango had a grapple hook, in the movie, it would be cool to see jango being able to grapple someone, fly em up in the air, and drop him back down for falling damage. That sounds like a nice idea to me.

    These are just a few ideas of mine. Great job and I hope you continue to make more versions =)


    TIEPosted: 03/24/03 22:52   Report Abuse
    First of all: I can't believe I forgot to credit Fardreamer for his Obi-Wan combo animations!!! I'm so sorry, I've updated all the readmes on the GCW site to reflect this terrible, and honestly, mistake!

    But anyhow, thanks for the comments, ShadowX! I'll certainly take them under advisement for refining the next release.

    I wasn't going to, but I guess I may aswell explain myself for some of the things you guys have pointed out. Shadow, mostly, his post was pretty thorough regarding the jedi:
    Saber effects, animations, etc: well, you know...I do my best...I was pretty happy with them...
    Dodges: I never considered them slow, and I never got any complaints from my beta testers, but like you said, you're used to SBX, maybe these take getting used to also.
    Saber speed: Well, first of all, I mean come on; they're faster than normal JK, you know that. Saber speed, though, was something that needed to be comprimised for the sake of that aforementioned "balanced gameplay." I guess I should also note, the single-bladed lightstaff's speed is slower than the normal saber's, maybe that was something not many people noticed. It's not too much slower. But anyway, that needed to be tweaked so Jedi didn't absolutely dominate close-ranged combat.
    Dark Jedi and Sith: I'm certainly open to everyone's suggestions on distinguishing these classes, so keep them coming. There aren't, however, fewer dark side powers than light; there's 4/4, as shown on the GCW website.
    More gadgets and weapons: Definetly stuff I'm interested in doing for future releases, so again...keep the ideas coming.

    Also...I just want ShadowX to know: it is not, and has never been my intention to "beat" other JK mods. Ask anyone who knows me; the farthest thing from my mind is "Jedi Knight editing fame." I know Saber Battle X is a great mod, as do the majority of Jedi Knight players. It's also pretty different from Galactic Civil War. And though I'm humbled to be compared to Saber Battle X, I really hate it when people bash either mod for the sake of the other. There's no politics involved here, it's just a guys don't have to choose sides, play both mods if you like them, please!

    On a final note, I guess players should know this mod's major concern was never, and will never be Role Playing...probably because it's not how I like to play. Gameplay was the key, here, folks, and any roleplaying elements were added only as a fun little treats for me to play around with.

    Well that's it. Thanks, everyone, for all the helpful comments, but I'd also, again, like to point out that the GCW forums are good places to discuss suggestions...not that I mind them here, or anything.

    Thanks again (why not.)


    JetaPosted: 03/24/03 23:34   Report Abuse
    I myself gave this mod an 8, I truly was expecting more.

    For rpging its pretty great, for anything else it fails to compare to other mods as far as gameplay wise imo.

    A great mod imo, but better than, but it certainly could have been with the ideas you've implaced into the mod.

    Though i'll have to admit I only played the Jedi, DJ, and BH professions.

    Robe toggles and characters and such are a great addition, but this has been done in other mods as well, but it really is a great function.

    The number one problem I had, was the lightsabers. Looked great, played like any other mod that wanted great Saber Combat.

    I must admit the only mod that I have played with a great Saber style is Saber Battle X, by far my favorite mod, for anything JK. SU came close but not close enough.

    Again, the sabers look great, but when I actually started trying to use the saber I was thinking, my god combat will be slow, meaningless and generally slow to be honest. The keys paled in comparison to other mods, but I myself KNOW that is a tedious task.

    Lightstaff keys are usually a lot harder than single saber keys obviously, I mean, you didn't do 'omg this sucks' bad.
    It's just that when you play other mods with something better, the standard is set. If I had played nothing but JK for years and no mods what so ever, then I would probably be singing a totally different tune.

    Single Bladed combat was also dull in my mind.

    The guns were great, I especially loved the repeater/concussion bolt combo.

    Though I would say the muzzle flashes need work, but were nice enough, I liked the flash for force jump and the muzzle flashes, etc.

    I don't think ive talked about evasions....if so, excuse me for the repeat. They were incredibly slow imo, realism is one thing, but that sort of thing doesn't fit to well in JK imo. Far to slow.

    I know there are various other issues to be talked about, but I rated this a solid 8.

    I truly don't think this dethrones SBX.

    I don't think that day will seriously come, but i'll wait.

    I just don't think the gameplay was good enough to really show a great amount of 'greatness'.

    We have to remember that this is JK, not Counter Strike, not Half Life, not even JO.

    What ideas may work great for other games, may not work for JK.

    I felt that the things in this mod were for equalized combat, but I don't feel the combat was totally different enough in different types of modes, Jedi for example.

    The combat was totally slow for the lightsaber imo, and while I haven't gone against an actual opponent MP wise, I feel that I would be considerably wasted by an opponent with gunning skills.

    I don't know, maybe im biased, but I really don't have a reason to be. Maybe i'll play again with someone and totally thing differently, but at the moment im not to sure.

    In total, great mod, but when this many ideas go into a mod, no one will expect anything more than greatness.

    I didn't even hear anything about this mod until recently LOL, but as soon as I saw the ideas and such, it already felt overhyped in my mind, obviously not in the general public.

    Thus me expecting a lot.

    Great mod, hope it gets better.


    Sedicon DrenexPosted: 03/25/03 00:01   Report Abuse
    f***ING SWEET YOU HIT THE SPOT. Really nice be sure to get in touch with ShadowX of SBX so you guys can jointly do something. I Really enjoy this movie based sort of action with lightsabers you really did nice

    By the Way um...10 (rating)


    MattimeoPosted: 03/25/03 03:40   Report Abuse
    GREAT.I love it. Final someone makes somethin to knock SBX down.


    ShadowXPosted: 03/25/03 06:59   Report Abuse
    I don't know... I haven't been too interested in RPGs in the first place, but thanks for the invitation, Oberfeld. I guess I've always preferred action-oriented games and leave story-driven stuff to the movies (with some exceptions like Metal Gear Solid 1 & 2, Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana :). Like I said, I'm definitely a crazy Jedi-fighting fan heheh. SBX is my manifestation of this.

    Sorry if I came off as saying your mod's saber moves are slower than standard JK's, cuz they're not. Paint dries faster than standard JK saber combo completions, unless you consider holding down Fire 2 a combo... LOL. Also, you're probably right about getting used to the roll speed and all. Besides, like I said, I only launched a MP game by myself to check out the mod real quick, so some of that was pure speculation.

    As for mod comparison/bashing, it always happens whenever something comes out that's in any way similar to another mod. I've learned to pretty much ignore such baseless statements like, "Mod A kicks Mod B's ass!" Besides, everyone has different tastes and interests. I just wish more people were accepting of this fact of life... not just in the realm of games, but in everything. Perhaps there'd be less fear, hate, and violence. Of course, I'm only dreaming heh... not to mention going off on a tangent. Sorry! :]

    Oh yeah, I definitely know what you mean about "not seeking fame". With both Ninja Kage and SBX, I just released them... I didn't bother making a website or promoting them in forums and such. (Didn't make the SBX website until a bit before the final releases since someone offered to design it for me heheh). I always felt that the end quality is what counts, not what promises or pretty web graphics you can make. I've seen countless screenshots of "upcoming" mods and TCs that are still upcoming, and always will be... or won't be, or something.


    stickystufPosted: 03/25/03 22:31   Report Abuse
    Great mod, for RPGing and sabering! I especially like the Combat Follow Camera thing. SBX still rocks but I still LOVE this mod. Can't wait for the next release. Find me on the Zone, my name is DJ_stickystuf1. By the way, does anybody know who made the SBX skins? 10/10


    stickystufPosted: 03/25/03 22:32   Report Abuse
    Great mod, for RPGing and sabering! I especially like the Combat Follow Camera thing. SBX still rocks but I still LOVE this mod. Can't wait for the next release. Find me on the Zone, my name is DJ_stickystuf1. By the way, does anybody know who made the SBX skins? 10/10


    Saber_Ryan1Posted: 03/26/03 01:24   Report Abuse
    Pros: The lock-on feature is a little cool, as well as the chase camera and classes. The DL-44 and the HUD also look pretty sweet.

    Cons: The grappling hook is the default .mat.. :-P The muzzle flashes are too flat, they don't go outward (like SS3B9), but instead sideways so that they look paper-thin in the chase camera mode (same thing goes for the lightsaber in first-person mode).

    Overall, it's an okay mod, but not as good as SBX, IMHO.. I've never liked SBX that much because of the slashing anim's (JK standard's still my fav); but I must say that I believe they were better than this ones. The saber effects (trails) were, I think, also better in SBX.


    land_sea_airPosted: 03/28/03 20:18   Report Abuse
    wowthis mod i great the only thing it needs is new weapons, and how do u create your on character packs?


    ID_JunkguyPosted: 04/07/03 16:42   Report Abuse
    The instructions were very unclear. They were too long, and mostly described how to use Patch Commander... The part that actually tells what to do with the gobs was confusing.

    There are no descriptions in the gobs. O_o

    Most of the guns basically have different coloured muzzle flashes. The only different projectiles that I noticed were #4 and #6. The #2 gun looks awful, even if it's from another mod. The guns were no fun at all.

    The saber blades sometimes disappear, whether or not you did it on purpose. The inside view for the saber is screwed up when you're not swinging.

    I could not get some hotkeys to work. I tried using Boba Fett in multiplayer, but neither the Jet or Grapple worked.

    The "dodge" hotkey looks exactly the same as SBX's evasion hotkey.

    The grapple hook's 3do is stolen from somewhere. I've seen it before...
    And the default mat? WTF

    The RPG element of this mod is basically disabled weapons...

    The only good thing that I liked in this mod is the chase camera view.


    JKF_Lynx0Posted: 08/17/03 01:47   Report Abuse
    This Mod is the ULTIMATE! It add what was being needed in the original game =). I give it a 10, without a doubt!


    NJoA_CalldoPosted: 08/18/03 18:44   Report Abuse
    This mod ranks among the greatest saber mods of all time. The only problem I have with it is that the flip and the evasion are difficult to use. Other than that, GCW is the best mod I've ever played. I'm looking forward to new updates and maybe an Episode III skin pack.


    RexPosted: 08/23/03 13:10   Report Abuse
    This mod I'd say Is just as good as sbx or better i like how the gun flashes THIS MOD ROX great JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    MM_FortePosted: 11/23/03 18:10   Report Abuse
    i love this mod. it makes me like sabs and i despise sabs. i gave it a 9 only because the bounty hunters need to be able to use another wep than just the pistol, st rifle and cross bow. i really dont even mind that. this mod rules.


    Mr. FantasticPosted: 03/13/05 20:06   Report Abuse
    pretty good mod. I give a 9 for the ultimate fun of using jetpack! :)

    A pro isn't someone who sacrifices themselves for a job. That's just a fool.

    Reno, Final Fantasy VII


    LaserjoltPosted: 04/05/05 19:44   Report Abuse
    Are you going to ever make another version
    above 1.0? This is one of the truly great
    mods, and it is how JK should have been
    made in the first place. Just one more
    scrap of evidence that most good programs
    are made by the customer, not the company :D

    You should go work for Lucasarts :P


    moggimusPosted: 02/21/09 01:04   Report Abuse
    Anybody know where to get the character packs for this?


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