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The first "Rolling mod" add-on level! Level includes some cool halfpipes to make things interesting and various booster pads to launch you at unholy rates of speed. This level is setup for racing so everytime you do a lap you get 5 points. Maneuver through the various obstacles and make it to the finish line first to win! A COG prevents fall/collision damage, so go as fast as you can. This is my first level, so feedback is greatly appreciated.


Level Info:

Download: Canyon Dipper
File Size: 1.1MB
Date: 03/30/03
Author: MrRavenX
Downloads: 1104


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 15
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gammastsPosted: 03/30/03 19:23   Report Abuse



GenkiPosted: 03/30/03 20:20   Report Abuse
/me sits and waits for g0y's and DSetter's levels to release


GenkiPosted: 03/30/03 20:20   Report Abuse
looks good


myn_skyhopperPosted: 03/30/03 20:27   Report Abuse
i tested it at #massgames its ok i only got to play it once before it screwed my JK up though..... i had to uninstall it. first roll level very good


GhostOfYodaPosted: 03/30/03 21:00   Report Abuse
Hmmm. You can't die anywhere in this map, not even in the "pits". It's impossible to build up speed as the obsticles are too close together. Loads of surfaces were not flagged as floor as well. I rate it a four, as the architecture and texturing was good and the lighting was ok. However it just wasn't fun.


MrRavenXPosted: 03/30/03 23:37   Report Abuse
The surfaces weren't flagged for a reason in a lot of areas. When the surfaces aren't flagged it enables you to build up speed a lot faster (ie ramps, turns, halfpipes).

The surfaces in Jedi Knight will kill you half the time, even if they are flagged not to (this is why the level that came with the Roll mod was so annoying). I disabled this so the focus on the map could be racing... it's not very fun racing when you die every 5 seconds because of JK's crappy limitations.

This map by itself isn't very entertaining, but with other people racing against you it's fun. Well, I had fun anyway. This was also the first level I've made/worked on, so I learned a lot on the way. Hopefully my next couple of levels will be a lot more entertaining.

I hope some of you enjoy this level :) Have fun!


MrRavenXPosted: 03/31/03 01:37   Report Abuse
myn_skyhopper: A level screwed up your JK so you had to reinstall? Rigghtttt...


GhostOfYodaPosted: 03/31/03 06:26   Report Abuse
As a fellow roll editor, I know how annoying it is to build a fun run, then to die on just an ordinary ramp. However, Instead of making a cog that makes the player invunerable to impact damage throughout the entire level, I've made one that just disables impact damage in short sections (eg, a ramp).


Blood_AspPosted: 03/31/03 14:42   Report Abuse
You can flag the surface as non-damaging in JED. No need to cog.


GhostOfYodaPosted: 03/31/03 16:41   Report Abuse
Dosen't work Blood Asp. I've tried it, it only dramatically reduces damage, it doesn't prevent it. It's a bug that me and DS have come accross often, and I'm sure that MrRavenX had it before he added his cog to his level.


Kyle_DarkfyrePosted: 03/31/03 19:25   Report Abuse
I thought this was a great lvl, The only bad thing was the stupid half-pipes, they slow ya down too much, But anyway this gets a 9 from me.


ID_JunkguyPosted: 04/01/03 00:10   Report Abuse
Good job, MrRavenX! Even though this is your first level, I think its really fun and interesting. Similar to my Roll level, it is sometimes challenging but satisfying. I like the addition of halfpipes; it's a very innovative change to Roll!

Also, I think the no damage cog was a good idea. There's not much stuff to get killed by in this level anyways, so why not make people invulnerable from impact?

Very fun and detailed! 10/10


LHarmPosted: 04/02/03 00:26   Report Abuse
great lvl. my only complaint is the last halfpipe. the guy will stop an lose his speed. Nice texturing.


OneOhWorstPosted: 04/03/03 22:05   Report Abuse
Wow. I love it. I'm not good at the first Roll lvl but i'm the master at this. i love the halfpipes and speed boosts! Like the canyon theme too.


StellarDragonessPosted: 04/08/03 16:38   Report Abuse
Great Work! I rate it an 8 because I just miss watching people get mad over how they died. hehe. Also, this takes less skill because you can't get stuck anywhere...or die. But keep making rolling levels! We'll never have enough!


Rating: 8


agitated_saber[es]Posted: 04/19/03 20:07   Report Abuse
wow it rocks umm im making a cln so come to..........wait forget it 10/10


MrRavenXPosted: 04/29/03 21:48   Report Abuse
Wow! Level of the week! Thanks everyone for your support. You'll be pleased to know that I'm working on another rolling level, which is going to be far superior to this one. Keep watching massassi for updates.

NOTE: Since Massassi's FTP is currently down, you can temporarily download Canyon Dipper from my site by using the following URL...


DalePosted: 05/30/03 05:06   Report Abuse
lol.. it doesn't work without the roll mod.. maybe you should post that in the download :P.. considering that the file is down on massassi


MrRavenXPosted: 06/03/03 01:39   Report Abuse
I would host it myself, but it's not my mod. You can get it from Junkguy (the author) here...


weirdman222Posted: 07/26/03 12:42   Report Abuse
That was a dumb lvl, the halfpipe slowed me down, u couldn't do much.


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