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The purpose of Masters of the Force is to make the game more like the movies.

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Download: Masters of the Force: Release 3 Beta 3
File Size: 760k
Date: 06/19/03
Author: MotF Team
Downloads: 2085


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 1
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thedarksidePosted: 06/20/03 10:00   Report Abuse
please help no matter what i do, and this has happened with other mods, i unzip them load up a level and its just plain old jk2 no mods nothing, the only mods i can get to work are the ones that go straight into the Game Data/base folder easy peasy help me please


Darth_ParkerPosted: 07/18/03 17:42   Report Abuse
9/10. If only it were possible to use this mod in single player. Alas.

thedarkside: Go into settings, click on mods, click the mod you want, and click load mod. If that doesn't work, you can make a batch file along the lines of:

@echo off
jk2mp.exe +set fs_game [mod name]

Just type that into notepad, and save it as a .bat file, in the gamedata folder. If you want to use a single player mod, it's as above, only replace jk2mp.exe with jk2sp.exe.


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