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You have entered the ship of the person who has stolen the statue.


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File Size: 54k
Date: 06/19/03
Author: DarkStrike
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Score (0-10): 2
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DrkJedi82Posted: 06/20/03 23:37   Report Abuse
no.... especially considering there are much better single player levels available


StormtrooperPosted: 06/21/03 01:44   Report Abuse
I few things to consider:
Default lighting is never good.
Those textures you used at the begining were hard on the eyes, use more of a variety of textures in your levels.
Too many seeker droids at the beginning, lower the enemy count down a bit.
You should stay away from giving the concussion rifle to the player at the start of the level, it makes it way too easy.
And I've seen too many levels where Jerec (or the other DarkJedi for that matter) is the final boss, Jerec was killed by Kyle in Jedi Knight, there can't be a way that he comes back to life to fight you again.
Keep trying to make it so the architecture isn't too boxy, curves and slopes are good.

And one last thing,work on the storyline, you said "You have entered the ship of the person who has stolen the statue." We need more of a description, What kind of statue? What purpose did he steal it for? And think of the setting of your level, you said it was a ship, yet there was waterways, I don't know about you, but to me that just doesn't add up.

If you keep things like that into consideration, your next level should be much better than this one, just keep on trying.


THU_BloodinatorPosted: 07/17/03 23:01   Report Abuse
The textures hurt my eyes, it was very boxy, the spelling in the cutscenes was not great, too many droids, that last elevator was hard to get down, and you used JKedit most of the time. I give it a 1 for effort.


Lord Dark HelmetPosted: 07/28/03 01:02   Report Abuse
Um... what statue r u even talking about?


ConnemaraPosted: 10/31/03 03:17   Report Abuse
Um...coudln't get out of the water maze thing...what the heck was up with that anyway? uggh.


SkyXaxPosted: 07/03/04 01:10   Report Abuse



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