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A 4-level eposide which takes places after Kyle has chosen the dark path, defeated Jerec and become the Emperor of the newly reborn Galactic Empire. Complete description, info on the storyline, and more screenshots are available at http://members.tripod.com/deedlit60/jkempview.htm


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Download: Dark Emperor
File Size: 636k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Luke Skywalker
Downloads: 10552


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 34
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aGAcu_7Posted: 06/22/00 01:46   Report Abuse
I thought that this was an awsome level. I provided a good challenge. I liked the doors that opened like a regular door instead of sliding open. I also thought that the elevator that moved sidewayz was very cool. This level was all around good and I didn't see any major problems with it.


Krig_the_VikingPosted: 06/22/00 18:30   Report Abuse
I really liked this level. It was long, and pretty challenging. There were a few little bugs, like half invisible 3d0s, and really thin walls, but the playability was nice.


MasekPosted: 07/22/00 09:51   Report Abuse
All the levels were well thought out and very well done . Even though they seemed a lot longer than most levels , they provided a good challenge for all. I do think though that it could benefit greatly from a more well thought out story line.


DATH_SIDIUSPosted: 08/25/00 00:24   Report Abuse
Is this the real life?
Is this just Fantasy?
Cought in a landslide,
No escape From reality.

Open your eyes look up to the skys and seeee.
Im just ia poor boy i need no sympothy,
becauses im......

QUEEN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DATH_SIDIUSPosted: 08/25/00 00:28   Report Abuse

QUEEN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Big_Al_MPosted: 08/25/00 21:17   Report Abuse
This is the first single player level pack that I have tryed and I thought it was very professional.
My one coplaint is the bit with max the rabbit, it just didn't fit in.


NRSF_JacenPosted: 10/03/00 02:43   Report Abuse
Ok begginers level. Difficult last level, but no story line.


oninosensiPosted: 10/11/00 20:00   Report Abuse
The First 2 levels were cool, but the third level, come on... fight Max? while fun, it didn't fit in. Also, bith luke and max ALMOST ALWAYS attack sarris. The last level looked like bordom in action, having to take on All the dark Jedi from JK.

Over all, not bad, but could use some work.


3_RatsPosted: 10/14/00 22:52   Report Abuse
I played this level once, twice, then it got boring. I don't like boxy levels, and this one didn't exel. I basically only use it for weapons testing, because it loads fast. And whats with jumping on top of the Moldy Crow?


3_RatsPosted: 10/14/00 22:55   Report Abuse
This is the good life, this is the fantasy.
Working on Bespin, an escape from reality.

Cause who's my dad, i don't know.
Little whine. Little moan.


3_RatsPosted: 10/14/00 22:55   Report Abuse
This is the good life, this is the fantasy.
Working on Bespin, an escape from reality.

Cause who's my dad, i don't know.
Little whine. Little moan.


Phil CPosted: 11/03/00 19:32   Report Abuse
Very good and i'll look forward to downloaded its sequel. The first half is fantastic but just as I thought this is sooo original then came the dark jedi reincarnation story which is so commonly seen. Plus the Max idea is really naff and should not have been included because it is a serious level and things like that should be included in things like 'steal the bottle'. Keep up the good work.


Saber_ScorpionPosted: 12/11/00 02:51   Report Abuse
Alright, so there weren't many edits, like new mats, cogs, 3dos, etc. but it certainly beats the sequel! I wish you'd kept the Dark Katarn idea instead of making that Jedi dweeb.


The TrackerPosted: 01/14/01 01:21   Report Abuse
This level just butchered the whole point of the dark ending. It showed that he was the ruler of the galaxy. If you do some research you'll find out that the Valley of the Jedi had the power to destroy planets. Katarn controlled a whole new Empire. Sarris would be his Darth Vader. Thousand of Star Destroyers and billions of troops are at his command. That was a small rebellion it implied - like 2 kids who were slicer wannabes.


kwjPosted: 01/18/01 00:30   Report Abuse
Giving this level a 6, I'd have to say that this addition to JK is a very interesting one indeed. The story-line is an interesting take on how the JK story would continue if Kyle Katarn took the path to the dark side. The new uniform was certainly apropos as was the hilarious incidents with the civilian deaths in the first level. The second level likewise was cleverly designed and the placements of the various access keys changed with the difficulty settings, which brings a true meaning to "increased difficulty". Beyond the first two levels, however, the addition didn't really end with the bang that one would expect. The third level was superfluous at best, with a battle against the extremely irritating Max the Rabbit. The fourth level was even worse, with a ridiculous battle against the dark jedis from JK. If the last two levels were revised or deleted, then this addition probably would've earned an 8. Otherwise, only half the addition is worth playing.


ApoK_DarePosted: 01/25/01 21:41   Report Abuse
WoW sheer briliance!


ConnemaraPosted: 01/27/01 20:40   Report Abuse
I gave this level a seven, though after playing the first two levels, I would have almost given it a 10. However, this guy seems to be a genious w/ level design, and not so hot on A/I. Ok, the idea of Sarris and Katarn against Luke and preferably anohter Jedi could be totally awesome- but sure wasn't here!
First of all, it sucked that Luke always attacked Sariss, but even w/out that, I could not stand battling Luke and Max. I mean, their movements were sluggish and stupid, but you couldn't kill them! I just got bored w/ sitting there slashing Luke's back the whole time. It was so faky!
And by some miracle all the dark jedi have come back to life? Puh-Lease! Oh well, the first half was exceptional...it is obvious the creator has imagination (the peds falling from the hole in the roof on level one was hilarious, and a real bacta tank on level two was awesome)- he should just stay away from creating A/I characters in the future!


EMPEROR HUNTPosted: 04/04/01 18:02   Report Abuse
On the whole Ithought this was a good pack but the rabit in level 3 realy spolt it


EMPEROR HUNTPosted: 04/04/01 18:03   Report Abuse
On the whole I thought this was a good pack but the rabit in level 3 realy spolt it


Admiral DaalaPosted: 04/15/01 23:45   Report Abuse
I thought the second level sucked because that maze thing really messed me up! The whole Max and Luc thing sucked to. Next time you do a level, try not to do so many boxes. The AI just sat there while you wailed on them in parts, and Luc and Max were almost impossible to kill. They had like 4000 health. I eventually had to use bactame. They all went after Sariss, which made it almost impossible to beat.


KidRockPosted: 05/07/01 15:15   Report Abuse
Good levels exept the last one that was too hard


KidRockPosted: 05/07/01 15:17   Report Abuse



CaptainRAVEPosted: 05/14/01 20:34   Report Abuse
I gave this a 7. It was a good follow up to the actuall single player level. Its good fun, but also offers an interesting challenge! The only thing i found that spoilt it greatly was max at the end. Where does he come into the story?? Hes just something they put into it as an "easter egg" just for fun. He doesnt relate to this story in anyway......but its still worth the download. One thing that made up for max was the fact that it is difficult to keep sariss alive. Nice level design aswell!


branobi1Posted: 06/30/01 19:46   Report Abuse
Nice levels. I couldn't come to the end of level 2 but, since I've played Dark Emperor 2, I know the walkthrough to level 2 now. The Luke and Max level was my favourite one. I also liked level 4. And the ally AI was sucessful. Thanks for the great level.


sprok1234Posted: 07/13/01 00:31   Report Abuse
The 1st level was good enemies were well placed and it was a long good level with 4 objectives and the 2nd level is ok with lots of enemies but im stuck wheres the yellow key???? anyway id give this one a 10/10



The Digimon EmperorPosted: 09/09/01 03:27   Report Abuse
Before I begin...KidRock, this commenting system is to let others what you know about levels, not to tel everyone about your favorite rock band! This system Massassi put up is cool and they expect you to follow the rules. Rule 3 clearly states: PLEASE LIMIT DISSCUSSION REGARDING THE SPECIFIC LEVEL. GO TO THE FORUMS IF YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT THAT.

Now, let's start over.

-good plot
-good challenge
-series of levels
-the 3rd level
-Another "bugless level award" goes out. Thats 2. Heres the list:
1)Burning Pride: Ep. 1 The Execution
2)Dark Emperor
-good level. and best of all, theres a sequel that has voices. (not very good ones)


DarthDoobyPosted: 09/09/01 08:35   Report Abuse
Although it is an excellent idea to have a what if style story, this level built me up only to let me down. There is no plot! Good idea Skywalker but please devote more time to your lvls. I am sorry if you did devote a lot of time to this but I have to speak from the heart. A few cut scenes would have gotten ya an 8 in my book, otherwise a 6 it shall stay.
If you wish to Bash me Verbally about my crappy lvls I understand.
Signed with Great pain,
Darth Dooby


PicPosted: 09/17/01 15:25   Report Abuse
6. Remake this w/o max, make like leia or something. That would make this even better. And not all the dark jedi coming back to life? Make it like some new character or something. BR ORIGINAL.


VrumiganPosted: 09/28/01 01:08   Report Abuse
Kill Max and fix the story line and this level pack would be perfect! Great first and last level.


ToothedZeroPosted: 11/07/01 19:51   Report Abuse
Best level I've played yet!!!
I liked that you start out with Dark powers. And also that you're able to use them to kill freely without a conscience.
Hehehe. Good level, man. I also like the objective: sent to painfully extinguish the citizens of Nar Shaddaa.


ToothedZeroPosted: 11/14/01 23:22   Report Abuse
Can't understand why no one's added comments yet.
The B-E-S-T level (s) I've played yet from Massassi!!!
Good job, man.
Keep it up! :)


Cloaker90Posted: 11/27/01 04:13   Report Abuse
Niiice first and second level, but as people have said, it's boring watching luke hack at Sariss while your hacking him in the back and he only turns for a small counterattack on you. Having the Dark Jedi come back to life was a BAD idea, you should have had like a master sith and his apprentice fighting Katarn instead.


Dark Light StrikePosted: 01/11/02 03:38   Report Abuse
Nice, but the 3rd levels was a bit of a challenge.


Dark Light StrikePosted: 01/11/02 03:38   Report Abuse
Nice, but the 3rd levels was a bit of a challenge.


RavenBlade_53Posted: 02/06/02 03:59   Report Abuse
7/7, a good job. But does Max have a personal hatred for Sariss? Luke too, it seemed. Hmmm... The plot was also good, but it seemed like the fight at the end was just there for action. (but I still play it all the time for practice...)


JEDI_AntipatrosPosted: 02/07/02 12:45   Report Abuse
Not bad, not bad...I'd enjoyed the battle with Luke and Max ;P


TanikazePosted: 03/25/02 03:24   Report Abuse
My first review, before level 2, would be full of words like 'ass' and 'bullshit'. But then I realized the complexity of the mazes, and added 2 points. Haha.


Trainer_PatrickPosted: 04/10/02 13:35   Report Abuse
Trainer_Patrick's Review

Oh, boy. Where to start. Where to start.The first level was good. It was difficult, which is what i like in levels. I got a little confused towards the middle but I found my way through. Level two was confusing. One trunnel if you went down it took you around and all the way back to the beginning of the tunnel. It had many of enemy's. None were really hard. Nothing a Force Destruction couldn't take care of.
Level three blew me off. Max? Come now. Lets ask ourselves. Is Luke really THAT desperate for an acomplice? You could have gotten a skin of Dash Rendar, Princess Leia, Han Solo or Chewie at the least. But Max the Rabbit? Have you ever even seen a Rabbit on star wars? We dont have little nice kitties and birdies cute little rabbits. No, we have big, huge wampa's, wamp rats, and thease huge Ranchors. Level four was kinda... well, it got credit for difficulty, but the six Dark Jedi? Couldn't you have been creative? "Oh my God! Sarris has turned on you!" or something like that? I appollogise if I am being to rude. I rated it by difficuly and quality, so "Dark Emporer" gets
a 6 out of 10 from me.


Dark_Jedi_YunPosted: 07/27/02 06:54   Report Abuse
A work of Art!
A absolute Masterpiece!
A brilliant level!
Good Storyline!

One of the best levels I ever played! Keep up the good work! Two thumbs up!


SnoFettPosted: 11/17/02 19:32   Report Abuse
First of all, you people are way to critical. who gives a flying rat crap if it isnt realistic? it is suposed to be fun, and it is. level construction was great, and the story was cool. and i dont know y every 1 is so pissed by the Max the rabbit thing, i thought it was a mad funny addition to the level :) its just suposed to be humerous, and any 1 who gave this lvl a low rating because of that has sumthing wrong with them. as for the dark jedi, as unrealistic as it is, was just incorperated to add some mad cool saber fighting fun as the last level, not to be a serious addition to the story
this guy did a great job, i loved it, keep up the good work luke

-=[{ 10 }]=-


LEGION_DARKPosted: 12/07/02 20:16   Report Abuse
Not bad at all, i rememebr playing this level back in the day when everybody played jedi knight. i still play it once and awhile, but i remember it being preety good.

Nice archetextureing/gameplay/textureing but i think what lacked most was plot, the whole issue with the rabbit and stuff wasnt to realistic.


RGF_NardarPosted: 12/15/02 19:11   Report Abuse
I thought the level was neat and very challenging because it is one of those levels that you have to plan how to beat. You had great idea's for this level and I like where in level 2 the keys are moved around in every difficulty level. Overall I think this level is really neat I give it a 8.


CorranPosted: 12/30/02 20:01   Report Abuse
this levels great nice to be the bad guy for once. (10)


Tri_erf_Posted: 08/19/03 01:04   Report Abuse
a good level but...... u made some spelling mistakes :( instead of galactic u spelled garpahic or somthin like that no biggie tho


cbPosted: 03/24/05 21:09   Report Abuse
I think putting Max in this level was a bad idea because he's not really Star Wars now is he? This is the type of thing that can ruin an otherwise good level. Also, custom voices are good only if they are like Star Wars. There was no swearing in Star Wars or any other crude language. Likewise there was no crude language in JK or MOTS. ROTS coming in 2 months!


WardynPosted: 07/24/06 18:06   Report Abuse
Hey, your level looks really good, but when i add it to the game, and after the last cutscene on the dark side it never comes up. i'm new to modding so it's probably an easy thing to do.Thnaks.


WardynPosted: 07/24/06 18:07   Report Abuse
Hey, your level looks really good, but when i add it to the game, and after the last cutscene on the dark side it never comes up. i'm new to modding so it's probably an easy thing to do.Thanks.


Darth AyreonPosted: 03/06/08 15:43   Report Abuse
The idea for this level is very good. But the way it was worked out was less good. The first level was fun, and so was the second, but the third was everything but fun.

Sariss dies everytime, and the only reason I got to finish the third, was because Max got stuck in a corner, so we could play 2v1 on Luke.

The fourth level is very fun, but too easy, since the enemies have no forcepowers.

I think that you shouldn't have added Max, and I think that the fourth level also should not have been added, since it's a lousy storyline.

And, as I have read above, the plot indeed is nowhere to be found.

But because the first two levels were very nice, and the fourth was very nice to play, I still rate it an 8.


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