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This map features the huge Hornburg in Helm's Deep known from Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. The level design is based upon the Movie "The Wwo Towers" by Peter Jackson. I spent much time to make all the details to give the Hornburg something special so that every fan can enjoy this huge map.
Actually, what you get two maps here: One at day, one at night. They both include a hidden way to the caves and the sound of the horn, just find out how to trigger it off. I recommend a strong computer, since the huge map takes up a lot of system resources. I hope you like it. It's my first map ever.


Level Info:

Download: Darth Hunter's Helm's Deep
File Size: 12.6Mb
Date: 06/19/03
Author: Sebastian K
Downloads: 4029


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 23
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DarKreTwelPosted: 06/19/03 23:44   Report Abuse
AMAZING design, very accurate to the movie. You've done a great job! 10/10


SwedishborgiePosted: 06/20/03 01:27   Report Abuse
ALL HAIL THE KING!!!! AMAZING!!!! You get the same score as my FPS! 10! lol Great job!


Lord MuurnPosted: 06/20/03 02:05   Report Abuse
This level was very, very nice. The architechture was very true to the movie, and in that regard the level couldn't have been better in my opinion. The one thing that keeps this form a ten: texturing. Some of the textures were very bland and repetitive, but most, like the walls and whatnot, were understandable. The main bland ones were the floor of the valley area and the steps inside the main gate. Other than that, an excellent level. 9/10.


Trigger Happy ChewiePosted: 06/20/03 22:41   Report Abuse
Extremely accurate!



GeobrassPosted: 06/21/03 20:20   Report Abuse
Very, very nice job. I love Lord of the Rings, and this is a level true to that saga. Very detailed. I think it would be cool to have a giant Team FFA match with a team of Uruk's versus a team of heros. That would be tight with like 32 or 64 people. Nice job, again...



hackerwackerPosted: 06/23/03 23:55   Report Abuse
Very well done. It holds true to the movie and the books. I've been waiting a long time for someone to make an accurate LOTR map. keep up the good work 10/10

now all we need is a decent LOTR mod...

EDIT : I think it would be cool if you made a teammatch version with spawn points for the red team to be outside the walls.


tallbob56Posted: 06/25/03 19:42   Report Abuse
This is an awsome level!!! The Detail is amazing. it is kinda big (or it seems) for a multiplayer level but still amazing. This would be an awsome SP level *Hint* *Hint*
Give yourself a pat on the back and anywhere else you want to because it is a Very good level.


bugarBrainPosted: 06/25/03 21:41   Report Abuse
wow what an awsome level, very true to what I could see in the two towers movie, and the music kicks ass. but thats the thing though, i looked in the pak file and the music is like 7 megs.


DS-181-4Posted: 07/01/03 02:19   Report Abuse
*Jaw drops* That's awesomely amazing. i haven't even downloaded it and i gave it a 9. the only thing i can say is that its too big. i can't be bothered sitting here for ages to d/l it (stupid not broadband internet). But i guess that's what you get for making an awesome level: it takes up space. I saved the screenshot it was that good.


KaioShinPosted: 07/07/03 01:50   Report Abuse
Okay, you say this is your first level...

I am fricking amazed at what you did.

You have a PURE NATURAL TALENT for this stuff. I hope to see more masterpieces like this in the future.


Darth AlranPosted: 07/31/03 06:17   Report Abuse
very nice, other than a little bit of repetitive texturing (but hey its a castle, what r u gonna do?) it looks aweome


KammericePosted: 09/14/03 16:17   Report Abuse
Is there any chance of making this level a single player as well? That would be really cool; have Kyle, or whoever, actually fight at Helm's Deep.

Anyways, supreb level. Well done. 10/10.



Neo_oSiriSPosted: 09/18/03 14:39   Report Abuse
awesome lvl! 10/10


optikalilluzionPosted: 11/07/03 02:12   Report Abuse
*jaw drop.* A-amazing... S-so...Realistic...

Beautiful! 10 all the way!


Laxman12xPosted: 12/04/03 01:51   Report Abuse
WOW! You are god, you have created heaven.
Please follow up with a siege of Gondor map.

(no religious offense intended)


NoobPosted: 01/24/04 23:04   Report Abuse
i just d/l ur level and it was amazing im not one to criticize but there was a couple things i noticed missing

1. The secret door by the front gate
2.thats it o and a huge door on the front

i dont have any exp making maps but when i make mine i hope its half as good as urs ive been thinkin. Have u ever played dark forces 2 theres a level called Hostile takeover and i was thinkin we could work together and make a level like it we need to make a orc skin and put them on as enemys i dont know if theres a system out ther that can du that but i would like to help u in any way if u decide 2 also with ur exp u should make a LOTR Mod and make the Skins way more accurate

ps. is there anyway u can make the valley bigger dont get me wrong i like the level but if u could just make it look like it goes on


GreenspeakPosted: 01/29/04 21:04   Report Abuse
Awwwwwwwwsssssssssssssooooooommmmmmeeeeee your level is so cool lord of the rings is so cool there is no words for it your level dosen't shame it in the least


at least the ones we have are exelent


GreenspeakPosted: 01/29/04 21:10   Report Abuse
You should make this level even bigger it 10+ right now but think of it like the extended editions movie's are great unextended but you cant have too much of a good thing.

There are only a few lotr mods but there all very good putting them together is worth the 5 hour download time.


morvalturPosted: 02/08/04 03:48   Report Abuse
Awesome map. Hey, Could someone please tell me how to sound the horn at the top of the tower? How do I set it off? It would be greatly appreciated if someone could tell me or email me. My email address is oadudeellsworth@msn.com . Thank you.


Dark RatterPosted: 05/10/04 22:44   Report Abuse
This level is sweet. the music is great and it is extremly accurrat to the movie.


Methos6848Posted: 07/31/04 18:23   Report Abuse
Thank you for this brilliant level!! Absolutely amazing degree of attention to detail that shows a true love for Tolkien's world.

I do have one question and I'm quite sure this has little, if anything, to do with the map itself. Yet, why is it that when I play this level with bots, the bots go stark mad...jumping around constantly!!! It's pretty funny to watch, but doesn't pose much of a challenge while playing. I've also noticed this kind of bot behavior in the Jedi Archives MP level. I'm new to this game, having purchased it this week, and would appreciate any suggestions as to how to remedy this jumping jack bot issue.


Macro_RoshumaPosted: 09/14/04 14:55   Report Abuse
AWESOME! I give it a 10, even with the textures. THIS LEVEL ROCKS!

SP, SP, SP! Please!


BelecthorPosted: 05/13/05 14:09   Report Abuse
Utterly amazing! And you say this is your first mod?!? 10/10

On a side note, this would be truly impressive as a CTF level, with a few modifications. Porting it to JA would also be great.

Keep up the good work.


alan renaldsPosted: 06/29/05 13:54   Report Abuse
Dang. This is your first map EVER?! This map is GREAT! definantly one of the best JO maps I've seen. 10/10


joe of loathPosted: 06/30/05 19:23   Report Abuse
*cludunk* that was the sound of my jaw hitting the desk pretty hard. awsome mate.



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