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The trailer for the upcoming SP level TC) "Laboratory". 3D Acceleration and 1024X768 res. Suggested.

L A B O R A T O R Y (2003)


3D Preview

Full Size 3D Preview for Laboratory : Trailer

Level Info:

Download: Laboratory : Trailer
File Size: 9.8Mb
Date: 06/20/03
Author: Spiral
Downloads: 1653


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 16
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matrixhackerPosted: 06/20/03 18:32   Report Abuse
Same here.


Trigger Happy ChewiePosted: 06/20/03 18:41   Report Abuse
It gives me this error:


KedriPosted: 06/20/03 19:13   Report Abuse
The file has been updated. It is working now. Sorry about that!


michael_kylePosted: 06/20/03 20:10   Report Abuse
WOW!!! That was awsome! Can't wait till it is finished so I can play it. Keep up the good work!


EdwardPosted: 06/20/03 21:32   Report Abuse
Nicely done! Although, transactions could sure use some work... But nice! I want the level!


Lord MuurnPosted: 06/20/03 21:59   Report Abuse
Spiral, buddy, I can't think of anything else to say. You own, man. I can't wait for this to come out, and I've always loved the MP levels you released. Best of luck man.


oSiRiSPosted: 06/20/03 22:14   Report Abuse
It could do with less panning down bland, empty hallways.

I wanted to see more of those people around the table.. maybe one of them standing up banging his hand on the table or something.

Also, helicopters typically do not go from 0-120MPH in .0005 seconds. :P

Regardless, 10/10.


zanardiPosted: 06/20/03 22:46   Report Abuse
dial-up sucks...


SiThLoRd719Posted: 06/21/03 01:02   Report Abuse
It would be nice to have some where it told you how to view it. I put it in my episode folder and it doesn't show up in the game, what's up with that, how the hell do i view it?


StormtrooperPosted: 06/21/03 01:30   Report Abuse
There was no way that I could rate this any less than a 10.

I can't wait for the full version, or at least a demo...


SpiralPosted: 06/21/03 07:34   Report Abuse
SiThLoRd719, put it in ur episode folder, then goto Singleplayer level..

the reason the helicopter moves like that is cause I wanted the effect to look like time slowed down.. then replay.. I thought it was a cool effect...

the reason I only mainly showed hallways is cause I didn't want to give away anything.. I still feel I showed too much.

thanks for the comments.


Jenny_KittyPosted: 06/21/03 15:59   Report Abuse
It was interesting, but didnt seem all that great, except I liked the level(s). I give it a 5 for the level and textures, and for the work put into the trailer.

I expected more out of it, mabey some voices or something, but other then that, it was good.


SiThLoRd719Posted: 06/21/03 16:50   Report Abuse
Ok, I just saw it, it was good, I give it a 7. Is it suppose to be some survival horror single play game like the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series?


GeobrassPosted: 06/21/03 20:01   Report Abuse
I don't care what anyone else says...this is the best thing to happen to "JK" for a long time. You CLEARLY have skills. I love the little fading words, the camera movement and angles, and I even like the music. I think you did the right thing with your screenshots. I think if you showed anything else, you would probably be giving away something. In my opinion, I think it's going to be something like the "Alien" series. Give out a shout before you release the full version....


P.S. The shot of that dude falling was TIGHT!!!!!


clan ruthervainPosted: 06/21/03 20:09   Report Abuse
Oh my F G
Rather nice...did'nt have a clue what was going on there but hey. Looked creepy. Looked Good. Looked VERY good for JK.
What is it about anyway? What are those things abd what do they want with our facial skin?


SpiralPosted: 06/22/03 05:52   Report Abuse
if you look at the end of the trailer, it shows a URL. that's the Lab website that pretty much has all the information that I am going to release. if you want to know more about Lab, that would be a good place to start. BTW, I'm glad someone drew attention to the falling scene. I worked the hardest on that scene.


Hard DriverPosted: 06/22/03 06:22   Report Abuse
Wow. Good work. You didn't give away too much, like a teaser trailer really. Your music is fantastic by the way. Also, the screens I've seen do it justice; the lighting rocks. I look forward to this as much as any other big FPS coming out soon!


SiThLoRd719Posted: 06/22/03 15:08   Report Abuse
Spiral, I just recommend next time, you slow it down a little toward the end. The website you faded in at the end flashes for one second so it's hard to get it all down the first time. In fact, it took me three times of watching the whole trailer. But the website still didn't work......


SpiralPosted: 06/22/03 17:47   Report Abuse
maybe u mistyped it...


SiThLoRd719Posted: 06/23/03 00:30   Report Abuse
Oh, ok, also I just want to comment you on the Asylum MP lvl i just tried. You do a great job of making spooky lvls. Very contructive for Jedi Knight.


Jedi Master JayPosted: 06/23/03 12:08   Report Abuse
i gave it a 10, very very freaky and scary, i can't wait for it to come out soon. Looks great, wow this rocks.


SpiralPosted: 07/02/03 05:38   Report Abuse
Dark Jedi: It's not a level... it's a trailer... maybe you should read the title from now on before downloading... just a thought


LaserjoltPosted: 07/15/03 23:33   Report Abuse
Hey, if you have no clue what's going on, then look at his MP Laboratory VI Level, it shows more story line than the Laboratory IV and V MP ones. I know it doesn't seem like a MP level can show a plot, but Spiral has a talent for everything, it seems... Also, it reminds me a lot of Half-Life, you don't really know what's going on, you find things out one piece at a time until it suddenly clicks in your head.


Neo_oSiriSPosted: 09/25/03 00:15   Report Abuse
Awesome 10/10. Can't wait for the level.


ConnemaraPosted: 10/29/03 17:36   Report Abuse
Um...level download for this level seems to be broken, I coudln't download it...anywhere else I can get it from?


kamikazemanPosted: 11/21/03 03:46   Report Abuse
uhhhh.... The web site doesn't work for me. I tried the... how shall I say... "Updated" one, but I still get the "error:404"


kamikazemanPosted: 11/21/03 04:36   Report Abuse
mmm.... mmmm... MOMMY!! The evil mutated science experiments are going to get me!!!

On that note... G-O-O-D J-O-B. CANNOT WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT. I love the horror type levels, and this one seems like it will be millions of times better than that great level The Darkest Thing.
Sorry Cave Demon and Darth Vedder, I can tell by just watching the trailer that you've been outmatched.


kamikazemanPosted: 11/22/03 00:37   Report Abuse
I like the scene of the guy falling on the catwalk


SpiralPosted: 12/01/03 22:12   Report Abuse
try this site... it works, I have added music files to the site, so you can hear all the different tracks I wrote for Laboratory.


kamikazemanPosted: 12/03/03 02:33   Report Abuse


Masupilami_xPosted: 12/29/03 20:01   Report Abuse


Masupilami_xPosted: 12/29/03 20:02   Report Abuse


LaserjoltPosted: 03/02/04 22:06   Report Abuse
When is it coming out? It said on the trailer Fall 2003, but it is half a year past then. The site says it is less than half done still... don't tell me you gave it up, this game was the one good JK thing to look foward to...


SpiralPosted: 03/25/04 17:27   Report Abuse
No, it hasn't been given up, I have just run into MANY technial problems with the AI for it. Also, I have lost a lot of it due to reformats more than once. Another thing is, me being the only person working on it, it's difficult to find time for it, and it's also difficult at this point to make an accurate prodiction on it's release. I am hoping to get it out sometime this year. If you notice the site is down, that don't mean that I gave it up. The site had to go offline for different reasons.


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