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This is the final Light Side level in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. You face Jerec inside the Core of the Valley of the Jedi. This map has been updated from version 1 released on June 20th of 2003.


Level Info:

Download: Jerec - The Force Within v.2
File Size: 3.6MB
Date: 06/21/03
Author: Belgian Padawan
Downloads: 4092


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 5
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landfishPosted: 06/21/03 02:05   Report Abuse
too dark to see any of the screenies


Conehead2187Posted: 06/21/03 14:09   Report Abuse
What is the name of the level if I needed to warp to it?


belgian_padawanPosted: 06/21/03 14:29   Report Abuse
The name of the level is 'Jerec'.
If you use the console to load the level, type "map jerec".


zizzy34Posted: 06/21/03 18:36   Report Abuse
not bad, not bad. There is some room for improvement though. Actually, the only thing that i think needs to be improved is that there is too much tower, and not enough space for a dual. maybe if the author creates a little bigger map around the center tower, it will greatly improve the "feel" of the game. Other than that, i thought that it replicated the original map fairly well


GeobrassPosted: 06/21/03 20:06   Report Abuse
Nice job on the level. I think you portrayed the original very nicely. I agree with zizzy34 that you need to add some more space between the tower and the walls. It might just be me, but I think Jerec was a little too easy. Otherwise, good job.



Conehead2187Posted: 06/22/03 18:25   Report Abuse
I tried using that level name in the console, it didn't work.


Conehead2187Posted: 06/22/03 18:36   Report Abuse
Never mind, I got it to work.

Nice, but has a few noted flaws. 7/10


belgian_padawanPosted: 06/22/03 20:43   Report Abuse
I am working on an update of the level. Some things that I already updated are; When you die you keep your yellow saber, the level is a little bigger now, Jerec is much harder (almost double health, more force powers, better vision and hearing, more likely to attack you), I turned around the top of the tower so the exits are on the right sides now, added medpacks and force crystals, less possibility to get trapped inside the tower, and some other minor changes. If their are some things you think that should be changed, post them here. If you can tell me how to make an item reappear about 10 seconds after you took it please post it here. If you now how to get the statue thingy working, post it here. So altogether if you think you can help me post it here, OK. Thanks guys.
BTW, thanks for the comments you guys already posted, I learned from them, and I agree with the rating of 7 you gave me.


GeobrassPosted: 06/23/03 03:08   Report Abuse
The update sounds nice. Think about making some other duels based off Jedi Knight (Yun, Sariss, Boc, etc...). Yun was always my favorite character...



belgian_padawanPosted: 06/23/03 14:28   Report Abuse
Both the update and the Yun level I am working on are nearly finished. If anyone wants to give me any tips, post them as soon as possible.


Conehead2187Posted: 06/24/03 00:05   Report Abuse
I always liked the duel with Sariss, personally. It seemed like the least-gimmicked, most even match in the game. I'd very much like to see that battle replicated into JO format, which shouldn't be too difficult, since they included the level in the MP.


belgian_padawanPosted: 06/24/03 08:10   Report Abuse
Yes, the Sariss level was in MP, but the .map file is not available to us as far as I know, so you can't use it as a base. The Boc level has a .map file that is available but it is to much altered for multiplayer use, it doens't match the original enough. I also don't have a Boc model.


zizzy34Posted: 06/25/03 18:20   Report Abuse
I am really looking forward to see the updated version


belgian_padawanPosted: 06/25/03 19:27   Report Abuse
I have send the update and the Yun level to Massassi, now all we can do is wait until they put it onto their site.


zizzy34Posted: 06/25/03 21:06   Report Abuse
shibby, can't wait to play it


belgian_padawanPosted: 06/26/03 16:26   Report Abuse
Looks like something has gone wrong with the Yun level. If it's not up by tomorrow i'll mail it again.


zizzy34Posted: 06/26/03 16:31   Report Abuse
is there something wrong with the first screenie?? because i cannot see anything. oh well, as soon as i get home, i am going to download it. Right no i am at work, poor me :(


GeobrassPosted: 06/26/03 20:38   Report Abuse
Nice job. The update is much better. Jerec is a whole lot harder this time. Before I could beat him in a heartbeat, but now it actually took me a little bit. Taking away Force Push really made the difference. Jerec also seemed to be a whole lot faster. Overall, a nice update. I'm looking forward to the Yun duel...



GeobrassPosted: 06/26/03 20:40   Report Abuse
Oh yeah, I would try to make my rating a little higher, but because I already gave your level one, the site won't let me do it again or change it. Sorry...



zizzy34Posted: 06/26/03 23:13   Report Abuse
wow, that was a big improvement. Makes it feel almost identical to the original map, way to go!!!


belgian_padawanPosted: 06/27/03 07:47   Report Abuse
I mailed the Yun level again, now I hope they upload it by the time you guys wake up.

P.S. I don't know what went wrong with the first screenshot. It was fine when I mailed it. Maybe something went wrong during unzipping?


JDKNITE188Posted: 07/21/03 21:57   Report Abuse
I have a question: why are you releasing individual maps for the DF2 TC? Aren't they all going to be stringed together and released as one package?


belgian_padawanPosted: 07/22/03 11:50   Report Abuse
That's my intention, yes. But I can't find models for Gorc, Pic and Boc. I release them also individually so you guys can tell me what needs to be changed. I'm also thinking of releasing the .map files of my levels so other people can also improve them.


Zonage5Posted: 05/08/10 16:22   Report Abuse
Level was flat out cool...
I tried it and couldn't feel my legs. (IT HAPPENS A LOT!) I give it an 8. There wasn't much room for the duel in the tower. OKAY....


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