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Thisáisáaáveryásmallálevel,ámadeáupáofátwoáfloorsáwitháfouráwings each. Thereáisáaásmalláanti-grav area to move between levels. This level is designed for very fast and deadly combat.


Level Info:

Download: Socket DM
File Size: 21KB
Date: 06/26/03
Author: Sam Collins
Downloads: 324


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 13
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A Grim ZombiePosted: 06/26/03 16:38   Report Abuse
I see dftl.mat!!

and it seems a bit boxy,

I'll give a 2 for effort


NomadžoulPosted: 06/26/03 18:51   Report Abuse
A zero for repetitive textures, boxiness, lack of gameplay, and visible dftl. mat. My suggestions to you would be to get some nice textures, and place them properly (ex. a diff texture for a ceiling than for the wall). Also make the level more interesting..add all kinds of archi and a some scenery. I would only reccomend putting out levels that people will find visually pleasing and can play in for more than two hours. Better luck next time!


Lord VarosPosted: 06/26/03 20:38   Report Abuse
Hey people, I am the maker of this level. Something went wrong, because that first shot isn't a shot from my level. And also, I would have hoped you would rate based on the level, not the shots. Too bad for me.


NomadžoulPosted: 06/27/03 13:39   Report Abuse
.....I was wondering where the first shot was....


TrigePosted: 06/29/03 02:39   Report Abuse
Yes, it is a shame that people do that. And I've noticed that it's been happening a lot. So far, the first screenshot is still the wrong one, maybe you should change it so people won't judge the level by the screenshots.


SM Mister MoePosted: 06/16/04 19:11   Report Abuse
This level wasn't fantastic, but it's not anywhere near as bad as people are making it sound. You should definitely contact Massassi about the first screenshot. You can't judge a level by its screens.


halucidPosted: 06/16/04 20:10   Report Abuse
...I can't?


SM Mister MoePosted: 06/17/04 21:32   Report Abuse
Well you could, but it would be shallow and unprofessional... aww heck who am I kidding?


Crop_CirclePosted: 06/17/04 22:05   Report Abuse
This level is da bomb. I give it a 10 for excellent gameplay. It's nice to see levels that are more based on fun gameplay then random archtecture that laggs the game up.


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