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This level is based on the Yun level from Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. It is the first battle with Yun in level 7, inside the tower at Baron's Head.

Update: This is a small update since there was not much wrong with the original. Yun is harder to defeat, saber abilities are reduced, and the table now breaks (with two pieces left behind like in JK).


Level Info:

Download: Yun - The Dark Youth v.2
File Size: 1.6Mb
Date: 06/27/03
Author: Belgian Padawan
Downloads: 3688


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 7
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zizzy34Posted: 06/28/03 01:13   Report Abuse
Not bad at all, everything is replicated almost perfectly, so kudos to you. Only thing that i take issue with is that Yun is so easy to beat. Maybe make him a little harder in an update??, i don't know, it might be just me


zizzy34Posted: 06/28/03 01:14   Report Abuse
sorry, i meant to give you an 8, but accidently gave you a seven, sorry


GeobrassPosted: 06/28/03 02:50   Report Abuse
I really like this level. I've always liked Yun, and I always thought he could have been much more than what he became. Overall, I think you did a really nice job of bringing Yun's duel to Outcast. A few minor things:
-I think it would be cool if the table could explode like it did in JK.
-I think that Yun could have been a little harder. Yeah, he is supposed to be the worst of the Dark Jedi, but this is Outcast, and a boss is supposed to take more than one or two hits with the Strong style.

Overall, a very nice job. I'm looking forward to more JK duels converted to Outcast.



Conehead2187Posted: 06/28/03 03:03   Report Abuse
The duel was re-created perfectly, almost too much in my opinion, since Yun was about as easy as he was in JK. He just needs more than cheap Reborn intelligence and health.


belgian_padawanPosted: 06/28/03 07:56   Report Abuse
The reason why I didn't make the table explode is that it would be completely gone and not just split in two like in JK. And if I let it be split in two then the two parts remaining would still stand up. I'll make it breakable but if anyone knows how to do it like in JK with the spitting table please tell me. I'll make Yun harder but don't expect me to make him as hard as Jerec (See level 'Jerec - The Force Within v.2')


GeobrassPosted: 06/28/03 17:12   Report Abuse
I was just wondering about the table. I guess it would look stupid to have the table split in half and still standing. In my opinion, Yun's health is the only thing that needs changing. His fighting is where I expected it to be, I just think a boss should take a couple more hits. You know, it would be cool if you made some kinda single player episode where Kyle dreams about fighting all of the Dark Jedi or something. That way, you could link all of these duel levels together and have their difficulties advance. Oh well, keep up the good work...



ShadowXPosted: 06/30/03 16:37   Report Abuse
I don't know if this helps at all, but here's the technique used in JK:

There's two ghosts positioned where two table halves appear via COG. The COG detects saber damage and then destroys the original table so it's completely gone, while at the same time making an explosion and spawning the broken table models. I think this JK2 version could do without an explosion since sabers don't exactly blow things up in the movies.

Another tip: the JK2 SP map someone made called "Ladder" features a bunch of pole thingies that blow up upon a weapon hit. The top half is destroyed, too.


belgian_padawanPosted: 06/30/03 16:49   Report Abuse
I think it's possible using scripts but I can't promise anything. But I'll try it when I have time and am not in the mood to work on the MAW level I am working on now.


zizzy34Posted: 07/02/03 21:35   Report Abuse
dude, it would be so cool if you replicated all of the orginal dark jedi battles


belgian_padawanPosted: 07/02/03 23:27   Report Abuse
I have send an update of this level to Massassi. The table breaks now and Yun is harder to defeat. And yes, I am going to try to make as much JK boss duels as I can, but I am not a modeler and I have no Gorc, Pic or Boc models and I don't like the Sariss skin I have. If someone finds or creates one of these, please tell me.


belgian_padawanPosted: 07/07/03 09:06   Report Abuse
When is this site ever updated? It's been 4 days since I mailed the Yun level update.

P.S. Maw level nears béta. Some details have to be added. I'll be releasing it soon.


zizzy34Posted: 07/07/03 21:59   Report Abuse
ya, sometimes massassi has problems keeping their site up-to-date. I suggest also submitting your levels that you have created and will create to a website called "". They are one of the best sites for keeping things up-to-date, however, it was 4th of july weekend, soo that might have something to do with it


belgian_padawanPosted: 07/08/03 09:14   Report Abuse
Sorry, I oversaw 4th of July. We don't celebrate that in Belgium. We'll all have to wait a little more then.


belgian_padawanPosted: 07/08/03 11:25   Report Abuse
Maw level is almost finished, just a matter of days I believe. For screenshots visit Editor's Corner.
Address =


zizzy34Posted: 07/08/03 15:46   Report Abuse
i'm getting excited about this level, but one thing i would like to know, is the ship in the background too or not?, can't tell from screen shot. oh well, looking good though.


belgian_padawanPosted: 07/08/03 19:18   Report Abuse
Yes, the ship is there but it isn't finished, so I didn't include any screenshots of it yet.


zizzy34Posted: 07/08/03 19:25   Report Abuse


belgian_padawanPosted: 07/09/03 13:43   Report Abuse
Does anyone have any screenshots of JK: DFII featuring the Falling Ship? Screenshots from the cinematics. When I use printscreen the colors are totally messed up and you can't see what's ship and what isn't. So I really need them for the Maw level.


zizzy34Posted: 07/10/03 13:45   Report Abuse
alright, i have been waiting some time to play the update, can't wait to get home and play it, for you see i am at work...poor me



zizzy34Posted: 07/10/03 16:17   Report Abuse
here is a partial screen shoot, don't know if it will help you any

it is under the story tab on the top, but i don't think it is going to be very useful


belgian_padawanPosted: 07/10/03 21:43   Report Abuse
You don't see much on it, that's true, but I noticed something I hadn't noticed before, so it's already been a help, thanks zizzy34.


GeobrassPosted: 07/13/03 03:22   Report Abuse
Ha, the table actually splits this time. Yun also has more health (like a boss). I really like your work, both of your duels are well worth the download. I like the shot from the Maw duel, can't wait for it to come out. Keep up the VERY good work...



SquibitPosted: 07/16/03 11:21   Report Abuse
(I would have posted this under the Jerec level but I notice that since this level came out there has been no more posts there)

How do i do the Jerec level?

If I jump out of the tower I take loads of damage or die.

Am i suposed to have force pull and not force push? ("you try and push me ?")

He just kinda hits me a couple of times and im dead and i can hardly hit him at all.

maybe i'm just bad at this, can anyone give me some hints please?


belgian_padawanPosted: 07/16/03 17:11   Report Abuse
I also think the level is to hard but when I first released the level (version 1) everyone asked me to make Jerec harder to beat. I did and everyone was happy. Maybe in the future when I don't no what to do I'll create my own website and figure out how to put it onto the Internet. You'll be able to download different difficulties of the level.

Tip: when you want to get out of the tower, don't jump, just fall down and stay close to the tower, you fall less deep.

Nothing wrong with the Force powers. You aren't supposed to have push.


zizzy34Posted: 07/16/03 19:30   Report Abuse
I just got done looking at the new screen shots for your upcoming maw level, and i must say that i am impressed. I really like the idea to put the original dk2 jedi knight kyle back along with Rahn's saber. looking forward to the release


belgian_padawanPosted: 07/21/03 21:16   Report Abuse
I'm uploading the Maw level now.

I opened a Showcase forum topic where you can give comment, remarks, etc. on my levels, screenshots, etc. It is titled Jedi Knight boss levels for Jedi Outcast.

They closed down the topic. Any idees were to go now? I really don't think that this is the place to discuss levels I'm still working on. I opened a new thread in the Jedi Outcast editing forums, I hope they don't close that one down to.


H.Q. PendragonPosted: 10/09/03 15:45   Report Abuse
The only problem I saw was that Yun's pants and shirt were light gray, along with his tabard being dark gray. If you reverse these two colors and leve the shoes like they are, he will look perfect.


PoyntaPosted: 05/19/04 10:27   Report Abuse
You've done a good job. If the table cracked in half more realistically i.e fell down instead of teleported down I'd give it a 10. Can't wait till you find some skins for gorc, pic and boc. Those levels 'd be awesum.


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