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Welcome to DBZ: The Destruction is Real total conversion. This was a project well over three years in the making, utilizing every known (and many unknown!) methods of modifying Jedi Knight. The TC has 11 levels, over 40 characters, multiple character transformations, customizeable attacks, true controllable beams, animated auras, 3d explosions, a deep hand to hand melee mode, sidescrolling challenge feature, differently sized characters, and more!! This TC uses 16 bit textures, so a compatable 3d accelerated video card is required.


Level Info:

Download: The DragonBallZ: The Destruction Is Real Total Conversion
File Size: 34.2 MB
Date: 06/28/03
Author: The TDiR Team
Downloads: 8017


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 82
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landfishPosted: 06/28/03 05:14   Report Abuse
buck, i love you


Hell RaiserPosted: 06/28/03 05:17   Report Abuse
Have fun kiddos. =D


guyPosted: 06/28/03 05:20   Report Abuse
the first true tc for jk. at last.


PommyPosted: 06/28/03 05:30   Report Abuse
buck, I hate you. This TC is legendary. Incredible. Amazing.



It's well worth the download.


Lord VarosPosted: 06/28/03 05:39   Report Abuse
w00t, 5th comment. Firstly, I rated this level only on the basis of gameplay and graphics, and sadly, you got a 10. Just like everyone expected. *sigh* if only more n00bs were making levels, they're fun to comment on.


UbuuPosted: 06/28/03 05:58   Report Abuse


DBZRazielPosted: 06/28/03 06:49   Report Abuse
We spent MANY hours working on this TC, I hope everyone enjoys it :)


RomjaePosted: 06/28/03 07:03   Report Abuse
I have been waiting for this TC forever! this is great! 10/10


st_thomasPosted: 06/28/03 07:15   Report Abuse
i agree with Romjae. i thought yall had stopped production on this. now as i go to sleep with the file dloadin (56k) i look forward to wakin up and playin this.


GhostOfYodaPosted: 06/28/03 10:16   Report Abuse
Whilst I hate DBZ (and so will not rate this mod), I am very very very impressed that the DBZ team managed to finish this. Well done, you guys.


GenkiPosted: 06/28/03 12:44   Report Abuse
looks great, and why wouldn't it be for a 2 hour download?


UbuuPosted: 06/28/03 13:09   Report Abuse

Post problems there, and we can help ya out. Please include EXACT error, messages when and where you get them.


DarKreTwelPosted: 06/28/03 13:29   Report Abuse
This is amazing, nothing can top a master piece of cogging/designing skill like this. Congradulations TDIR team. A perfect TC! 10/10!!


OneOhWorstPosted: 06/28/03 15:45   Report Abuse
Wow. This mod is one of the best if not BEST mod ever created. But it crashes. Please re-release this without it crashing and make it so u can have First Person view. My rating: 10/10. Great job, hope to see more TCs from you!


SolPosted: 06/28/03 16:43   Report Abuse
Amazing GJ.

I don't think they will be releasing another TC, since this one took, what? 3-4 years to complete?


Lord MuurnPosted: 06/28/03 16:47   Report Abuse
I-uh, let me just say that, erm...


Words fail me. I don't even watch Anime and I like this. 10/10.


Super S51Posted: 06/28/03 18:28   Report Abuse
Well HR, you and the rest of the team finally got this done. Naturally I give it a 10. 3 years of hard work have culminated in a truely amazing gameplay experience, especially given the engine you had to work with.



SamuraiPosted: 06/28/03 19:37   Report Abuse
What is this I hear about no more TCs? I definately think JK:TB is going to be released...


BackslashPosted: 06/28/03 20:00   Report Abuse
Just so you know, there is no First Person view because if there was, you wouldn't see anything when you're using your attacks. It defeats the purpose of VIEW in general, as you can't see anything around it.

I can't understand why everyone is having crashing issues... -- oh wait yes I do. Its JK.

Either way, its been a good past 3 years. Enjoy.


RedClawPosted: 06/28/03 20:24   Report Abuse
Outstanding. Absolutely outstanding. You guys rock!


Star_GhostPosted: 06/28/03 21:38   Report Abuse
I must say, this mod has been going on for a long tinme and it is finally dowloadable! I've been following this mod since it started. Congrats on job well done TDIR staff!!!!!!!!!!!!



MaulXTPosted: 06/28/03 21:48   Report Abuse
Looks good, too bad I dont have Jedi Knight 1, only 2. But I am making a Jango Fett TC for jedi outcast so look out


Nisus KitrathPosted: 06/29/03 02:42   Report Abuse
Umm......for some reason,all the characters are Blue and the larger characters have Kyle's gun sticking through their gut and bouncing around.


gammastsPosted: 06/29/03 03:14   Report Abuse
I have had many problems getting this mod to work, including things such as the levels not showing up in the list, the beams not doing anything but freezing the player, and no animations showing up on somethings.
I will not rate this due to these problems.
If someone can help me fix these problems, I might reconsider trying it again.
To all the other people that have not downloaded it, I do not want to tell you that there are many bugs with this TC. There are a few glitches that may cause some problems. Don't let that stand in your way from downloading this mod.
As I can see from screen shots, this TC looks very impressive. I look forward to playing it if someone can help me fix the problems.


Shred18Posted: 06/29/03 04:12   Report Abuse
Those problems are not with the TC, but with how it got installed. Since it is so large, it requires a special installation, which the installer should do automatically, but sometimes it doesnt work out right. Refer to if you have problems getting it to work.


gammastsPosted: 06/30/03 03:09   Report Abuse
Hate to break it to you, but I didn't think it was that impressive. With the amount of crashes per 10 minute period of attempts to play time, it really got annoying. It looks pretty and all but it wasn't as fun as I would have expected.
I did get the mod to finally work, but it really didn't pay off for all the time I spent trying to get it to work.
I would have given it an 8/10 but seeing how much work the whole team did, I gave it 9/10.
I really wasn't what I was expecting.
Keep up the great work though.


Jenny_KittyPosted: 06/30/03 07:58   Report Abuse
Have fun people


Hell RaiserPosted: 06/30/03 10:36   Report Abuse
For the love of the Goddess "I give it a 5 because I hate DBZ." I would have left this without replying had it been given a 5 for the bugs or installation issues, but give me a f'ing break!

At any rate TDiR worked fine for the team all the way to release. It crashed maybe once under a blue moon, something we thought we could live with. Apparently it's a festering bug ridden 'good try' kinda deal. JK is NOT the engine to edit for if it's going to freak out on some machines but not on others. I hated this TC, I loved this TC, and couldn't achieve what I wanted to.


UbuuPosted: 06/30/03 13:17   Report Abuse
Your critism really cannot be respected. Because you hate DBZ, half of what you said really cant be used to rate this TC. The colors were too hippy happy? If you have ever watched an episode of DBZ, you would know that those colors are 97% as accurate as the show. Yes the bugs, can be considered to rate the TC. Rate it on its quaility, we dont need your immature bias, bull ish.


UbuuPosted: 06/30/03 14:36   Report Abuse
People know I am not the one to talk to when it comes to spelling, but spell a FEW words right in your last post and maybe I will take you seriously.


matrixhackerPosted: 06/30/03 16:24   Report Abuse
Dont rate something you know nothing about. Its like rating a book,even though you have no idea how to read in the first place.


livingtargetPosted: 06/30/03 17:13   Report Abuse
This mod is great seriously worth a 9, but as stated above loads of bugs are still there.
I'm just wondering if these guys are going to release another patch...


SolPosted: 06/30/03 17:24   Report Abuse
Ok, I'm going to give this my best shot at revewing this.

This is MY opinion so if someone disagees with what I say, eat it. I don't care.

I gave the mod a 7 for these reasons:


The models in my opinion were beautfully rendered and true to the show. The colours were perfect, and if you watched the show you could easily reconize whos who.


The worst part of the mod. The walking animation was stiff and unrealistic (In comparison). I could see what you were trying to acomplish but you seemed to not get it quite right.
I found the animations in the leaked release much better. Some of the most powerful moves just didn't look so grand as they should have been. Leveling up, which should have been all out craziness, but they didn't look special at all. The animation in the leaked version was much better and seemed to release the power that these characters have.


Once agian I thought the sounds in the leaked version were much better. The scream sound when you leveled up were amazing and created a cool fuzzy feeling everytime I did it. I felt powerful when I leveled up. The explosions were well done, but as in the leaked version, I missed the character specific sounds for each moves.
For example, I loved when you used the Kamahamaha(sp) and you heard your character say it as he was powering up his blast, very cool. Overall they were alright but could have been SO much more.

Special Effects:

Amazing, you truly get the feeling that these characters have amazing powers. Although some of the bigger attacks ould have been more flashly, I'm sure your tried your best to make them as big as possible. The cogging was excellent and the bendy beams and other things were cool to watch and use. Overall this would have to be the 2nd best thing about this mod besides the models.


I didn't like the levels at all. Bad lighting, horrible misplaced textures in someplaces. Although they LOOKED like the places from the show, everything just didn't seem right. The levels were all to bland and seemed thrown in at a later moment in the mods development.

Thats why I gave this mod a 7 :)


Pedro T HuttPosted: 06/30/03 17:44   Report Abuse
Even though I'm not overly fond of DBZ (much better anime out there in my humble opinion), I find this to be a helluvafun mod. After a day or two of alot of playing and sharing a round against my sis we both concluded that it's more fun than watching the series XD
It also has been fun to watch the mod develop and grow even though I haven't been part of the forums anymore since they moved.
But all in all, great job guys. Take a nice long break XD
(and sure it has it's bugs, even the original JK did, and personally I can play this thing for as long as I want without it crashing O_o)


SolPosted: 06/30/03 18:53   Report Abuse
Wow... you don't take constructive critisism very well. IT WAS MY OPINION. My god you take offence to ANYTHING said about ANYTHING that involves you.


Shred18Posted: 06/30/03 19:23   Report Abuse
I get the feeling a lot of you aren't fully exploring the features. What about the melee? Anyone try using the challenge feature? Explore the uses of the lock on. Heck, try blocking a homing attack. I think you'r just scratching the surface before dismissing it.

The levels are built for primarily one on one battles ( the show) with the exception of battleground namek, which is an RPG map.

-Also, if it's installed right, it should almost never crash or have problems. See Pedro's comment.


EmonPosted: 06/30/03 21:08   Report Abuse
Many, many people are having trouble with the mod in it's current state. I've gotten it to work properly and it still crashes. Some people get like 500 chargup beam things around them and it won't go away until the game is restarted. The lag is horrendous. I get pings of 500 to 6,000 milliseconds on an all cable game. This isn't even while fighting, it's while idle. Something is seriously wrong there. Massive Z-fighting occurs in the larger levels that could be fixed by proper level design. Lack of any mip-maps makes it run slowly.

When mentioned, people are told it's only on their systems. You've got what, a handful of beta testers who insist it works well, then a whole load of players who experience all sorts of problems. Do you see major software companies saying, "It worked for one of our guys, you four million users must be doing something wrong!" It isn't the engine, either. Even the crappier builds of the Army TC ran very fast and very stable. SS3 beta 9 doesn't lag nearly as much, and is perfectly stable.

I have yet been able to play a good game because of either the lag, the crashing, or the numerous other bugs. I do give it a five, however, since it has some nice effects and is probably fun on a LAN. I'm sorry, but I don't think it deserves the 10 people are giving it. I shouldn't have to spend six hours of my day trying to get a mod to work, only for it to get me pings in the thousands to my peers.


EmonPosted: 06/30/03 21:10   Report Abuse
By the way, Ubuu, you recently told me you haven't even played the mod yet, so you aren't in a position to comment.


PommyPosted: 06/30/03 21:36   Report Abuse
Draco: To control the beams you have to click once more after you release and hold it and then move the mouse around.


Click+hold [Charge beam] -] Release [Release beam] -] Click and hold once more and move mouse [Re-aim/control beam]


pcjedi007Posted: 06/30/03 21:44   Report Abuse
OMG ITS OUT FINALLY ive been waiting for this awsome mod to come THANK YOU!!!!!! I LOVE U (just kidding)


Draco429Posted: 06/30/03 21:56   Report Abuse
My rating is an eight, for the following reasons:

1. I felt every level was excellent, except Snake way. If I bumped the path while I was flying, I was turned sideways and couldn't control myself very well for a period of time. Same with the King Kai's planet in the same level.

2. The powers are confusing, so much so that you have to either have to have the Manual on Alt+Tab, or check the controls every time. Having the name of the abilities appear at the top of the screen would be good.

3. Is there a way to power down?

I understand that no mod or TC is perfect, but I think number 2 would be a reasonable problem that could be fixed. I mean, when you use them they appear at the top. Just my two cents, and I didn't mean to offend anyone if I did.


MrRavenXPosted: 06/30/03 23:41   Report Abuse
Well, I'm not rating this just yet because I haven't had a chance to fully explore it. Right off the bat though I have to give the TDiR team mad props for dedicating a tremendous amount of free time to give all these whiny people something to play... for FREE. And you did it on the JK engine, which in itself is a feat.

Believe you me, SS3 has had it's fair share of bugs. Haha, remember the single player levels? Oh the horror! The main reason SS3 turns out to be a pretty solid mod in the end was because the mod had so many releases, and a much wider testing group (some of which were public).

The only TDiR releases I know of are 2.0 (which the Dorkfiles reviewed), 3.0, and the one right here. I don't know if the TDiR team intends on releasing newer versions in the future, but if they do I highly recommend sending some bug reports to them so some of this stuff can be addressed.

Initially after installing the mod I ran into problems, but the problems went away after I pressed the "Enable" button on the Start Up screen, hehe. Might be a good idea to have that button checked by default in future releases.


NeoGen85Posted: 07/01/03 02:34   Report Abuse
I remember, late into the day I would be looking for the beta file. I tried it and I really did like it. But I thought it could be much better (hey, its a beta). But I think 3 or 4 years of working on this TC has up and changed many things in JK modding; basically how you do it in general.

This mod lives up to show. A good choice of DBZ characters, and areas seen on TV. With the engine your working with, pretty impressive with fighting system. Though things do tend to become slow in the speed of gameplay. But good and expert players of this TC can put on a show.

Even though I am not running XP on my system and installing was no problem at all. I believe that this problem should have not accured with anyone running the OS, XP. JK is a classic on the PC and even though it has low requirements for playing, today most of us are running XP on a decent system which can run JO. Also I have found that some of my fellow players have had some crashing problems with Gohan(when a particular player turns into a box when Gohan is in the battlefield).

Though crashing problems every 10 minutes? Well I hosted this TC for an hour and a half with no closing of the game and no problems. Overall I think this mod is the best mod out there for JK. It might not be my favorite (but slowly creeping into my mind each day), but it is a must, and out does all the rest. I give a 10/10.

Havent seen DBZ in awhile but...A DBZ TC...awwww...-Flashback- I remember at the age of 9, my dad was station at Pearl Harbor(we living in Ewa Beach). I watching japanese espisodes of DBZ, and not understanding a thing (then calling my friends back in the states and bragging to them what they were missing).


NeoGen85Posted: 07/01/03 02:42   Report Abuse
I found way to reduce some of the lag. Just run a IP game with none of the Zone rooms open. I do stress that a host has a broadband connection. If your using dial-up to host I suggested only to 2 players maxed. Though without the Zone rooms open, an IP game allows a good ping, also allowing a stable framerate. The best part about it is I found out that 56k and Broadband can play together with less lag.


EmonPosted: 07/01/03 03:06   Report Abuse
I'm referring to all cable IP games.


SkaterPunk911Posted: 07/01/03 19:13   Report Abuse
Dude Hell Raiser YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! dude dbz mod is so kewl love it dude make more plz dude

p.s i wish i could code or something as good as you or atleast good to be in your group

peace skate and destroy


BuRnPosted: 07/01/03 19:52   Report Abuse
i understand some of the complaints about the animations. some of them could have been better, but the melee is better than the pants. i wouldnt have redone it three times otherwise.


SavageXPosted: 07/02/03 00:21   Report Abuse
Ughhh... bug-o-rama. I wish I could say something better but I can't because I can't get this mod to run for me. It keeps crashing back to the desktop and only one time did I get it to load a level (which resulted in a Kyle Katarn skinned player). From the little that I saw, it looks good. The launcher I found was quite impressive but buggy though. I won't rate this since I haven't seen much of it because of the massive amount of bugs and on unstabliness of the mod. I think I'll stick to playing "Earth Special Forces", a DBZ for Half-Life that plays a bit better and isn't as bug ridden as this mod. This mod really shows that the JK engine is too weak to support a TC this ambitious. Sorry if any feelings are hurt by this.

-- SavageX


PommyPosted: 07/02/03 00:53   Report Abuse


st_thomasPosted: 07/02/03 04:58   Report Abuse
i cant unzip it. everytime i try it says the files corrupted. i redloaded it and it said the same thing. help.


tdir_vashPosted: 07/02/03 05:00   Report Abuse
Stop whining about no single player. It's a Multiplayer Total Conversion.
As for the bugs...theres not much we can say, because it works just fine when it's installed and run properly. Dont leave the JK cd in the disk drive, the first time you open the launcher select a Player file before you do ANYTHING else, hit the Enabled button after that, and you're set to go. There are some problems that we know you're going to hit. But if you'd been on our end of the stick for the last few years, you'd see exactly why this is close to as good as it gets. Want it to be better? Than when you whine about no single player or find bugs, give us (real) solutions to go along with it. Tell HR the easiest way to code single player AI to be TDiR-ish. Give him some strings of code that you think would make the game not crash so much.


riojinPosted: 07/02/03 06:02   Report Abuse
im having great probs, i think everyone with winxp has. first of all it crashes... alot... the skins don't come up in MP but if i play this with SP the skins are fine, i had plenty of errors just getting this to run.

can you release a winxp friendly version?


FastGamerrPosted: 07/02/03 09:36   Report Abuse
A finished TC. This is incredible. 2/10 for that. Those who enjoy DBZ (I don't), really will have good time with this. 2/10 for that. Althought JK-engine is old, this TC makes the engine work at it's full state. 2/10 for that. It is loyal to the anime series, no another dimensions and stuff like that... 2/10 for that.. But it is BUGGY AS ****! So, after all 8/10...

If you don't like DBZ (hey, I don't, I just like the original DB and despise every american dubbers for ruining the original series), you should at least respect that some people have worked with this TC for 3 years and released it! Althought there is helluva of bugs, (I hope that) eventually all of them will be solved and then it would be.

[SF]pjb, not all of anime is DBZ or Pokemon, you stereotypized fool. And release your "rockingly good starwars TC for JK", then we shall reduce points for it being too... well we shall see it then, if you dare to release it..


tdir_vashPosted: 07/02/03 12:24   Report Abuse
If the skins dont work, either you have the CD in the disk tray, you screwed up the installation, or you didnt hit the Enable button.


jEDIkIRBYPosted: 07/02/03 14:58   Report Abuse
OK, I've not played the Mod yet, as I've got some instalation issues to work out, but I'm not going to say TDiR sucks because of it. I've spoken to HR personally, and we should be expecting a better loading/installing program.

For those of you who started any sentance in your post with "If you're going to release a mod..." (This includes horrible spelled or grammatically incorrect subversions of this sentance intro) Then you shouldn't be speaking. This mod has been worked on for over 2 years. 2 years is a far longer amount of time for ANYTHING free. Note again, this is a FREE mod. A FREE form of intertainment. A group of people developed this amazing number Kps for a measly mod for a measly group of people, for a measly engine. Even if we couldn't load it up, if you take a look at the code, at the models, at the levels, if you look at those things in their raw format, in JED, in PJED, in JOKE, in MSWord, and you know a shred of anything about editing, you'd see that they DID spend 3 years on this mod, and you'd be able to appreciate that, even if it doesn't work.

There is absolutely NO reason for the mod to crash for you, if it is, then it's the instalation method/action. There is no possible way you'd crash unless you didn't have 3D support, or you're running a 56K, but since the majority of us are using 3D excelorators, and 56K's, then you really can't blame this mod. I looked at the code, and see no inconsistancies, save a few level cogs. Really, unless the install was corrupted, or you're talking about a bad computer, you're not able to blame the TC, OR JK (Unless there's a conciderable amount going on in the game at once.)

I'll have the TC working fine when I get home on friday, and when I do get home, I'm going to play it. It may not be a 10/10, but I'm still greatful this amazing group of people sat down and made something I can have a few thousand laughs with.


(P.S. Weather DBZ sucks or not, it's still a FUN mod. I may not have played it, but Fun is fun is fun, and this obviously LOOKS fun. Oh, and the reference to SS3. I've played FR, and it's probably just as good as JK for bugs.)


GhostOfYodaPosted: 07/03/03 06:22   Report Abuse
If I was an admin; I wouldn't remove that comment, as it has comedic value. Also, I don't see any direct rule breaking in it.


EmonPosted: 07/03/03 06:57   Report Abuse
You mean insulting people because they have a different opinion? Don't be rediculous.


tweaklink0072000Posted: 07/03/03 07:07   Report Abuse
Well I would have to say the mod is really good for its time.
The time and effort that was put into it was well worth while. Excellent work guys. Melee was awesome along with the bendy beams.
As for the guy who said that it didn't mix and match anime's well...he doesn't know about the secret characters yet. (a little hint to all to play the mod more before posting.)
As for the negative I know that this might sound harsh but I would ahve to agree that more testing should have been done with a wider range of audiance (I know you guys said that you weren't going to release a beta or the phrase "it's done when its done" - Vash (tdir forums) but i think that might of helped with all the bug problems that people have been having.
On the plus note you guys did take the time to try and face some of these bug problems on your forums helping people with their woes but not all of them were covered. It took me a good hour to make everything work and thats becasue I uninstalled JK completely deleted everything and started from scratch which sort of sucks because I have to try and find everything I previosly had. (thank god for second hard drives and backups)
So now I have actually played the mod and it was good. Some of the levels crapped out (snake way mainly) which was quite frustraiting. I doubled checked with what you guys said in the bug forums and everything was done right.
Next is the lag. I know you guys said "you should only host a game if you have a good connection with the internet hence DSL" which excludes a lot of people because honestly not everyone has DSL.
Then their were the attacks. I did play the beta (or [pants] as you call it on your forums) and I would have to say I miss the disk attacks. I also miss some of the other attacks that are on the cutting room floor.
overall i would have to say the mod is good in the areas of Transformations while in game, beam attacks that the beam actually bends in, the melee and challenge system, the little secret characters, moving dragonballs (that was ingenious coding along with the rest of the mod) and a good variety of characters and levels.
Cons though would have to be not enough attack stances, the beams got overdone a bit (sure you could change the color but you could only make the beam look different for SBC, some of the other attacks (disks, scatter shot etc) are gone, the game gets really laggy at times making it impossible to actually kill someone (especially in challenge mode.) and the game glitchs a lot even when everything is checked and then double checked even after referring to your bug report section. (I would think the bug situation would have been realized when that many people posted problems and complaints)
over all a 7 out of 10. Sorry guys if you can fix some of these things it would be nice.


TSK_CHAOSPosted: 07/03/03 11:14   Report Abuse
Lol, i want to play! It's taking me ages to download and I'm reading all these really good comments...IIIII want to play :(


SF_GoldG_01Posted: 07/03/03 15:37   Report Abuse
Nine! Thats horrible! Listen up every one. Its the First TC. Now, who remebers the first Star Wars movie, A New Hope. Compare that with the movie the Empire Strikes Back. What do you get? two new advanced movies. Now this is the first true tc, A New Hope, Now if theres a second one, it has to bee better than this one, Empire Strikes Back, so be careful when you rate.



ReAcToRPosted: 07/03/03 16:23   Report Abuse
It only seems logical that the people who download and play this TC have the right to express their opinions regarding the subject, publicly. That is what the comment/rating system is for. Just because something is free and came about because of 3+ years of hard work doesn't mean that it's of high quality, or that people don't have the right to express their distaste. Editors may have a greater respect for the TC than those players who don't edit, but that goes without saying. Just because someone doesn't fully appreciate/understand the amount of work and genius that went into this TC, doesn't mean that their opinion is any less valuable than someone who does. I design levels on occasion but not nearly as much as I play this game, and if I downloaded a TC of this size on a dial-up modem (which I will be), and it's buggy through installation and gameplay (as many people are claiming), then I too will publicly announce my displeasure, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.


tdir_vashPosted: 07/03/03 19:13   Report Abuse
Reactor, they're blaming TDiR for all the problems. Yet with so many other people that DONT have those problems, it's hard to believe our project is as bad as they like to think it is. If HR really fudged up some of the coding, then everybody would be hitting that bug. Yes there are a few problems that seem generic that a lot of people hit. But for the most part, most of the problems I hear about sound like their game is still loading the original res2.gob file. Considering the amount of people that have no problems getting the correct models to load, it seems to me that the launcher moves around the files just fine. So if they're still hitting problems, they probably think we were joking when we said to take the CD out of the disk drive. That, or they have the Standard installation of JK and think that's what we meant by a Complete installation. When you go to install JK, there's the Minimal install, Standard install, and Complete install. The third one is what you need for TDiR to work. If you have just a Standard install and hit problems, that isnt a TDiR problem. That's your own problem.


Shred18Posted: 07/04/03 05:03   Report Abuse, were you accusing tdir of ripping my old mods? I'm the founder/project leader of tdir, and tdir has entirely new content. Lol!

[aw, he deleted the previous comment, thus this post makes no sense. Oh well.]


SavageXPosted: 07/04/03 21:25   Report Abuse
Ok, finally got the mod to work. Apparently the launcher does a renaming swap with the JK's res2.gob and replaces it with a smaller res2.gob so that the mods's resource could get loaded. After figuring that out, I experienced no crashes at all. Make sure you people get this right before running the mod (I'm sure that has been said enough but incase it wasn't clear)

* You have a full installation of JK.
* The mod itself it installed correctly.
* You clicked "enable" in the launcher, which should have been said clearly from the team, that simply renames JK's res2.gob to res.gob.tdir, makes a back up of it, and puts a new res2.gob with stripped content in it's place. Obviously, this won't make JK work properly when not playing the mod so be sure to disable the mod before you play JK on it's own again!
* You make a character with the launcher. Make sure you specify the you player file from JK first before you do so!
* launch the game ONLY from the launcher. You could use a bat file too but I'm not sure if the launcher does any other alternating code before it launches. Probably not but just to be safe.

If you do all that right, you shouldn't experince any crashes at all. I know I didn't after finally getting it right. The whole confusion about this could had been avoided it the tdir team made that more clear.

To avoid making this post too long, I'll just double post with my thoughts on the mod and a rating.

-- SavageX


SavageXPosted: 07/04/03 21:57   Report Abuse
Ok, here are my thoughts. I thought mod was quite good. On to the review:

Graphics (Non-Levels):
Some of the graphics, mainly the special effects, were impressively done (such as the bending beams) but some of it was lackluster. The animations for the players were kind of stiff and unrealistic and the textures for both the models and the levels were kind of flat. However, I did like the particle effects and the "glow" effect that was started by the glowsaber mod. Some other things I liked were the charging up effects that also included the rock debris as a nice touch.

The mod plays a lot like "Earth Special Forces" for Half-Life. Like that mod, you can fly, fire beams, recharge your ki, use melee attacks, and so on. I was disappointed by the fact though that the characters were play as are rather generic in design - the characters you choose are merely cosmetic. Playing as Goku seems to be no different than playing as someone else. I liked how in ESF where each of the ten fighters have their own unique attacks. Here, the attacks are generic and are used by all the characters. That is too bad because being able to use Gotenk's "Ghost Kamikaze Attack" would have been so cool. It also makes that long list of characters not so special because they're nothing more than "skins" rather than actual unique characters to fight as. Despite that, you do have some control of the selection of attacks you can use in the game. You can use the game's launcher to change the color and the type of beams and ball attack you want. However, I would had preferred if the characters had preassigned attacks rather than customizing them. Maybe I'm overlooking the ambitiousness of giving all the characters their own attacks by I don't think it would have been impossible to pull it off.

They looked "ok" by JK standards. They were little too bright though and some of the textures are badly aligned or lacked detail. Despite that, they're still good for fighting.

The sound effects were pretty good but some voice samples from each of the characters would have been nice. Here, they're far too silent when they attack each other.

Final Word:
All in all, a good mod but could use some better design decisions. ESF still tops this a bit but this mod is still good in its own right. For being the first completed mod (I rather not use the word "TC" because I hate that term) to be released for JK, I must commend the team for their hard work.

Score: 8/10

-- SavageX


ID_JunkguyPosted: 07/05/03 02:33   Report Abuse
34.2 MB? O_o

I'm not going to download this mod, it's too unnecessarily big... No mod should be this big, even if it's a TC...

Anyways, I don't agree with the comments saying that this is the first released JK TC. If you define TC as modifying JK to have different gameplay/weapons/levels/theme, then there have been many other TC's released before this.... like Rolling Game, SS3, Swoop, etc. Although TDIR has many more modifications than these mods, IMO it still shoudn't be considered the first released JK TC... No offense, this is just my opinion :)

BTW JediKirby, "For those of you who started any \sentance\ in your post with... \horrible spelled\ or grammatically incorrect... \sentance\ intro... Then you shouldn't be speaking." LOL sorry JediKirby but I just had to put those phrases together :DDDD


From the AshesPosted: 07/05/03 03:14   Report Abuse
This promises to be the best mod i've ever played. I've seen your work on DBZ 3.0 and i was impressed. The leaked version or bootleg 4.0 DBZ was well done, it crashed much but well done. This mod seems to be well worth the 3-#@$%ing-HOURS it takes to download. i look forward to it! oh and as far as i'm concerned you get a 10 just for completeing this thing. I've waited a long time and it seems as though i won't be dissapointed!


SavageXPosted: 07/05/03 04:27   Report Abuse
What Junkguy said:
34.2 MB? O_o

I'm not going to download this mod, it's too unnecessarily big... No mod should be this big, even if it's a TC...

You lived under a rock or something? That's small compared to other mods for other games. Sure 34.2 mbs is a bit for a JK mod, but the average mod size for other games is like 90-200 mbs. If you can, just get a DSL or cable if you 56k modem can't handle a mere 30+ mbs.

What Junkguy said:
Anyways, I don't agree with the comments saying that this is the first released JK TC. If you define TC as modifying JK to have different gameplay/weapons/levels/theme, then there have been many other TC's released before this.... like Rolling Game, SS3, Swoop, etc. Although TDIR has many more modifications than these mods, IMO it still shoudn't be considered the first released JK TC... No offense, this is just my opinion :)

Funny you call those TCs. IMO, those are "MODs", not TCs. It is rare that many makes TCs anymore. No modification to any game out there truely fills the name "TC" because a TC is a TOTAL conversion of a game into another game. Mods like rolling game and ss3 aren't TCs at all because they simply modified a game, not take it over. When I said previously that TDIR was the first TC - I meant it was the first COMPLETED TC. Not many so called "TCs" out there ever reached a completed stage. Not even my own Mod, SS3, is considered finished.

-- SavageX


UbuuPosted: 07/05/03 16:49   Report Abuse
SolidSnake_Jedi: I think your bias of not getting the mod to work is hindering your judgement.


MattDettorrePosted: 07/05/03 17:09   Report Abuse
wow..... 10


SavageXPosted: 07/05/03 20:26   Report Abuse
Whatever Snake. I don't consider my SS3/FRmod a TC and will never consider it a TC. It's a mod and nothing more.

-- SavageX


HothRebelPosted: 07/05/03 22:06   Report Abuse
I think the levels could have used a little work(especially the level textures), but the overall project as a whole was pretty impressive- cogwork was awesome. Sure it has it's bugs, but there's still a lot of good gameplay in this package. The 2D melee mode is especially cool, along with the little flying game that was added in as a bonus.

I had problems initially trying to get it to run until I realized you're supposed to run it WITHOUT the CD- this is an step that should have been greatly emphasized since it's critical for getting the game to run properly or even at all.


KippoPosted: 07/05/03 22:26   Report Abuse
You have no idea how long i'v been waiting for this to finaly come out, i played before what i'm presuming was a leaked beta of this which was great but seemed incompleate, i thought that it was the final realese but im so glad it isn't :D.
I'm having some trouble playing though it keeps insisting my cd isn't in and i get errors to :S


QuiltyPosted: 07/06/03 04:53   Report Abuse
Well, so much for the "Stop working on a TC because it will never get finished and you're wasting your time posts."


Dark_GannonPosted: 07/06/03 15:13   Report Abuse
I have a problem with the launcher it says the commondialouge32.ocx is out of date how do i fix that ive found no help for that problem anywhere and the hellraiser web site I cannot reach


Dark_GannonPosted: 07/06/03 15:45   Report Abuse
Ok now i got that problem fixed..and now levels wont load...and when i look at characters in the edit multiplayer characters menu it crashes


hackerwackerPosted: 07/06/03 21:11   Report Abuse
hell yes! it's finally out (hit's download button) can't wait to play.....rate later......


BackslashPosted: 07/07/03 16:38   Report Abuse
Dark_Gannon, our website is back up. Please try again.

You cannot use the Multiplayer menu to "edit" the characters. You have to use the launcher. Also, make sure your CD is not in the tray when you try to play.


bugarBrainPosted: 07/08/03 01:26   Report Abuse
Over all, this is a completly awsome mod everything was practiclly changed and that controlable beam is awsome, but i do wish a few things from that leaked beta were in there, like the destructo disk and big bang attack it would also be cool to be able to play this on other levels besids just tdir levels.


tdir_vashPosted: 07/08/03 13:05   Report Abuse
The only people that got a virus was one single person and the people he DCC'd that SAME file to. He had the virus to begin with, because nobody else has gotten a virus from that file. If TDiR had a virus, you'd hear hundreds (which isnt an exageration, as on Massassi alone we have over 1,200 downloads) of people complaining about it.


hackerwackerPosted: 07/08/03 13:59   Report Abuse
wow.....this is the one of the most beutiful editing job i've ever seen. i think you guys did and awsemome job on such an outdated engine. It looks good, the sounds are great, and the gameplay is very smooth. I keep forgeting that i'm still playing jk!
awsomse job to the TDIR team.

i do have a couple problems though......
1.) i can't control the beams
2.) when certain characters(like goku) go SSj, they transform into someone else(like vegito)
if anybody has any ideas why this keeps happening, they would be very apreciated


JMA SkywalkerPosted: 07/09/03 00:21   Report Abuse
I can;t get to work so I obviously can't rate it. Every time I try to switch it to tdir it gives me an error message. does anyone have any pointers for me? it would be greatly appreciated.


kyp-cat.plPosted: 07/09/03 00:53   Report Abuse
Sweet mod man i m going to pay it a lot man it awsome i give all points i love to be a beta tester for ur team newsest vs or next project man it sweet i love it !!!!!:)


JMA SkywalkerPosted: 07/09/03 03:32   Report Abuse


JMA SkywalkerPosted: 07/09/03 16:47   Report Abuse
Ok, I got it to work, but i have a problem. The background is all fuzzy and funny looking! It looks way out of whack and I am having some major background Graphic Problems! SOMEBODY HELP! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT TO DO!


Shred18Posted: 07/10/03 07:40   Report Abuse
"This TC uses 16 bit textures, so a compatable 3d accelerated video card is required."

Under video setup click "enable 3d accelleration." If the box is not there, that means you dont have a compatable 3d card.


thanosPosted: 07/19/03 06:43   Report Abuse
I have RUNTIME ERROR 76 also Im thinking its XP..because the game works on 98....but when I uninstalled the game on both my systems...I had to replace the res2.gob....because the character edit would crash................


KenshinHimuraPosted: 07/21/03 03:03   Report Abuse
Ok....I need to disagree with everyone here who has problems with this mod...It never crashed for me yet, everything works the way its supposed to..I cant say anything about multiplayer games with others since i only did it by myself. The only REAL trouble i have is the Snake way level the snake way could've been better, but it is very hard to do that with JK...the only other thing I had that upset me was that there was no voice acting except for being hit..I mean leveling up and hearing the char. scream is empowering and the kamehameha sounds were cool to but...overall awsome and people who have trouble with the skins..take out the f*cking JK CD. Thats what fourms are Hellraiser and the rest of the team excellent work, you guys deserve a well deserve rest for this awsome TC...10/10


thanosPosted: 07/21/03 05:19   Report Abuse
Doh! KenshinHimura, How can you disagree with everyone? It's quite apparent that there is a few major bugs in this game, Everyone has computer systems with different setups. Its not about the JK CD in the disk drive.(even tho there is some people who dont read instructions)....Now come on guys make a update patch to fix the bugs...
(But dont wait three years to do it :).....


ScreaminJeebusPosted: 07/22/03 20:20   Report Abuse
It doesnt run for me. On the startup it says that it failed to load "CommonDialog from COMDLG32.ocx" and says that I may have an outdated version. Any suggestions?


VegiemasterPosted: 07/22/03 20:39   Report Abuse
Yeah screamin jeebies i had the same prob. it is simple just go to basically any search engine (i used and search for "dowload comdlg32.ocx" or something similar and you'll come up with something. and TRUST ME its worth it!


KenshinHimuraPosted: 07/23/03 03:05   Report Abuse
Ok as I said before this TC rocks, I have had no problems so I can disagree with you all, the only part I cannot disagree about is the multiplayer with other people, since I only played it by myself


Ax5000Posted: 07/28/03 04:52   Report Abuse
First of all, This was well worth the 3+ years ive been waiting for this to come out. Also, a friend of mine had the 'run time 76' error, and I found something on HR's forums that fixed it. If the error pops up when you are trying to click 'Enable TDiR' on the launcher, than just enable it manualy:
After youve installed TDiR, in the JK Resource folder, Just move res2.gob to a diferent folder, and rename res2.gob.tdir to be res2.gob . Reverse that to get regular JK back. -Thanks Shred :)


Tha`Rebel`PenguinPosted: 08/01/03 17:31   Report Abuse
There are some bad things with this mod, but tho'se have been covered...

How it influenced me:
Well, I made an ass of myself in the mIRC room, but that's just cause I could. I got banned my first day. Those of you who stop by the IRC, BE GOOD. Honestly... I didn't even get a warning. But I didn't say I deserved one.
As for the mod itself, DON'T USE FINAL FLASH WHEN YOU CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTER! It seriously screws up MP games.
I also would've appreciated some voice samples, but you can't get everything, eh?
Other than this, it more than fufilled my expectations.




Kao_ShinPosted: 08/02/03 22:59   Report Abuse
Why does it keep asking for disk one WHEN ITS IN THERE?


MattimeoPosted: 08/26/03 03:13   Report Abuse
I wish i could play it but it won't let me no matter what i do i followed the instructions.Put cd in. But nuthin works.


KaioShinPosted: 08/28/03 01:47   Report Abuse


anyways, this is one of the instant classes everyone calls for, but no one TAKES THEIR TIME TO READ THE MANUAL AND SCREWS IT UP!


Vegito_Da_ManPosted: 09/06/03 07:41   Report Abuse
I have not played it yet, but from what im hearing it looks like my rating is 10/10.

The reason why I have not played it yet is because I need a 3d accelerated video card.

Does anyone know where I can D/L one, if so i will be forever gr8ful.

thanks :D


H.Q. PendragonPosted: 10/04/03 06:16   Report Abuse
I've been spectating Project TDIR since before the leak, or the crash, and I know how much sweat, time, effort, and blood went into making this "Total Conversion"(Not mod for you uninformed geinuses out there.) Thus being the case let me lay down some rules:
1.)Don't knock it till you've tried it. -There are so many of you that if you would just install "Visual Basic 6.0," all of your problems would be solved.
2.)If you dislike DBZ to the point that you would go out of your way to slam one of its offsprings (although not affeliatede with any part of the DBZ or FunMation crew) by means of rating on a biast mindset, DON'T RATE IT!!!
3.)It's not going to be perfect (though I can find no flaw), so get over it. Of all the whiney people I have seen, some of you take the lot, and bleed the house for every red cent you can get your grubby little hands on.
4.)Rate it fair. If the levels arn't good, or the animation isn't what it should be, or the skins ain't up to par, by all means post your opinions. But if all you want to do is give the TDIR crew hell for three years worth of work that they, by the way, are not getting any money for, get out of the Massassi Temple Network, this is no place for the likes of you.
-To all the boys who busted their cans to bring us this awsome T.C., 10 out of 10.
-H.Q. Pendragon


DingnatePosted: 10/12/03 02:54   Report Abuse
Bah ive seen better!


HomicidePosted: 10/22/03 20:53   Report Abuse
Prove it and THEN I'll waste my time calling you an idiot.


Force master2Posted: 11/16/03 15:40   Report Abuse
I don't like DBZ, BUT THIS MODE LOOKS COOOOOOOOOOOL! Tell me if I'm mad to get this (or not!)


DingnatePosted: 01/21/04 21:59   Report Abuse
I never liked dbz, and never will. but i think that u for sure took jk to a new high
nice job.



_yo_SpartenPosted: 02/13/04 03:04   Report Abuse
not bad its god for a little while gj buck


SSj2 Majin BejiitaPosted: 04/05/04 00:08   Report Abuse
RATING: 9/10

WHY: The levels rocked (except for the od tilting of the character that happens at random on the Snake Way/King Kai's Planet level); the animations could have ben better, but far surpass anything that has been done with JK before (and probably better than anything to come since the relase of Jo and JA); the variety of attacks/colors could have been bigger; voice samples would greatly improve the fun factor; My biggest gripe: I CAN'T FIND ALL THE DRAGONBALLS! :p GReat mod, guys.



_yo_tacos5Posted: 05/16/04 15:54   Report Abuse
i rate this a 10 you are my god


yunga_rekaPosted: 07/16/04 17:58   Report Abuse
This mod is cool but compared to others for quake 3 it is nothing, some may have heard of bid for power, the greatest of all mods, but was warned because of its greatness by Atari and funimation for using dbz characters (obviously they were envious). Now there is a new mod called zeq2 in the makin, which will be even better than bid for power


(.ps look at real dbz mods bid for power and zeq2)


ZulPosted: 07/17/04 23:19   Report Abuse
I hope you are joking. Bid for power has better graphics and a better engine, but it has worthless melee and, at least right now, worthless characters.

The melee in this convertion is just... undescribable. It's just great when you get used to it.

I'm sad that so few people play this...

I rate this convertion a 9/10 . Flaws are on the engine, not the models, maps and attacks themselves.
Why I gave a 9? Well... you don't deserve a 10! :D


KaioShinPosted: 07/22/04 18:06   Report Abuse
wow, two comments this month? people are still downloading this thing!!
By the way...
As zul said : The problems are in the engine itself. They pushed JK to it's limit. and then some. There's BOUND to be some sort of bugs that result from pushing this small early '90s game to the limit.
By the way, you might want to remove the links to the TDiR website, because Hell_Raiser hasn't paid for it recently and it's gone, replaced by pornography.
and as a side note : the Quake engines are MUCH more powerful than Jedi Knight's. It's not the best graphics. DEAL WITH IT. They put four years of work in there, and it shows. GREATLY.
If any of the team members are still out there, it's still a fun game to play. Thanks for all your hard work and determination.
This is the first TRUE TC ever finished/released completely for JK. It is a stunning accomplishment. Thanks again, TDiR team.


Hell RaiserPosted: 10/02/04 11:15   Report Abuse
Heh, you should see the idea notes I jotted down for TDiRv2alphaomgbeta. Some pretty wicked stuff but this horse has been dead for a while it seems. =(


Darth SlawPosted: 10/24/04 05:08   Report Abuse
Well, I'm only (over) a year too late to have played this :o

I think it's great, and in constrast to a lot of people, I haven't had any real problems.
The only thing that didn't work quite right was starting the game with the launcher -- it loaded regular JK, not TDIR :\
But this problem was fixed by launching it with a batch file: "jk.exe -path resource/dbztdir". Yes, this was the *only* problem I had at all.

Anyway, the thing is great. I love the skins, and the transformation thing is the bomb! Levels were decent, though in some like the Tree of Might there were 3do/level surface clipping problems when you were up high and looking down.

From me, you get a 9. Great work guys! :)


Manslayer01Posted: 02/07/05 19:39   Report Abuse
Oh my god, where have i been



ZepPosted: 02/11/05 20:59   Report Abuse
This looks sweet, but it takes like an hour to download!!!
Also get better screenshots, those look horrible.


Dark__KnightPosted: 12/12/08 21:11   Report Abuse
Still by far one of, if not the, best project ever released for Jedi Knight. There was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that went into making this TC, and I know that Shred and HR would have wished to do even more if the engine would have allowed it. Looking back on the long journey this project went through it seems almost surreal when I remember everything that happened along the road. The infamous predecessor DBZ 3.0, the bonus character pack and tournament levels, the leaking of the [pants] as it was once called, and then the final release of "The Destruction is Real".

I doubt that anyone had ever anticipated a release of a mod as much as everyone did for TDiR prior to its final release, especially given how old Jedi Knight was by that point. I know that TDiR will always hold a special place in my memories, and I know that projects like this really inspired a lot of people to go into game design or continue editing as a hobby on the side.

Though TDiR had its ups and downs with its release, the dedication of the team and all of their efforts to produce something truly astounding give this wonderful TC a rating of 10 from me. Yes it had its problems, but considering the magnitude of change from vanilla Jedi Knight, you have to come to expect that, especially given the stubbornness of the Sith engine.


GsusnmePosted: 12/30/10 04:30   Report Abuse
I have a confession.
I leaked the [pants].
...But you'll never find me...


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