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On a mysterious desert planet a tower made of dark rock rises out of the dunes. This place served as an ancient battleground of the sith and jedi. Relive these ancient battles. This map is a large level with many catwalks but few places to hide, and is good with a large amount of people.


Level Info:

Download: Tower of the Sands
File Size: 851k
Date: 07/09/03
Author: Cyber
Downloads: 295


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 4
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MattDettorrePosted: 07/09/03 22:49   Report Abuse
first comment yea any way looks nice its dark but it givies it the lonley castle feeling good job 10


Thrawn42689Posted: 07/10/03 05:17   Report Abuse
The first screenshot looks like 8-quality JK. The second screenshot looks like 6-quality JK. However, this is JO. The lighting is barely present at all. I'll give it a 6 because the architecture itself is pretty good.


GeobrassPosted: 07/13/03 03:17   Report Abuse
Nice job, I like the overall architecture of the level. Nice job with the bot-support (you actually have it!). I do think the lighting could be a little better. In some areas of the map the light doesn't exactly bounce quite right (mainly the steps). I also think you could have dimmed the acid light down a little, it's kinda blinding. Otherwise, I like it...



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