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A massive amount of custom skins, models, weapons and architecture create a single player adventure that transports you to the greatest arena of Ancient Rome. You play the role of a thief who finds himself on the wrong side of the emperor. Battle your way through gladiators and Roman legionnaires to earn your freedom.


Level Info:

Download: Colosseum Version 1.0
File Size: 65mb
Date: 07/11/03
Author: Jake "Clu" Keating
Downloads: 8929


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 37
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phoenix_9286Posted: 07/12/03 00:16   Report Abuse

I have to bully one of my friends with Cable to d/l it and burn it to CD. Not a way in Hell it's going to work on my 56k.

The biggest d/l ever on Massassi.
And probably among the top 10.

At least in my list.


jesseg88Posted: 07/12/03 00:34   Report Abuse
This is a great mod. It is fun, violent and educational. It is quite realistic. However, I gave it a 9 rather than a 10 because there were some things that looked out of place, such as thos goggles in the inventory, the "bread" looking like a bacta container, and the "force" button, in the objectives screen.


Lord MuurnPosted: 07/12/03 00:35   Report Abuse
Wow. Just wow. Brilliant work, and though it was nothing more than a ladder level with a little bit of plot, it still came together nicely. 9/10, just for being too short. Other than that an excellent level.


GoldorPosted: 07/12/03 01:43   Report Abuse
I love it, I simply love it!!!

You got a 10/10!!!

As the others, you can add some more features like change the 3do of the bacta tank and make the story a little more long in the second version...

I love it with all his goods and bads things!!!


mscbuckPosted: 07/12/03 04:24   Report Abuse
I give it a 10 out of 10. Was a great level, mod, and education tool. Amazing new models, great soundtrack (Gladiator), pretty good voice acting, great overall. Like Emon might've said before, he does go to RIT, so he probably did have a deadline to finish it, so he didn't have enough time add in those extra minor errors like the bacta, etc.


TNC_SidiousPosted: 07/12/03 09:57   Report Abuse
wow what can i say... 10/10 this was a fabulous level... great custom skins, models, and voices... I only wish it was longer.. because it would be amazing and it WAS amazing.. just it was a little too short :(
good job, hope to see mroe of ur work in the future!


The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 07/12/03 11:50   Report Abuse
Actually, the biggest downloads for JK/JO would be Grismanth's Life of Grismath level beta for MotS, weighing in at 66MB, as well as the JO demo download, weighing in also at, coincidentally, 66MB. Sorry, you have been pwned by less than 1MB. :P

This sounds cool. I only hope it's [b]LONGER[/b] than Gris' level...


Conehead2187Posted: 07/12/03 15:42   Report Abuse
Wonderful! Absolutely brilliant! The only problem is that it leaves you craving for more. 10/10


GethroPosted: 07/12/03 16:17   Report Abuse
My JO won't read that I have any mods...I reinstalled it and I still have mods in folders in my gamedata directory but in the mods screen they're not detected. The level looks great, I just don't understand. What's up with that?


matrixhackerPosted: 07/12/03 20:22   Report Abuse
Make sure you have the latest update.


GethroPosted: 07/12/03 21:57   Report Abuse
ok I updated it and I could load the mod but when I click "new" all it does is make the music skip. Like there's no level file.


jesseg88Posted: 07/13/03 01:51   Report Abuse
To answer Gethro's problem, download the update at


ScipioPosted: 07/13/03 08:18   Report Abuse
Dude. Thats great 10/10. I want more of that.


CCrazyTomPosted: 07/13/03 23:03   Report Abuse
Fantastic! Among other things, probably the most fun level I've ever played. I probably spent an hour replaying the last fight alone. Nothing like cutting down roman legionares. I also thought your education spin was very nice though I knew most of the tidbits already thanks to the history channel. Did I mention how fantastic this level was?


And-Schw_MahrPosted: 07/14/03 16:25   Report Abuse
Its a ten, no doubt about it!

Hey, this would be a great multiplayer mod too! Did you think about it? Think about Duel Servers running the MOD! WOW!

Congratulations, excelent work!


RhettmanPosted: 07/15/03 01:29   Report Abuse
I've already played this thing. And I loved it. Hey Massassi, doesn't it feel good to give out a high score to a level that actually deserves it for a change?

10/10. It's ALL good...


zizzy34Posted: 07/15/03 16:17   Report Abuse
quite possibly one of the best mods ever made for Jedi Outcast. I was actually playing it last week for quite some time on the website Of course i have it a ten, but there are no words to decribe this mod


NAJ_FettPosted: 07/15/03 20:17   Report Abuse
wow. i love this lvl, very fun.
/me hugs cable



JDKNITE188Posted: 07/16/03 14:23   Report Abuse
That was amazing. It was also very creative in its use as an educational tool. Great job.

It was difficult but loads of fun!

[EDIT] I gave this 10/10! In many aspects this is the best JO mod released so far.


LtOwnalotPosted: 07/16/03 17:16   Report Abuse
Awesome mod! I gave it a 10/10. I liked how you used the Gladiator sountrack as the background music.

It would have been even better though if it had been longer. A wider range of weapons would be cool too.

The name of the main charater is hilarious...although its weird to play a character named "butt cheeks" (gluteus maximus) in latin...

All in all, this is the best JK II mod so far.


cluPosted: 07/18/03 03:57   Report Abuse
I just looked today and noticed all these great comments. Thanks for all the feedback. A multiplayer version is also on the way, just a question of finding the time to sit down and do it.

Thanks again and really glad you all dig it.



WAR_ACID_Posted: 07/18/03 12:08   Report Abuse
You could bring about a new level of modding for JO becuse of this mod. Cant wait for 2.0


darth_manzPosted: 07/19/03 00:05   Report Abuse
I don't know how to install and run the mod. Please guide me through it since the readme was too vague and I couldn't play the level. thnx


blackbelt7Posted: 07/19/03 02:33   Report Abuse
I would like to say that my game will also not start. When I click on "New", all that happens is that the music skips. Not cool at all. Let me know how to fix this.


cluPosted: 07/19/03 03:46   Report Abuse
Just extract the ZIP to "gamedata" so that the whole mess of files (including all the autoexec and .cfg files as well as the PK3) are residing in the "gamedata/Colosseum_v1_0" folder

Load up jk2sp.exe, select "mods" and load it up. When you click "new" the game should load.

It's important to have all those files in that "gamedata/Colosseum_v1_0" folder. You can't just put it all in "base"

Hope this helps.



darth_manzPosted: 07/19/03 05:44   Report Abuse
I did that but when I go to mods nothing is there. Why is that?


cluPosted: 07/19/03 08:11   Report Abuse
man I really don't know. I haven't heard of this problem unless maybe you have JO version 1.0 (without the latest patch, I heard that the "mods" button doesn't always work).

Anyway, I guess you can always just create a shortcut and launch directly into the mod:
Change the "target" of the shortcut to:

C:\Program Files\Lucas Arts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\jk2sp.exe + set fs_game Colosseum_v1_0


BlighterPosted: 07/19/03 23:30   Report Abuse
Dude, this level blew me away. Its amazing! If this was turned into a long TC with multiple levels, such as the leading up to the point where the main character is caught and put into the arena it would be incredible.

I love this level, the music is wicked, I wish it was used more often.

This would make an amazing total conversion. Whoever created this...please don't stop!!

Really really great.



OzmodiusPosted: 07/22/03 23:31   Report Abuse
I just got done playing this, and it was truly awesome. Very well done, and nice to see you did your homework. I hope there will be another!



South_WarriorPosted: 07/29/03 15:32   Report Abuse


ryudomPosted: 08/03/03 23:29   Report Abuse
excellant, but is it supposed to end? i got to the part after you beat all the soldiers and get to the outer gate, but nothing happens...


Darth RsPosted: 02/28/04 13:34   Report Abuse
Wow a very beautiful mod, it's a bit short but it's absolutely 10/10!
The best mod i've ever played!

good work!


rrianPosted: 04/03/04 05:08   Report Abuse
Wow! This is incredible! Beautiful graphics, and I loved the text that appeared telling a little history of the Roman gladiators. 10/10!


bassicleguyPosted: 07/21/04 18:57   Report Abuse
INSANELY good, I was freaking out within the first minute of gameplay.

My only request? PLEASE, add to it! It was easily the best mod I've played in quite some time, but it needs to be longer.


JarkotaPosted: 08/04/04 22:13   Report Abuse
It is not often that I comment on a level. I only do so if I have extremely positive or extremely negataive things to say about it.

Fortunately for you, I have nothing but the former in this case.

Undoubtedly, this is the best single-player level that I have ever played for any game, Star Wars or otherwise. The gladiator, slave, and Emperor (Nero, if I have the timeframe correct) models were superb, the weapons excellently rendered, and the overall feel was very well-done. The textures looked like you took photos in and of the actual building and converted them to Jedi Outcast texture files. I also liked the little history lessons that were thrown in. I had considered docking a point or two for use the the Mon Mothma and Tavion models, but, in retrospect, they were not out-of-place at all and the new voices pretty much dispelled any discrepency. The excellent use of Latin (and proper grammar, I might add) added to the overall effect, and the spraying blood, cheering crowd, and dismemberments made me forget that I was playing Jedi Outcast. The music was excellent, and the Matrix-type camera rotations when some Legionnaires died, I thought, made it look that much better. Finally, the ending cutscene was like something you'd expect at the end of a James Bond movie, though, given what they'd just went through, it seems very appropriate. I gave it a perfect ten on the Massassi scale, though I do not believe that there are enough numbers in existence to convey how highly I truly rate this.


waddlesworth75Posted: 08/14/04 17:19   Report Abuse
I can't get your mod to work for some reason. I can load the mod just fine from the multiplayer main menu mod section but that doesn't do any good. When I go to the single player menu the mod isn't shown at all.

please help because everyone keeps sayin how great this is and I can't enjoy it.


JuicerPosted: 11/27/04 06:27   Report Abuse
I give it an 8. Honestly, I didn't think SOME of the combat was very realistic, I hit the three brothers atleast 20 times, having them spray blood with each hit, not dying, and then having them cut my head off and kill me with 100 health? I don't understand why they don't get hurt, but I do...Otherwise, I thought it was great.


cbPosted: 12/07/04 17:00   Report Abuse
It looks like an exciting level. Very creative to place it in Roman times. I believe the Colosseum was built well after Emperor Nero died but I could be mistaken. Does this level work with JA too?


bibi26Posted: 12/09/05 21:07   Report Abuse
VERY FUNNY !! Too good, too funny, too short :(

It the BEST mod that i have tested !!



alufask8rPosted: 01/17/09 05:48   Report Abuse
oh mY GAHd!! you must continue the conquest!! that was too short, and the music was so epic omg, the battles!! although, it did kinda piss me off the fact that i was dieing because tavion lady over there wasnt fighting -_- but other then that,THIS IS AWESOME! a must have 10/10! keep makin them. :D! im emotionally moved now... o.o lol


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