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This is my second and improved version of Abandoned. Any comments, help, or ideas are greatly welcome. This is my second released level.


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Download: Abandoned 2
File Size: 575k
Date: 07/30/03
Author: SkyXax
Downloads: 569


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 6
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Daft_VaderPosted: 07/30/03 18:09   Report Abuse
Great improvement over your first level! Good Job! :-)


weirdman222Posted: 07/30/03 23:40   Report Abuse
This is definetly better than ur first one, it is bigger, and it has some cool stuff.


weirdman222Posted: 07/30/03 23:40   Report Abuse
This is definetly better than ur first one, it is bigger, and it has some cool stuff.


weirdman222Posted: 07/30/03 23:41   Report Abuse
This is definetly better than ur first one, it is bigger, and it has some cool stuff.


LKOH_SniperWolfPosted: 07/31/03 01:21   Report Abuse
Well, still nowhere near what I'd call good. Better than the last, yes, but still, problems. Item placement is better, but needs to be more spread out. Oh, minor error on the outside, one of the cliff faces (or what should be anyways) has the stars mat on it. Texturing... Please god, stitch. Also... Kill the JK textures... If you need textures, download some, create em, or you could ask me for some, lol. 3rd, in the area with the tint, gradiate the tint, and don't make it so harsh. What do I mean by gradiate? Make it more gradual by increasing the tint over 3-4 sectors. Next... the water on the ground... Don't do it like that... So how to do it then? Extract the mat for the water you want, and whatever the ground mat is. Open up whatever editing program. Copy and paste one over the other, at whatever transparency you want. Convert to 256 colors, then to mat. Now cut the floor up for the puddle. Stitch it like it was a normal floor. Select the puddle surfaces, and change just the name of the mat to the one with tranparent water. It'll look much better that way. Third, you shouldn't use a constantly running elevator, use one with sector entry code, and a switch if you want. If no switch, it should return to its original position. For an extra effect, make that brown water stuff at one end acidic... do that by adding 00_sectordamage.cog . Put in a moderate amount as damage, and select that as sector, and voila! Acid.


SkyXaxPosted: 07/31/03 19:56   Report Abuse
Heh, thanks everyone. It still needs MORE improvement but this is just like a sample of the Single Players series I may be creating. Kinda' a preview or something. I don't even know if this'll be in it but whatever! Maybe canyon isn't my type of skill, I think I'de be better at cities or something. Thanks again!


Lord VarosPosted: 08/03/03 01:58   Report Abuse
Seeing as I never got a chance to look at the first level, I rated simply on the quality of this version. The architecture was boxy, and not very canyon-esque. Everything was a long, square hallway. The texturing was just bad, and I hope in the future you use stitching, one of Jed's more useful tools. The textures just didn't match up. Gameplay-wise, it was below-average, but not unplayable. There was nothing special or unique at all in the level. Overall rating: 3.

Edit: BTW, judging from your work here, I DO think you'd do much better with a city-style level.


SkyXaxPosted: 08/13/03 23:10   Report Abuse
Well yeah, it is boxy. Aren't most base type levels boxy? I mean, your house isn't exactly gonna' be a circle, it's useally a square or something. As for the canyon, if you look at one, it's naturally a box, only you see it from the top, so it looks like ditches.


SkyXaxPosted: 08/25/03 14:50   Report Abuse
Or it's boxy due to my lack of skill in a canyon. :)


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