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This model has been complete for sometime now, but was not finished and imported until now. Please enjoy! Thank you those who helped out, and hope you guys enjoy this new Darth Vader!


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Download: Darth Vader
File Size: 1.3MB
Date: 08/13/03
Author: Bellan "Kartoon" Karl
Downloads: 8940


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 9
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BoL_StrykePosted: 08/13/03 16:26   Report Abuse
Great model. Especially how the eyes reflect and the helmet the same. Looks very close to the film. There are a few clipping errors, but nothing that really detracts from the model. I personally like it better than the cheshire vader, which is still a great model. 9/10


GeobrassPosted: 08/14/03 04:52   Report Abuse
Yeah, this is a great model. There are some clipping problems with his arms, and his cape kinda sticks to his legs. You know, somebody out there has got to know how to make a really good cape that billows and stuff. I love the sound effects and the texturing. I hope you stay with skinning...



amipshPosted: 08/15/03 22:43   Report Abuse


WizardLeaderPosted: 08/23/03 22:07   Report Abuse
Very good work there!!! Only the cloak could be improved... The rest of it is really really PERFECT!


Neo_oSiriSPosted: 09/18/03 14:53   Report Abuse
exellent skin! good work.


JellyBellyPosted: 10/12/03 21:11   Report Abuse
Dang this is an awesome skin. It's about as close to perfect as you can get. Great job.


optikalilluzionPosted: 11/07/03 01:50   Report Abuse
Very nice model. Impressive, most impressive. (I had to do it.)

9. =)


romfusPosted: 12/26/03 06:40   Report Abuse
COOL! 10/10


cbPosted: 12/13/04 16:54   Report Abuse
Looks good. Makes me want to buy JO.


metallica909Posted: 04/09/07 00:59   Report Abuse
Great job on the model, I was wondering if I could use it for my upcoming mod?

heres some info about the mod

I starting modding the sims two about a month ago and then I decided it would be more fun to make mods for outcast. The mod is a different one but im planning to make it a total conversion, ive got the models but some of them arent working right and I sorta want to make new maps too. If there is anyone who is interested in helping make maps, models, or helping at all with this mod then please contact me at metallica_st.anger2@hotmail.com I would like to tell you more about this mod but I will save that until you email or message me just to keep it origional and not let the mod idea get out. Sorry I cant fill you in more but if you get back to me then I will be sure to fill you in. Credit for the models goes to everyone here at massassi.net as well as marzmarshall for his inspirationally good models. Marz if your reading this, keep up the good work.


khamulPosted: 07/11/07 22:32   Report Abuse
it is beutiful looks just like vader and the 1st screenshot looks like a pose he did in empire strikes back (look carefully when he finishes killing captain needa)


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