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The level is a puzzle of portals like the house of madness. You have some good lightsaber fighting and scenery. You will know when you have come to the end.


Level Info:

Download: Light and Darkness
File Size: 700KB
Date: 08/13/03
Author: Prince Xizor
Downloads: 1591


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 3
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GeobrassPosted: 08/14/03 04:43   Report Abuse
Well, I can tell this wasn't your first level. You have the basics of building and texturing down pretty good. I can also tell this is your first released level because you have some of the basic problems that most first time mappers have. Work on creating different environments and more curved out rooms. Create a decent storyline (which by the way, this is a SINGLE player map and it's listed as a MULTIPLAYER map). Add some objectives, and script it so that the level ends after you kill the last reborn. The battles were pretty good, but the gameplay is kinda off. I got the feeling that I was just wondering around, hoping to find some meaning in a bunch of connected rooms. Also, I think the little portals should have some kind of cool texture (or shader). All in all, a good map for a first-timer, and I think you will improve over some time. I look forward to your next work...



danny85331Posted: 08/15/03 01:11   Report Abuse
I played in it a bit, overall its got some nice eye-candy, and is actaully fun when you got some other stuff running around there with ya.


Prince XizorPosted: 08/18/03 02:56   Report Abuse
Yah I know this isn't a multiplayer level. I'm going to contact the staff about it. I am sorry about it even though i didn't do it. I might have made a mistake in the readme or something though.


KedriPosted: 08/18/03 23:14   Report Abuse
Sorry about that; both the category and the download are now fixed. :)


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