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This is a small Capture The Flag level, based in the Valley of the Jedi while its under the influence of "Vansar" the Sith wannabe. There is one secret involving the Tie Bomber and a big switch, or three; it depends how you get there. Have fun blocking the entry into your bases.


Level Info:

Download: Battle for Valley of the Jedi CTF
File Size: 170KB
Date: 08/13/03
Author: [SF]PJB
Downloads: 678


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 6
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Daft_VaderPosted: 08/13/03 16:55   Report Abuse
Great going PJB! I just need to get my CTF level out there now (sighs)!

*Me gives PJB a cookie, a pat on the back, and an 8*


danny85331Posted: 08/15/03 01:07   Report Abuse
Nice. Its also good to see another CTF out there.


VanePosted: 08/15/03 17:09   Report Abuse
Awesome Level PJB, i give it a 10, because its just plain cool


[SF]pjbPosted: 01/22/04 23:31   Report Abuse
thanks guys, i am reworking this level for my TC untill then enjoy


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