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Heres a recreation of my favorate level, Nar. Set on the rooftops of the city around a space port / depot for cargo vessels. Theres a small indoor area, but nothing huge as its mainly set for battles high up on the roofs. So be careful as its a looooooooooong drop down!


Level Info:

Download: Nar Space Port
File Size: 2.3MB
Date: 08/13/03
Author: Shadow Angel
Downloads: 660


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 7
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Daft_VaderPosted: 08/14/03 02:39   Report Abuse
Way to go man! I was thinking of a nine but why ruin your beautiful streak of 100% AwEsOmE... I give you your fourth 10/10!!!


Just one suggestion, maybe you should try releasing a special edition with ships flying around or at least a few nice Goz Studios 3dos parked outside buildings, otherwise excellent!


SkyXaxPosted: 08/14/03 23:07   Report Abuse
Well, it's good so far. This is a beta right? I saw dflt.mat textures and parts that were'nt finished. I still gave you a 10 just because I like it anyway. I hope you finish it soon!


danny85331Posted: 08/15/03 01:05   Report Abuse
Oh wow! Im yet to give a 10, and you just got it! Awesome job, man.


VanePosted: 08/15/03 17:46   Report Abuse
One problem, the level has only 1 walkplayer, so you cant play with others


M_Master_JSoloPosted: 08/15/03 20:36   Report Abuse
OMQ! i cant beleive this got voted lvl of the week!!!! thx guys! btw, this is shadow angel, just havnt got round to getting my name changed. But thx 4 pointing out the walkplayer prob, i'll get it fixed and resubmitted. Also, i'll look for those unfinished bits and have a go at defining some arhi. so, keep your eyes out for the *finished* version in the near future!


Strike_Eagle5Posted: 08/15/03 23:35   Report Abuse
solidsnake, u r really starting to piss me off, have you EVER been possitive about a level? huh? and btw, where the hell are your levels? if you dont have any, try to make one and see if you can do any better, if not, do us all a favor and shut up...


Strike_Eagle5Posted: 08/15/03 23:57   Report Abuse
well well solidsnake, it seems you CAN make a lvl after all... it must have been a real shock for me to see that your nal hutta level had pretty boring/boxy architechture, and some extremely bland texturing... the architecture i prolly couldnt do so i wont go complain about it like you(a skill you MUST learn), but i would have AT LEAST cleaved some surfaces and put different textures on a single wall, having a whole area in the same texture is pretty dumb.

p.s. quit complaining about levels that will always be better than yours, take this one for example, pretty good layout and everything,(i gave a 9)but you gave it a 5 because it had 1 walkplayer, which is easily fixable,(very much unlike your lvls which would need some major cosmetic surgery or start over again from scratch to ever be good)and your pride over yourself, i personally think this level was great, and would like to see even more art from this author in the future!


Daft_VaderPosted: 08/16/03 00:56   Report Abuse
My sentiments exactly, Strike_Eagle5. People should be much more forgiving for first time or early editors. If this is one of this guys, first works than it's marvelous. If people go around constantly blowing new editors' levels back in their faces, than the editing community here at Massassi won't progress much. Criticism is okay, but try and throw in something constructive and helpful like "Read all of the Massassi tutorials" and "You show great promise for a beginner."

Massassi forums are not only for building levels, but also for building one another up, not tearing each other down. If everyone took that into acount, then there would probably be a lot more good levels out there.

This level, however, is excellent, and I too greatly anticipate any future work from this talented author.


MrRavenXPosted: 08/16/03 02:14   Report Abuse
My rating: 5/10

Texturing was pretty good. Alignments were done fairly well. There were however quite a bit of mipmap errors, primarily in the "roof top" area.

The architecture I saw looked good, but it felt like it was missing a whole lot more. Gameplay in this map is horrible. The roof top area is pretty much just a 3do platform (that likes to disapear quite frequently) with some building architecture around it. Trying to navigate the "roof tops" leads to death with no force... or even with force (especially since a surface or two is not flagged). Aside from the roof top area (ie platform) there is a small series of tunnels/hallways that take you to a very deep elevator that leads to a dead end room. It has three doors, but none open.

And to futher ensure that gameplay is completely killed, there are no items in this level AT ALL. No guns, no health. No nothing.

The impression I get from viewing this level is that the author was starting to work on something that could have been great, but then got bored with the project and released it "As is". It feels like a demo, or a preview of an upcoming level.


M_Master_JSoloPosted: 08/16/03 20:45   Report Abuse
With regards to ravenx's comments, your right about the gameplay, i did only release this as a beta and im glad you ppl pointed out the fact i had forgotten the extra walkplayer and the items such as gunz and health, and i HAVNT got bord with it lol. I promise i will get everything fixed up and rereleased in the near future. Any ideas about the dissapearing platform and mipmap errors and how to fix them would be appreciated.

And, to solidsnake, i think this only second relesed level and most daring to date, i do have another project boiling away as well for futre release!

As soon as i fix the texture probs i've recently encountered on this, i will touch it up and maybe expand it.

watch this space!


Darth_BanoPosted: 08/20/03 05:06   Report Abuse
Dude... please... next time dont ever let ANY dflt.mat show... it makes the level feel uncompleted. And the walkplayer thing.. ouch. Oh, and next time please don't pack all of those extra unused mats in with your level. Shouldn't pack it unless its needed and at least I dont think I saw 112 different mats in there... It was an ok level. But It was more like a beta. Next time wait a little longer to let it 'ripen' a bit.


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