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This is a small little FFA/TeamFFA temple map (in Yavin) that I thought would be cool. Hope you enjoy this multiplayer map!


Level Info:

Download: Old Yavin Temple
File Size: 1.7MB
Date: 08/19/03
Author: Wesley Wong
Downloads: 522


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 4
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jEDIkIRBYPosted: 08/20/03 01:24   Report Abuse
WOAH!? MAGIC LIGHTS THAT SHINE FROM NO SOURCE! Those Jedi just get shiftier and shiftier as time goes by...

Submit 2 screenshots, not a single shot twice.



danny85331Posted: 08/21/03 00:12   Report Abuse
Actually, if you submit just one ss itll show up for both links.

All and all, a decent level.


saberopusPosted: 08/21/03 03:08   Report Abuse

I'd ask you to please speak in a rational and helpful manner next time...

ok: the level is like my first level, albeit done a little more stylishly. I made a yavin temple too...

I also had point lights floating in space... on the left of your screenshot, you have light that appears to be emanating from a point in midair, which doesn't look realistic. I learned that to get rid of that annoying effect, you should place some brushes or models that look like lights, lamps, etc around the area, and place thel ights accordingly.

The architecture is simple, but thats good. As long as it is aesthetically pleasing, and detailed, it doesn't need to be complex. Your level lacks some detail. I would recommend something like wall support, bushes, a few lamps, some type of framework on doors, etc. I'd send you some screenshots of my first level, which was bad, but they're all gone.

Your level has manipulate edges, which is something I took about 2 months to grasp... my first few levels were just boxes upon boxes upon boxes.


The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 08/21/03 12:58   Report Abuse
I'm not gonna download or rate this, as I feel it wouldn't be worth my time... (Don't take offense please, I am lazy by nature :P) but I will give you some suggestions based on the screenshot.

1) Do like jk said, post TWO screenshots, not just one. 56kers like me hate downloading two images only to find they're freaking exactly the same... although you kept the file size down which is good. But take two screenies.

2) Yeah, what saberopus said... proper lighting can turn a good level into a great one.

Using those two tips and applying your current knowledge of JO mapping, I don't see why you can't make some really good (and big, I happen to like big) levels!

So get to it, I can't wait to see your next level. :)


PhantomManPosted: 08/22/03 23:16   Report Abuse
I am not the best mapmaker, but I think this map is asum! althoiugh it culd be better. and try to put 2 ss inseatd of 1. looking foward to ur next map! =)



PhantomManPosted: 08/22/03 23:18   Report Abuse
ok - 2 ss not 1 (ss is screenshot FYI)


GeobrassPosted: 08/25/03 02:30   Report Abuse
You know, this is a pretty nice level. A note for commentors, forgeting a screenshot isn't the end of the world, and it shouldn't bring your attention away from the actual map. Don't say "I'm not going to download this because I'm lazy" and then comment it based of the screenshot. That's just stupid. And if you like BIG levels, I would suggest something other than 56k.

Anyways, I like the overall feel of the map. Yes, you could make some changes with bushes, lamps, etc., but the level is playable as it is. I think you should have added some bot support, as it just adds to the completion of the map. I also think the entire map should be accessable with the assistance of Force Jump level 3. Make some stairs or an elevator or something. Otherwise, a nice map.



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