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This skin started out as a design for a uniform for my clan to use in JO. It is based off of a US Navy uniform. I tried to get the rank on the sleeves as close in spacing as they are on a real uniform. The rank on this skin is that of an Admiral. Includes team colors, variations off the theme developed in the default skin.


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Download: Admiral
File Size: 575KB
Date: 08/19/03
Author: Redirpraw
Downloads: 639


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 5
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Logo By Rieekan []

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ScipioPosted: 08/21/03 19:29   Report Abuse
Dude that first pic is awesome. I would have downloaded based on that pic... but then i saw the second one and is is nothing like an admiral in the US navy. I was not aware of red stripes on sleeves in the navy. BTW, the hat is cool, dead on.

5/10 for coolness, but the accuracy killed it.


RedirprawPosted: 08/21/03 21:53   Report Abuse
Scipio, thank you for your honest comments. Something that I may not have made clear was that I have modified the default skin [Screenshot 1], for team play use [Screenshot 2]. This skin also has a Blue Team skin[not shown], with blue lines in a different pattern then Red Team.

If the admins will allow it, I'll resubmit a second screen shot that displays BOTH Red team and Blue team skins. An oversight on my part, and I apologize if there was confusion.


RedirprawPosted: 08/21/03 21:56   Report Abuse
Submitted comment twice. Disregard this one.


SpyderFreakPosted: 03/25/04 06:32   Report Abuse
I gave it an 8. It looks awesome, but it doesn't have the medels and stuff on the chest of uniforms I've seen. Nice work though.



ALcALPosted: 06/30/04 10:18   Report Abuse
is that a sailor?


khamulPosted: 07/11/07 22:18   Report Abuse
the whole thing looks nice but you just left out a lot of stuff e.g the badge


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