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Battle it out with NPCS in this pit offspring available only in Single player. Features 1 light source for that creepy, dark, and dank feeling. Support for up to 30 NPCS (TESTED) and the player. This is my first level so any help you can give me would be very helpful!


Level Info:

Download: Nar Shadda: The Cargo Crate
File Size: 15KB
Date: 09/06/03
Author: Darthyun
Downloads: 1081


Score (0-10): 2
# of Ratings: 5
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gothicXPosted: 09/06/03 10:38   Report Abuse
4/10, just for the effort. Please realise people want an actual LEVEl. Spawning NPC's in one room isn't fun. I mean, get more rooms, add detail, use better lighting, scripting, sounds, etc.. make it a playable story, what an SP level is supposed to be.


Prince XizorPosted: 09/06/03 14:08   Report Abuse
Rating 2. Why? Let me see.
1.when you make a pk3, make it the right way. This is not hard. go to the sites i am about to recommend to learn how. Also, dont put in the map file or the bak or the other one included. All anyone needs to play your level is the .bsp file. This is the file JO loads.

2.Because you included your map file i was able to look freely at how you constructed your level. You only needed one brush for the extra little feature you added in your box.

3.Put in NPC's. Not everyone nos the command to get NPC's spawned. You can make a one room level and still make it cool. There is an example of this in The Ladder. Download that game and see how he made it.

4. Learn some more tutorials before you make a level. Go to the websites i am going to recommend and these will help you a lot.

5. If you really want to know how to do something than visit the forums!!! gothicX and i both have screen names on them. GothicX is like a database for information on this i might add. You must get a screen name and password for these though. That is not to hard though.

6. I am not trying to lower you editing self-esteem but just trying to help. You should have seen gothicXs review at the forums about my first level submit. It was long and harsh.

websites: go to google and type in: richdiesal. this will give you a link to his "mapping university"

go to google and type: "Simon "KENGO" Williams" This will give you a link to his site and you can learn about scripting and cutscenes. This is a little advanced though.

go to the forums and get a screen name and massassi will supply you with a password.

check out my level in the levels section. It is called "Light and Darkness"



danny85331Posted: 09/06/03 14:53   Report Abuse
Basically spawning some NPC's in a room isnt very fun. It's a bit boxy, the .pk3, and the lighting isnt that great either.


gothicXPosted: 09/06/03 18:23   Report Abuse
Xizor, I must say, I feel flattered.. But I forgot ONE thing in my post. Use good lighting. One light just isn't gonna do it. Get q3map2 (comes with GTK) and play around with shadows. Look in my EC to see what i mean...


DarthyunPosted: 09/07/03 17:59   Report Abuse
I realize that the level isn't all that great, But I believe that great levels don't have to be Complex. By the way,
Anybody know how to place NPC's in the levels?


gothicXPosted: 09/07/03 19:04   Report Abuse
Trust me, the best levels are complex. No eyecandy/good layout/good lighting = no map, imo. And for your questions, please register and ask around on the forums, you obviously aren't very familiar with mapping.


zizzy34Posted: 09/08/03 21:25   Report Abuse
Yes, this level is not that great, but i gave you a 4 because
a. At least you tried

b. single player level

so enjoy


PommyPosted: 09/09/03 03:02   Report Abuse
^--- if you want (having looked at other comments), my tutorial on pk3ing and stuff. More than a year old (and I don't edit anymore ... quit the second week =P) so it may be slightly outdated/inaccurate.


DarthyunPosted: 09/13/03 02:53   Report Abuse
I didn't really know how to do thing in JKRadiant (Or what ever it is called) so
this level wasn't my best. Look for My mod that will be coming out. It is called Dimension 2. It will contain about 20 new skins and models so any files you would
like to see in it just send me. I don't have e-mail yet so you'll have to wait for a later post.


DarthyunPosted: 09/13/03 03:06   Report Abuse


Prince XizorPosted: 09/14/03 03:18   Report Abuse
Is that a joke because if i remember correctly on the simpsons...


DarthyunPosted: 09/27/03 18:14   Report Abuse
No it's not a Joke. D2 NEEDS HELP!


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