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In the middle of the affluent Zindel Sector of Coruscant stand two towers that are beginning to show their age. They're outdated and slated for demolition next month, but until then you're free to explore. Just try not to shoot any tenants, please. This large, vertical level is good for up to 16 players, and uses some 16-bit textures.)


Level Info:

Download: Zindel
File Size: 2.6MB
Date: 10/14/03
Author: David Sevy
Downloads: 820


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 10
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rrianPosted: 10/15/03 00:24   Report Abuse
Dude, these screenshots look awesome! I'm downloading this now!


A Grim ZombiePosted: 10/15/03 01:22   Report Abuse
Great Work!

I only give it a 8, because of 3 things...

1: game play, its so big that finding some one to kill could take a long time..

2: have the feeling of of going to an empty place to another one

3: new mats in some area's could of helped pull it togather alot better


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 10/15/03 05:35   Report Abuse
Wooha.... pretty nice... well coruscant eh? um you should make ships fly around... and ad some nice RPG features... besides that it was awsome, i liked the background texture how did you do it? it was awsome i would wanna have one of those some time i give this level 8


rrianPosted: 10/16/03 04:55   Report Abuse
This level is great. The gameplay is good, the graphics are great, and I enjoyed to outdoor area for fighting. It's good to see some good Coruscant levels around here. I give it an 8.


bugarBrainPosted: 10/16/03 15:18   Report Abuse
This level is awsome, its got great arcitecture and and that backround is nice. the only negitives are that the level is hugem it would take foever to find some one in there. Also the AI could possibly cause some lag issues. it would also be cool to have muic playing in the rooms with a stereo.


a_personPosted: 10/18/03 05:25   Report Abuse
holy moly very nicly concocted.


SkyXaxPosted: 10/20/03 22:43   Report Abuse


OberfeldwebelPosted: 10/21/03 06:52   Report Abuse
Very Very very good.

David Sevy's best work so far. I really liked it being very big.

Amazing how you worked in an area like that. Good job. The atomasphere was great and the elevator cogs were very nice.

Keep up the good work.


DS-181-4Posted: 10/22/03 12:28   Report Abuse
I give it a 7 coz:
1)Fun to explore.
2)Too big for actually playing.
3)Some architecture was a little...simplistic. other bits were great.
4)Many areas just didn't have a "Coruscant" feel. Although some areas had a great feel of Coruscant.
5)Amazing background/sky image thingy. absolutely stunning.
6)Some textures were not suitable for where they were.


Jim7Posted: 10/22/03 22:59   Report Abuse
instead of going on about all the good in this level i'll comment about what this level needs

like most people i thought this was a little too big for MP but would have made an excellent singleplayer level (maybe you could cook up a story and turn the existing level into a great singleplayer level)

more effort on the texturing would have made this a definate 9 possible 10 on my rating

other than those things this is one of the best levels i've seen posted in a while worth every second of the download


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 10/23/03 10:20   Report Abuse
as you know i rated this level 8 basicly for this reasons

1.Stunning skybox, i have so much problem putting them right when i try them
2.Great system with the elevators it was really nice
3.some places had pretty good texturing fitting the areas, when some didnt
4. i'm in school right now and just found out i failed the % test DANG!!!!!!! oh well
5.the buildings where really high and complex and still the file size was good! thats cool!
6.good weapon placement it wasnt to much just enough wich was good
7.the game play was great and there wasnt any lag at all wich was quite amasing for this level
8.Make more of this kind of levels!


KHORGPosted: 05/24/04 21:58   Report Abuse
bloody big

i like it


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