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This is a demo of the SP level the Temple on Yavin 4.


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Download: Temple on Yavin 4 (Demo)
File Size: 2.87Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Ryan Briggs
Downloads: 2325


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 11
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Knightmare_XPosted: 08/11/00 12:08   Report Abuse
good, for a demo. cant wait for the full version.



darthyboyPosted: 08/17/00 21:10   Report Abuse
this level stinks ohhhhhhh i'm running with Dorsk 81. and there's stormtroopers. do not download this level i had to suffer the consequences of downloading it! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!


GeminiDragonPosted: 10/07/00 02:07   Report Abuse
I am basing this on the 2nd screenshot because the 1st wouldn't show and I don't want to download this level. But Yavin 4 is a rebel jungle planet and having a tie fighter in there probably would upset some of the locals. Furthermore the temple is supposed to be kind of aztec-like, but your texturing doesn't quite portray that feel, Remember. You are building a temple, not a base. And it was later transformed into the jedi training academy run by Luke skywalker long after the events of the trilogy. So maybe add some jedi training stuff or something. I apologize if you have already have these things because I really didn't bother to download.


Jason_The_SmartPosted: 10/26/00 04:37   Report Abuse
Well actualy yavin four did for a time serve as the main base for the Rebels


rjklevelsPosted: 10/30/00 02:37   Report Abuse
Actually, I've been using JK's textures, which are good, but not perfect for the Temple.
I'll probably create new textures for a 16-bit version of the level if I decide to do a 16-bit version.


SsS_darkmasterPosted: 05/02/01 01:08   Report Abuse
I haven't played the level yet, but for all of you morons out there Yavin 4 was the second planet for the sith to be at.
I can prove it to because the idiots that write the new books are morons. Also the lucaflex game STAR WARS DEMOLITON has yavin 4 as a sith planet/temple/base as well.
Also they are supposed to look like aztec ruins but there is a part in yavin 4 with a ruined lake/2 temples/force energy. You should have made a secret part that has that. TIP the force energy is a huge golden ball and the two temples have some straight steps that lead straight too both temples and its surrounded by lakes and has a tree in the middle(in fact the whole thing is on water). For a better look at what im talking about try to find the game or screenshots of PLAYSTATION 1 STARWARS DEMOLITION and play in yavin 4. you will see what i mean.


Dice_IbegonPosted: 09/16/01 16:06   Report Abuse
Great job man ! You sure are one of the best levels editor, 10/10 for the "demo" The architexture was perfect, light too, the plot was cool and realistic, all was good. One of the best level I ever made. Im waiting for the full version impatiently !


Force master2Posted: 11/17/02 21:01   Report Abuse
dorsk 81 is a boogie man, no wait, he's a boagie man! *homer scream* boagie man!

sounds great!


ConnemaraPosted: 10/06/03 13:19   Report Abuse
Fairly good. Voice acting was pretty impressive for a JK add-on level, that's always a plus. Kinda boxy, and not hugely detailed level, however, which is my only complaint. Other than that, it's great. :)


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